adidas May Classic video: Cody Zeller

  • 05/15/2010 5:25 pm in

Cody Zeller, who led Washington to a 3A state title in March, was in Assembly Hall on Saturday afternoon with Indiana Elite for the adidas May Classic. Zeller talked to reporters about where North Carolina stands in his recruitment, his timetable for a decision, his thoughts on Indiana and more. Watch what Zeller had to say in the embedded media player below:

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  • Miami Hoosier

    Yes Brandon Knight signed an academic scholarship grant and not an athletic scholly. Also, unless I am mistaken, schollys are renewed on a yearly basis. I know this is practiced moreso in football than in basketball, but I feel if some of these guys aren’t pulling their weight athletically, why not use the scholly for players that we need and transfer the ones who aren’t producing to academic scholly and walk-on status? just a thought, and not 100% sure if that’s allowed.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Sounds like we'll have to wait–at least until November–for Mr. Zeller to sign up.

  • Kelin Blab

    The advantages we have with Cody I believe are:
    + Tyler nor Luke didn't play alot early at ND and UNC, and Cody has that chance at IU
    + I have heard Tyler liked IU but um… the cheating and drug things, was a turnoff…..thanks KS
    + Hometown kids, sometimes like being hometown kids and his name along with the IU name could be huge along with JD.
    + Cook Hall

    Just curious can a kid sign a letter of intent, without a scholly being open/available?

  • GFDave

    The kid is playing it close to the vest, but you can't blame him with all the options he has.

    He did say that Indiana is showing as much interest as they can show. Calls, emails, workouts etc.

    Davis said Indiana is going hard after him as well.

    Neither one of these kids are going to give us good news this spring. Patience, baby, patience.

  • superhoops

    Just heard Offut commited to Ohio.

  • marsh21

    He did the right thing. Free education is hard to beat plus he will play there I think more than IU.

  • marsh21

    Good point. I'm not concerned with UNC after this past year and I think this kid wants to make a name for himself. I think IU is right in there but I do think he will pick one of the in State schools.

  • Kelin Blab

    they are renewed annually and your thoughts are right on point.