Marquis Teague commits to Kentucky

  • 04/22/2010 1:39 pm in

In an announcement at Pike High School in Indianapolis this afternoon, 2011 point guard Marquis Teague revealed that he will attend the University of Kentucky.

Teague, the No. 5 player in his class according to, averaged 16.3 points and 4.3 assists a game and shot 43 percent for a 15-7 team at Pike.

He was also considering Louisville, Indiana, Purdue and Cincinnati.

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  • indiananorthshore

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  • Kelin Blab

    “It's Indiana” really only means alot to us and IU fans over 30 who have 'seen” the IU tradition. Most of these kids grew up watching IU in the latter years of Mike Davis, then with denim shirt, and now with Crean. So for me it is …INDIANA, but for a lot of these kids, they don't get it casue they don't know it…. Those 5 banners are a tough sell, if you were not born. Ask UCLA ….

    I did heard an interesting thing on the radio today….Calipari is ultimately going to force the NBA to drop it's one and done rule. If kids ONLY see KY as that type of school and flock there as they are doing, the rule will change before we know it………they do not want their universities to become a farm system for the NBA and to this extent….

  • walton

    Jordan Hulls being a great PG is kind of speculation. I love the kid, but I don't share the overwhelming confidence that you do in saying that he will be a great true point guard. That Sterling Gibbs kid that was talked about earlier sounds more like a true point. You want a true point to be someone who has great dribbling/ball control skills that can dribble up the court by themselves with no fear at all of them getting the ball stolen. Someone who can aggressively get in the paint on half court plays and be crafty enough or strong enough to either be able to take a shot in the lane, dish an assist, or dribble out of it. He does make good decisions which is good – but haven't really noticed him getting it to players in scoring positions. Jordan definitely has a good stroke which is good, but I don't know how well he can create his own shot. Again I love the kid, but I just keep picturing him more as a shooter than a point/assist man/”create for others” type of player ???

  • walton

    I worry about VJIII ball control, decision making, and strength sometimes. Great player – great contributor to the team – true point? I am personally not sold on it.

  • marsh21

    Yes, and they have been recruiting them since Crean came to IU. The 2010 year was going to be a difficult year and everyone has known this for over a year now. This is all difficult because UK is killing it and IU is doing what we thought 2010 would be like it or not.

    We're ok for now and it will get better. No one on this site was glowing over all the recruits Butler got the past three years but look what happened. It's called player development.

  • walton

    Great point – If Crean can instill the tradition IU once had, it could impact the program for decades to come.

  • Teevs

    Yeah….Kelin I like Elston too, but comparing him to Gordon Hayward??? Not even close. Elston was a nice looking freshmen for a team that won 10 games. Hayward was the star player for the national runner-ups. I love the optimism but I’m hoping Elston can end up being a more athletic version of Goran Suton.

  • teevs

    I agree Terone Johnson is a good kid and will have an impact right away, but I live down here in NA, and I can tell you Hale is a good player and all, but not D1 big time program good. He will never make a significant impact at Purdue. Johnson is a good get, but otherwise Purdue’s class is mediocre

  • bejotycox

    Kentucky and Delaware are the only states that have single class basketball. So I don't think that is a valid explanation.

  • Marquisimo

    I did (past tense) worry about VJIII…he was by far the best player on the team last year…probably due to M Creek's injury…but he is still a very good player. I believe CTC will start JH, VJIII, M Creek, Watford, and a variet of other guys to fill the 5 spot…that's a pretty tough 4…Elston, Bobby C, Bawa, Pritchard rotating…I like it…plus VO coming in as a freshman off the bench…I believe the future is bright…

  • Marquisimo

    My opinion is that M Teague will NOT be one and done…he will stay for 2 years…

  • Marquisimo

    He has to improve his jumper a lot to play at the next level…

  • IUDan

    Ace – I think that's a great question and one we should be asking in light of Butler's success. Talent is important – no doubt about it. But talent that buys into the team concept is even more important. Butler was successful because kids like Heyward bought in to what the TEAM needed to do.

    Sometimes programs like Butler or George Mason catch “lightning in a bottle” and have that great year . . .but it feels like with Butler this has been brewing for a long time – it was just a matter of time before they broke through.

    As Crean himself has said: we want guys that are 100% committed. I'm not saying that's not a 5-star type, but it doesn't necessarily need to be at this point. Our program will be rebuilt on guys that come here committed to doing the hard work to rebuild. To that end, I'll take our guys (both that we have and that are committed to us), and I think they will be the ones to get it done.

  • JerryCT

    Don't know about you but I am having fun ………. thanks for putting up with it

  • Marcos7

    I agree with Kelin on the NCAA/NBA dropping the one and done rule. These kids that are ranked in the top 10-20 coming out of HS by the likes of Rivals, Scout, etc., are going pro after their freshman year most likely. Remember the NBA drafts on potential, not the finished product. We can all probably agree that Gordon Haywood is not ready for the NBA today. But very, very few are ready today. But he will get drafted in the first round because he has the potential to be an NBA player. Dakich talked about freshmen who plan to do the one and done plan and he said all they really have to do is stay eligible once grades come out from the fall semester. After they take their last final, they dont see the inside of a classroom probably for the rest of their lives. I remember hearing that about Bracey Wright when he knew he was going pro. When that is acceptable by the head coach of that school, it sets the precedent for others to follow.

  • Xavier Henry was the first one and done player Kansas has ever had, and they had an early round flame-out.

  • JerryCT

    As I have said before. I contribute to this site for the reasons stated by Mr Millared ( aka Fudd ). I feel that I am supporting Kelin, GFDave, Walton, …………… oh yes …….Prof Moriarty himself Millared even ……. and alot of others whose opinions I enjoy even if I disagree.

    In fact the way I interpret Hoosier530 i enjoyed that too

  • Bryan

    I'd agree with your radio point if the NCAA had any say over the one and done rule. To the NBA, it's been a godsend. They get more time to evaluate players, and those players become more marketable, because they've been in the public eye.

    The only control the NCAA has in the matter is the cutoff date for withdrawing your name from consideration, which they've done once already (which is why kids have to decide during May, rather than June in years past).

    What I think is going to happen on the horizon is the one-and-done rule is probably going to become a two-and-done rule. Rules against rookies are the easiest thing to negotiate in sports collective bargaining (because they come at the expense of players not yet represented by the union, in favor of ones that are), and the NBA has already hinted that they'd like to see it happen.

  • Teevs

    IU Basketball Short Manifesto

    Ok I’ve been reading the comments on this blog, and I just had to put in my 2 cents. It seems like the majority of the people posting are extremists one way or the other. You’re either some watered down version of 4guards and think IU and CTC is doomed to fail, and love bashing on us for every recruit we don’t get or you are some crazy optimist that thinks Derek Elston is a future NBA all-star. I’m generally an IU optimist, but I’m also a realist. The fact is, I really like Tom Crean, he’s high energy, a stand up guy, and I really like what he’s preaching, so all the people bashing him need to get over the fact that he’s not Bob Knight and give him some time (by the way I loved Knight, but unfortunately we have to move on, so get over it) That being said, I really don’t know if CTC is a “great” coach. Roy Williams, Bell Self, Izzo…those are guys I know are great coaches. Crean has had some moderate success, but sometimes I wonder about his Xs and Os ability b/c he runs a very talent dependent offense. But as IU fans we need to realize it’s only been 2 seasons, and give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Next year is a big season for us. We need to see some vast improvement, and the year after that is really CTC’s make or break year. But until then quit hating on CTC and IU, and start being IU fans. We got some great young players to work with. Let’s hope CTC is a great coach, and the guy we want him to be. Let’s hope he can land some top level in-state talent from the 11 and 12 classes, and get IU bball back to where it should be. I love IU, it was some of the greatest years of my life, and it’s a wonderful school and basketball program. So let’s give CTC some time, start being practical IU fans, and hope for the best! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoosiers!!!

  • JerryCT

    I would not trade the Calipari scenario for Crean any day. His “brand” is one and done. Our brand , if we can build it, will be stronger , more enduring , and eventually more satisfying to us fans.

  • marsh21

    This site is better than most but I agree with your comments.

  • Taskmaster75

    Would he really believe that we can make the NC? We may not even make the postseason let alone get that far. While he's at UK, he might as well get the hot name in college, and a team full of people he knows are of his caliber.

  • Wow, you are totally correct. It is EXACTLY like being a Notre Dame football fan – wondering why top young recruits don't just flock to the historical excellence of the program. Today's high school athlete is not impressed by the number of titles your team won in the leather helmet era or how many banners you have from an era that accepted plaid sports coats. It's NOT COOL that IU has hit such hard times and it actually has me pining for the Mike Davis era more and more with each de-commit and lost recruit. I mean, HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD NEWS?

  • Taskmaster75

    Dude, let me respond to your Teague comment. Louisville was after Teague since 8TH GRADE, and the couldn't reel him in. Now tell me, under the unrealistic expectation of only recruiting Teague for a year, do you really think Teague will come here?

  • Taskmaster75

    Exactly. Calipari sickens me. I just, once, want to listen to a conversation between him and a recruit's parents, just to hear what they are hearing, and how they think Calipari is the right guy.

    Ofcourse, some of these parents only see $$$ rather than education….

  • I am responding just so that you can't say that no one is responding. I'll give you one reason why a stud high school player should want to come to IU. Who wouldn't want to add to the great point guard tradition of Jeremiah Rivers? Seriously dudes, what would Coach Knight have done with Jeremiah “The Human Turnover” Rivers?

  • IULaw10

    Most posters here are absolutely right. The sky is not falling. A few comments….

    Teague is a great player. Don't act like he isn't because he didn't come to IU. Also, it's ironic to bring up his attitude problems and then praise J. Davis in the very next sentence. Both have had issues; neither will stop them from becoming very good college players.

    I am somewhat surprised he didn't go to Louisville, but nobody's going to run Pitino out because he didn't close Teague. Nor is the program going down the toilet. Objectively….. and this may be tough to swallow… they have WAY more momentum right now as a program than IU. They're more competitive, they have higher ranked recruits coming in (whether they're “better” remains to be seen), and they have a new arena (with a stupid, stupid name).

    Butler basketball was a great story and by far my favorite team to watch in the postseason. Despite that they should bring almost everyone back, Veasley is a legit loss and and I think they'll be good but not great in 2010-2011. They'll be upset once in conference, be a #5 in the tourney again, and lose in the Sweet Sixteen. If Hayward goes league, I think they'll lose the opener at Louisville's KFC Drive-Thru or whatever it's called.

    IU basketball will be around .500 next season and will have a marquee upset [my choice would be Purdon't]. I hope Offutt comes, as he'll be a Dumes upgrade. This could be especially important if Creek comes back slowly to start the season.

    I have confidence in the Hoosier rebuilding process. Given the propensity for posters, mostly on other sites, to declare inside info or connections, I should say all predictions are made with 0% inside information. Go IU.

  • MillaRed

    Jerry you are the older brother I never had. It isn't your fault I am right most of the time….in my delerious mind.

    We'll argue again soon don't worry.

  • marcusgresham

    Hale may not even be at Purdue this year—-he's considering a prep school (and they can have him, anyway. I'd take Elston, Capobianco, and maybe even Pritchard over him.)

  • marcusgresham

    Seriously? Jeremiah Rivers can't hold a candle to Donald Perry! 😉

  • marcusgresham

    Ask Ali Faroukmanesh about Xavier Henry

  • MillaRed

    Welcome to the jungle butwhatdoiknow. The thing about this site that makes it work is the fact the regulars you speak of and the more quiet followers like yourself love Indiana basketball.

    Period, nutshell, exclamation. With that being said, we don't have to drool all over every decision coach makes, lather up the turnovers in a shaky game, or generally create a blue sky when things can be very grey.

    It's a blog man! Say what you feel. Take the criticism today and the pats on the back tomorrow. Most of the time we deserve what we get. Unless, of course, your name is Jerry.

    For some of you new bloggers I have seen in here the last few weeks, don't take any of this stuff so personal. It isn't what ITH is all about. The fact we all disagree on many fronts is what makes it interesting.

    Does anyone want to see IUdan, Kelin, JerryCT and company go back and forth for an hour on how wonderful the IU world is? Booooooring.

    Keep up the good work Alex. We love ITH………….

  • MillaRed

    Jerry do us all a favor and find us some good Indiana basketball news. I'm getting restless over here. I don't want to get all cuddly with J Davis and get let down again. I feel like the ugly girl at the prom.

  • it's Indiana

    No one knows how long a player will stay at a college, but you have to admit that signs point to only one year for Teague. Yes, Crean can recruit the one and done talent, he's already proven so even though he has been late to get in the game. He will start landing them as our record improves. Only one person has been able to land the one and dones at will. Which reminds me, why do you say you don't like Calipari? Are you going to answer this time?

  • MillaRed

    Another line-up with VIII on the bench. Is he our next 6th man? He would be a good one. I still believe he is certainly one of our best 4 players.

  • it's Indiana

    Great post. My opinion is that Louisville is on a downswing and IU is on the upswing. I concede the point though that we have some catching up to do if you compare the programs. For what it's worth, I'm on the same page with all your comments. You are clearly a man of great wisdom! 😛

  • Kelin Blab

    JJ…I read this off my phone and burst into laughter and got a bunch of crazy looks when I did…The great point guard tradition of Jeremiah Rivers. Although I am sure he does, I hope JR doesn't read ITH too much. But…..if somehow he goes out there and has a good year all will be forgiven….

    Could you imagine his senior night if he sucked again next year……..

  • Kelin Blab

    IULaw great post…..

    The most pissed guy about the teague choice…..Teague's former HS coach who Pitino hired in an effort to land the kid. How does that guy feel?

    I think we need to tamper our expectations with Mo Creek, he is coming off knee surgery and may not be 100% til about January. Would love for Offut to come to IU….not sure if you saw this link but he is leaning IU….

  • Diesel


    Tell me, have you seen any of the Purdue recruits play? The fact is the 2010 Indiana high school class is one of the weakest in the past 10 years. There is Thomas, and Terone will definitely be a solid player at Purdue. Russell Byrd is very underrated and will be a great player up at MSU, but for real, Hale and Carroll are nothing more than projects, and yes I have seen them play. Purdue is not outrecruiting us. Let's see how 2011 shapes up.

  • iulineman

    I'll take Hulls anytime true hoosier thru and thru by the time he graduates we'll all be looking for a Hulls type player its not just ability its about attitude and pride with the name on your chest

  • marsh21

    You can keep Mike Davis. In fact, why don't you become a UAB fan?

  • LTTelamon

    “I am all about instant gratification.”

    This is why you do not understand how difficult it is to build a successful college basketball program.

  • marsh21

    VJIII is not even close to a solid point guard. I like his improvement and work ethic and glad to have him on the team. But ball control, driving while keeping his head down and not looking for the open man plus a complete lack of defensive skills limits his potential. He will improve and might prove me wrong next year.

  • marsh21

    Everyone keep your happy faces on as Mr. Teague is not the end of the IU program.

    It would have been nice to have him however there is plenty of talent for Crean to chase.

    I will say Crean should not go after any talent that UK has in it's sites currently as it's just a waste of time. Maybe in a few years it will be different but now we need to focus on realistic opportunities. We cannot compete with UK and every time Crean calls on a recruit who is been heavily recruited by UK that's time which could have been spent with others.

    What makes people, companies and organizations good is they know who they are and don't pretend. Crean would have taken a lot of heat by people on this site if he didn't go after Teague and now is taking heat because he didn't land him. We need to stay focused on PLAYER DEVELOPMENT and not pretend that because we have some good history everyone should come to IU.

    What UK is doing right now is incredible to say the least. He's beating every program in the country for recruits and I don't blame any 18 year old who wants to make cash and learn in a NBA system. This however doesn't equal championships. For every 18 year old one and done player UK has they will face an equal amount of experienced men in the tournament who don't panic, hit free throws and play defense when they need to for a W.

    I don't know if Crean is the long term solution but he's the perfect guy to build the foundation back for growth. Besides Balyor there hasn't been too many programs hit the way we were so patience is a must.
    Mr. UK will win 30 games a year but he might not ever win a championship.

  • Bryan

    What's the over/under on how long Teague's old coach remains on Louisville's staff? Will he even be around to coach against Teague?

  • Haystacks

    have fun vacating all your wins in 4-5 years, Marqueeze.

  • marcusgresham

    I'd dispute that, because I think Wall would benefit—he turned it over a ton and he's not that great of a shooter; two things he could have worked on.

  • marcusgresham

    Oh trust me—I get Louisville sports talk radio here, and after this and Chandler that fan base's collective butthole is so tight you couldn't drive an eight penny nail up it. To lose players is one thing, but to lose them to UK…The only thing I agree with U of L fans on is a shared hatred of anything near Lexington.

  • marcusgresham

    …and who's saying Crean didn't make that exact spiel? He's not dumb, I'm sure he broke out every positive he had to get through; he just didn't get the signature.

  • marcusgresham

    I think you've said this before, but it would appear that no one's listening, or at least no one to whom the question has been directed has answered you with anything logical. Who the hell else do you think should be the coach? Who the hell else wanted to take the task of what is the equivalent of wading into a swamp and pouring concrete for a foundation? What the hell did that guy who DID take the job (and throw himself into it tirelessly,) have to build on left behind by the previous regime?