Marquis Teague commits to Kentucky

  • 04/22/2010 1:39 pm in

In an announcement at Pike High School in Indianapolis this afternoon, 2011 point guard Marquis Teague revealed that he will attend the University of Kentucky.

Teague, the No. 5 player in his class according to, averaged 16.3 points and 4.3 assists a game and shot 43 percent for a 15-7 team at Pike.

He was also considering Louisville, Indiana, Purdue and Cincinnati.

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  • HoosierFromCT

    It's now 5 Top PG's in a row Coach Cal has gotten (Rose, Evans, Wall, Brandon Knight, and now Teague). Whatever, I heard Teague has attitude problems and has got ejected from a couple games, and he's only a junior. Seems like a prefect fit for Coach Cal, a one-and-done bad attitude.

  • Kelin Blab

    Indiananorthshore…I keep asking and no one responds….so I will ask you. What do you tell a player like teague as to why he should choose IU? Sell him on why his one year at IU will be different than his one year at Kentucky.

    Your Marquette example proves why Crean is the righ guy… Crean didn't leave Marquette in the shape Sampson left IU. Crean didn't build Marquette from the depths IU was in. He is producing given he bought in one of the top classes in the country last year, it cannot happen every year just yet.

    Are we really far behind Butler and Purdue? Teague, Irving, or Selby didn't pick them either. In fact for all of Purdue's success how come they are not landing some of the states top talent or in the nation?
    How come Brad Stevens could not land Jordan Hulls or Derek Elston?

  • GFDave

    Agreed that he would have been a big help to that group.

  • it's Indiana

    I notice that most of your posts are bashing Crean and the team so I'm not surprised you took the opportunity here. You say you hate Calipari, but you want to “produce” instant results with one and done recruits (like Teague). That sounds like Calipari all over. So which is it?

  • GFDave

    There is a lot of pessimism on this board right now and I guess I understand its origins. People tend to react to bad news badly. That's ok.

    But I know that Crean is out there working to make this thing better and all that its going to take to turn around some of this pessimism are couple of 18 year kids saying that want to play ball at IU. I'm confident that will happen.

  • Taskmaster75

    Dude, let me respond to your Teague comment. Louisville was after Teague since 8TH GRADE, and the couldn't reel him in. Now tell me, under the unrealistic expectation of only recruiting Teague for a year, do you really think Teague will come here?

  • walton

    I would tell him he has a chance to represent his state and a chance to make a run at a national championship. The addition of him in two years with last years freshmen being juniors with a couple other additions in this years class and his class along the way and I would like to think IU would have a solid team with a decent chance at making it to and competing in the tournament. Again represent your state, play in historic assembly hall, live in Bloomington, be a legend in the state you grew up in.

  • millzy32

    Purdue has the #2, #3, and #4 rated Indiana High School recruits in 2010. Terone Johnson, Donnie Hale, and Travis Carroll.

    All from Indiana and all great players.

    We have zero.

    Purdue is out recruiting us like crazy. Sickening.

  • it's Indiana

    Louisville is sinking fast. It will be interesting to see how the dominoes fall. We needed Davis before this announcement, and we still need him now! When's his next weight training class? 🙂

  • plane1972

    Your sarcasm highlights the most intriguing point of this entire announcement. While Calipari is in Kentucky, Rick Pitino is quickly fading from relevance. Remember when Pitino arrived on the scene and many of us were scared s*#!less about him in our backyard. Imagine what he's feeling now by losing the biggest recruiting investment he has made, perhaps since he arrived in River City.

  • HoosierFromCT


  • indiananorthshore

    Your damn straight I been bashing Creans and the team. I was at IU during the 1975-76 teams. I saw Isiah stay only two years but won a championship, it was worth it. Again I ask how do you know this kid is only staying one year. Again without being redundant TC recruited Teague. I am all about instant gratification, do you really think this guy can recruit one and done talent even if he chose to. To compete these days you need to have one and done players plus long term talent. Kansas example Sherron Collins and Xavier Henry.

  • If Crean is avoiding “guys more concerned with going to school for a year and then cashing a huge check in the NBA” then why was he recruiting Teague to begin with? No matter how you paint it, we are missing put on a lot of good players. That doesn't mean that we don't have good young players, because we do. But we ARE missing out on a lot of great talent that we coveted and there is no way around it. Good news is that we get to watch Jeremiah “The Human Brick” Rivers blow defensive assignments wearing a ridiculous undershirt.

  • walton

    I think recruiting one and dones could have an impact by not only the extra talent on the court that year, but also by the other commitments that decide to go to the school knowing someone else is going there. Do you think our chances of landing Zeller would increase if he knew he would be playing with Teague that year?

  • Hoosiers530

    This whining every time somebody doesnt pick IU is getting old. I hate UK and calipari with a passion, but its very simple why he continues to get top recruits. He is a players coach, he wins and he year after year after year sends people to the NBA. Its just that simple. I love IU but why would a 17 year old kid want to go there right now. We stink and kids dont want to go play for a school that stinks and i dont blame them one bit. Its also hilarious how once one of these kids goes elsewhere half the people that were dying to have the kid come to IU say we didnt need him anyways or he is not that good, etc…. I used to frequent this site and several others but its becoming hard to even read half the BS comments people put on here.

  • no. zeller will not like playing along with Teague. An IU point guard should be able to defend bigger guards, shoot the 3ball well, control the game whether its getting others shots or taking advantage of Big MisMatches that game.

  • HoosNation

    Teague Shmeague!! I don't want some player to say “I love you, but I love you too. Ok I will marry this one.” I want guys that say IU is my college. I Love Indiana University. If that means we never get a one and done- fine. But what that means is we will have kids that want the program to get better, not their draft pick. 4 and 5 star recruits do want to play at IU. Just not next year. We have the foundation for IU bball to excell again. The soph class for 2010 understands what it is like to be mediocre. They do not want that again, and they have the talent to make sure that doesnt. With that said, we have 1 scholly available in each of the next 2 years. We dont need a PG. We need a C. If TC would gather all his eggs and put them in the 6'10″+ basket and land a true center. Look out NCAA tourney!! Our G's have raw talent and can take over the game. But we have no presence in the paint. Its the missing link to a chain of deep NCAA tourney runs! “All i wanna know is whos coming with me!!!!!!”

    Is it ok that ITH is my homepage!!!! LOL

  • MillaRed

    Sorry Dan but I think he had something to sell alright, himself. The new training complex and bad either, along with “It's Indiana”

    I'm not let down over Teague, I'm more concerned over the pattern we have fallen into.

    Not sure exactly what you are disagreeing with. My hope during his hire was that at this point we would be a little further along. Not tanking in the second half of the second season and not landing a top 100 recruit.

  • aerialM

    good point about the 2011 lockout. things might get awfully interesting…

  • Druid

    Personally, I am sick to death of the Crean and IU Hoosier bashers on here. Our team will do just fine in the coming years. We have some very talented kids on our team and with a years experience under their belts, along with our incoming freshmen, we will be very competitive. As far as us landing Teague, well as far as I am concerned, he can stay the hell out of Indiana and move to Kentucky. We have in our state many players that are just as good or better than Teague. Just because some website or scouting agent says they are a 3-4-or 5 star players doesn't mean a damn thing to me. If a kids wants to play for IU, is committed, and gives their all every game, well sir, I'll take them over a Teague any day of the week.

  • MillaRed

    Ask Eric Gordon. He has everyhting he needs regardless of the turmoil at IU.

  • walton

    My point was that bigger name recruits usually help in recruiting other players – i don't think that comment is too far of a stretch

  • MillaRed

    Don't use big words and I should be fine……..

  • walton

    A true point guard would be nice and should be on the top of IU's list

  • MillaRed

    Did you just put Smapson and Crean in the same category? Dude, put away the bottle, it's only 3:00 PM Central.

  • Kelin Blab

    +To answer your first question YES

    + Second question NO

    +I deal in results too…..Teague didn't sign with Purdue or Butler and Both coaches were at Numerous pike games. Crean has been to a final 4 painter has NOT. Crean and Stevens have both been to a final 4.

    +If Butler and Purdue are so far ahead of us,how come Teague, DSR, Zeller, Elston, Jerimiah Davis, Ron Patterson, AJ Hammons Austin Etherington NONE of them have committed to these powerhouse programs? Oddly enough IU is the ONLY school that has a committment out of this group….Painter and Stevens do not.

    + Gordon Hayward is a good player, I don't see any reason why Derek Elston could not end up being the same type of player ….afterall he is only a freshmen. Would Hayward produce like this in a big conference? The horizon league is definitely not your big time conference…..

    + Donnie Hale does not have a scholarship from Purdue, their 2010 class is a ok group. Johnson is their only impact player.

    I hate the fact that IU is not good right now as you do, but fully expect improvements next year as long as they are healthy. Even losing two key players this year they improved in wins, place a player on all frosh team, and their best player last year was even better this year..vj3. IU will be in the tourney 2011-2012 barring major injuries or changes.

  • MillaRed

    What cracks me up is how someone can go to a blog, any blog really, and basically blast everyone on it and take it up personally. When you say our posts are BS you realize you are ripping on us correct? People you do not know?

    Many of us enjoy ITH and our whining. If you don't, so be it dude. I don't know ya and I never will.

  • hoosierclarion

    If losing Teague helps us in anyway to get Davis, then we get the best of that deal from the simple fact Davis will play in Bloomighton for a longer period of time than Teague will in Lexington. We do miss the hoopla and excitement a Teague commit would cause but I do not know if a one in done in our timeline would make that big a difference to future recruits verbal decisions. If that really was a help to recruiting then MT would have followed his brother's footsteps and committed to Wake Forest.

  • IUDan

    Basically disagreeing with the notion Crean has not done well in recruiting – I think he has. The new training complex hasn't opened yet, and “It's Indiana” hasn't mattered for years. And all of those things pale in comparison to “We will not only play but compete in the NCAA tournament and with you, I think we can make a Final Four”

    We knew it'd be awhile before we got there, and Creek/Roth injuries basically stagnated our development.

    As I've said before – I think the 2010-2011 season will be the first where we have a truly fair evaluation of Crean as a recruiter and coach.

    And once again, Creek, Watford, Elson were top 100 recruits – Hulls was according to one service. So not sure why that's an issue . . .

  • HoosNation

    Jordy will be a great PG. He just needed the confidence boost of having a year playing under him. I saw him play many times in high school and the kid has handles, court vision, great passing skills with both hands and obviously can drain the 3. He didnt get much run at that pos bc we all thought JR was our PG. I think the end of last season (not much PT at all) shows where Rivers stands. I have high hopes for next season with our lineup. This will stop all of the talk about IU being undersized and out of position.

    PG Hulls- ball handler/ good decision making/ hit open shots
    SG Creek- self explainatory
    SF Watford- miss match at this pos/ rebounds and pts/ more face ups
    PF Elston- clean up glass/ catch dump offs from guard penetration/ intensity
    C Muniru (speculation of development)- REBOUND/ Block shots…..thats all!!!
    (if not then Bobby C can do these things until we get true center)

  • Kelin Blab

    Duke, MSU, WVU, or Butler all final 4 teams, not one of them had one and done talent…Kentucky, ended their season just like IU within no title to show for it……..

  • Kelin Blab

    MillaRed ….for the record I enjoy your whining….:)

  • indiananorthshore

    Give me a break, you must be related to TC. Haywood is being looked at as a possible 1st rounder. Weather that is true or not he will be drafted. He is only a sophomore. Will Elston ever be? Big conference? how about producing against Syacuse, K State, Duke UCLA. Once receive commitments from DSR, Davis Hammons I will eat my words.

  • HoosierChan77

    They are just opinions…dont let them hurt your feelings..this is a great site regardless…you will be ok bud

  • aceman07

    Yep . . . Cali”payoff” got his man again! Man this makes me sick. This kid had every reason in the world to go to IU. His dad is an IU guy and wanted one son to play there among other things and still pUKe gets another top recruit by offering them God knows what along with the best class schedule in college sports, by that I mean they don't have to go to class. Depressing!

  • When are people (e.g. the American public) going to start hating UK as much as they do places like Duke? Is there a sleazier coach than Calipari out there? And how in the world will UK's academic rankings stay reasonable with everybody leaving after one year. Cal's graduation rate, which was already rough, is going to be 8% … and of that 8% that graduate, half of those kids will be walk-ons that never play more than 1 minute per game, so his actual graduation rate will be 4%. The kids that play for Cal should never be called “student athletes.”

  • aceman07

    Ha. I see what you're getting at! He's basically the college basketball pimp. Exploit, use, and make a living off another's, um, talent. Then that player is really emotionally and psychologically ready for the rigors of the NBA. They may be exposed and marketed but there's no way he's taking the time to prepare them as men. Just watch and see which one of his one and done players from this year because the next story by beating his girl, running someone down with his car, or getting arrested for possession or drugs or a handgun. It's a beautiful system they have going on down south of the border.

  • HoosierDavey

    I want kids that want to be at IU and give us their best. I don't know Teague at all and he may be thinking this at all, but all of these top-rated kids going to yUK right now SEEM to be going there for no other reason than to get a quick ride to the NBA. If the NCAA is serious in emphasizing “all of us going professional in something else,” they need to find a way to stop this madness.

  • Marquisimo

    Are we forgetting VDIII?

  • Casey

    It's also easier to reload when you recruit players that don't give a hoot about going to class. We've already been down that road and look where it got us.

  • Marquisimo

    Donnie Hale and Travis Carroll have a long way to go before making an impact at Purdue…Terone is very good and should be rated highly…and Matt Painter has been recruiting all of those guys for years…CTC has truly only been at IU for 2 seasons…not even sure it's been 2 full years yet…maybe it has…but remember…he started with Kyle Taber and Brett Finkelmeier…that's it…2 seasons ago…

  • Marquisimo

    Indiananorthshore…if you are gonna talk about GORDON HAYWARD…please get his name correct…and anyone who saw him play in high school…as I did…wouldn't have believed that he would have been this good this soon…I am not related to CTC…but I wouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed if I were!

  • HPER_Rat

    Dude, it is “Hayward,” not “Haywood.” If you are going to spout off and display your alleged knowledge, at least get your reference correct.

  • aceman07

    Give me a break. If you're going to preach then at least have your facts straight. First of all, his name is Heyward not Heywood!!! Second of all, he didn't even higher an agent which says he probably isn't a first round pick and he knows it. Third of all, he is the same type recruit that D. Wade was . . . a guy who most people didn't know about who turned out to be a lot better than expected. Just don't jump on the band wagon in a few years when IU is back to where it belongs as an elite program. I would have more respect for you if you were still bashing CTC and bitching when IU was in the sweet 16.

  • Marquisimo

    Eric Gordon came to IU because of Kelvin Sampson and more importantly Asst Coach Jeff Meyer who had a great relationship with Eric Gordon SR

  • aceman07

    I agree. I'm asking this as an honest question . . . how many 5 star recruits did Butler have on their team this year? I'm not sure but I would guess none and all those 2, 3, and 4 star guys did pretty darn good, especially considering they were all sophomores and juniors with most of their core coming back . . .

    appreciate the thoughts.

  • millzy32

    You're probably right Mr. Wall was ranked very highly coming out of HS and look what that got him. What a loser he was in college. Oh wait a minute he's going to go first in the draft, nevermind.

  • jjwires

    We must have faith that our Hoosiers will get better. Do you think that class basketball in our state has sent many of our natives to other states? I know PU, Notre Dame, and Butler get some guys from our state, but I don't think high school basketball is or means as much to the fans as it once did. It is just going to take time, lots of fan support, and a good many prayers for us to succeed.

  • indiananorthshore

    Thanks for helping me get my facts straight with the spelling of Heywards name, maybe I can return the favor, not higher, but hire.

  • walton

    Besides a couple posters I don't see a lot of people on here “bashing” Crean and IU. For the most part people rightfully express their concerns and have their opinions on how things could improve, but most people are willing to give Crean time to prove himself. When people have been passionately behind a program for so long and the program goes through rough times then people are going to want to vent a little bit and put in their two cents. Most people want to see the program succeed obviously or they wouldn't be on here. I feel like the program will be fine too, but for the most part it is just speculation – know one really knows whats going to happen. I think we will all feel better when more and more positive things happen and time will tell us that, but in the meantime the program (not Crean personally so much) in a way deserves a little criticism.