Marquis Teague commits to Kentucky

  • 04/22/2010 1:39 pm in

In an announcement at Pike High School in Indianapolis this afternoon, 2011 point guard Marquis Teague revealed that he will attend the University of Kentucky.

Teague, the No. 5 player in his class according to, averaged 16.3 points and 4.3 assists a game and shot 43 percent for a 15-7 team at Pike.

He was also considering Louisville, Indiana, Purdue and Cincinnati.

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  • MillaRed

    Not sure I said he hasn't done well. I think I said I thought he would do better.

    In a nutshell, I thought we would have everything we have now, and a top 20 commit coming in this year. If I am anything I suppose it was too hopeful. I thought Coach would land bigger names at this juncture.

    But I also realize it isn't over yet. Just a little curious at this point.

  • marcusgresham

    Heyward hit a growth spurt or he'd be playing college tennis right now—he said as much himself. It's not like Butler was smarter than the whole world on him–if he'd have been more highly thought of he'd be at a different school.

  • MillaRed

    Everyone ITH loves your stuff Kelin. Keep up the good work.

  • marcusgresham

    There is no difference of opinion here—we ALL hate Kentucky!

  • marcusgresham

    I'd like to see the NBA put in a rule similar to what Major League Baseball has. You can sign straight out of HS if you want, but if you got to college you have to play 3 years.

  • marcusgresham

    Wall can't shoot either, and he's already gone

  • marcusgresham

    It's not sour grapes when I say that I don't really care that IU didn't sign Teague (although I hate where he went) because I was hoping all along that Davis would be the guy, and stick around for 3 or 4 years.

    You want your foundation on bedrock, where it will last for a while…”and some castles made of sand melt into the sea, eventually…”

  • MillaRed

    Another line-up with VIII on the bench. Is he our next 6th man? He would be a good one. I still believe he is certainly one of our best 4 players.

  • MillaRed

    “I don't know if Crean is the long term solution but he's the perfect guy to build the foundation back for growth.”

    That may be the best comment I have seen all day. That is exactly where we are right now. Throw in a little hope and we may have our guy.


    The only difference is some of us hate pUKe more than others. Put me in the more camp….. no put me in the “a whole lot more camp”.

    The only thing stopping me from hating on Teague is the fact that he is an Indiana kid but then again it makes it extremely hard not to at the same time with where he did choose to cheat, I mean go. So I guess while I don't wish him any bad luck I absolutely do not wish him good luck either. I don't believe for a second that “down there” is the only place, let alone the best place, to go to prepare for the next level it's like others on this blog have said, most, if not all, that have chosen to go to the dark side would have been one and dones anyway so who is to say that Criminalapari prepared them any better than numerous other coaches would have. If I'm not mistaken there have been more than one or two other schools that have turned out one and dones that have gone on to do quite well at the next level. Hmmmmmm kinda makes a person wonder what it is that makes one and dones choose the toxic septic tank called pUKe doesn't it, OHHHH wait a minute anyone with more than one working brain cell knows the answer to that one !!!


    Clicked the “like” button and then felt like it did not convey that I more than just liked it.


    Maybe the third time/school will be the charm for Criminalapari. If it is, and I hope with all my heart it is, it couldn't happen in a better place and to a more deserving person !!!

  • HoosNation

    i was thinking more of a John Paxon, Stockton with a jumper type player. Not saying Hulls is going to the league or anything, more of the mentality and role of a Mark Price-ish like game. I agree if your PG can get in the lane and score- that is great. i believe it is above and beyond his job of getting the ball to the guys that produce your points. I see the 2,3,possibly 4 as the scorers. The exception is of course the top 10 players in the class, regardless of position. obviously how you develop the players you do land will effect those assumptions as well. However, majority of the top ppg have been 2, 3, or 4 positions in college bball b/c of size and athleticism mismatches.

    Im new to the site and ashamed to say i just stumbled across it. Thanks to all the people involved with this site that allows IU bball to be talked about 24/7. There is no exact answer to the questions posed here, but i must say i enjoy reading the different aspects of the “right answers”.

    Just a word on the whole UK/Cali debate- and i quote, “Don't hate the player, hate the game.”

  • S.A.R.C.A.S.M.

  • Buster

    Marquis too bad you picked the wrong school! A Indiana school would have been nice but you eidently didnt feel they were good enpugh for your skills! Well between Louisville and Kentucky I think Louisville doesnt have the problems Kentucky does with the NCAA problems. Louisville would havebeen a better pick. Now the school you chose will be in problems w/ the NCAA before long—Calipari record speaks for itself. The last two schools had too forfiet the NCAA final 4 performance! Sorry Marquis I would have thought your brother and dad would have know this and helped guide you w/ your decision??

  • Kelin Blab

    I don't know why the NBA would not allow those kids to go to the NBDL under an NBA contract for a year or two. It would be a win for them as people would actually have a reason to go to an NBDL game and watch a teague or wall in that one or two years. Makes plain sense to me…..

  • it's Indiana

    For what it's worth I hear Milla has a great “personality.”

  • MillaRed

    Well done sir. Yet your comment has me thinking…..

    Calipari doesn't strike me as “Mr. Personality” yet he's getting all of the recruits. Mr. Nice Guy CTC isn't.

    It's a cruel, cruel world for the ugly prom girl's of the world. Good personality or not.

    I could go further with the girl/prom thing but will quit while I'm ahead.

  • marcusgresham

    …and his father played for Pitino. I can't help but think that the family truly left the decision up to Marquis.

  • Calipari has definitely opened himself up to the “cheating” charge because of the Rose and Camby situations, but almost no UK fan or reporter covering the program is remotely concerned about the looming NCAA sanctions that opposing fans seem to feel are so imminent. The majority of people on rival boards that seem so confident that Calipari is cheating and UK will “get theirs” are indulging in more wishful thinking than looking at the facts today in Lexington. I wonder when five years pass, UK is still doing great under Cal, and no whiff of scandal has arisen, what the “UK will get theirs” crowd will say to console themselves.

    You must be a very happy person, because you are definitely getting to see a lot of kids from Indiana stay around for four years. Statements like that from IU fans would ring truer if there wasn’t such venom against Calipari and UK, which seems to me like just a bit of jealously. Don’t you think IU tried to recruit Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Teague, Knight, etc.? Wouldn’t you be pleased as punch if you landed all of them?

    In short, rival fans–as is human nature–invent a UK straw man to make them feel better about themselves. Your lack of success is thus turned into a virtue (and UK’s success is “evidence” that it is “wrong” in some way). UK fans would probably act the same way in your situation.

    And finally, can an IU fan really knock someone for getting to the Elite 8?

  • iulineman

    agree defensive liability but disagree with the assists assessment he got people the ball alot of the time in a place to score but they didnt produce his shooting is to me unquestionable quick release good range a true pass first PG with the ability to hit the open jumper something we havent had in a long time will always have to outwork everyone else because of size and footspeed but has the will and the determination to be what we need think we all will be very happy with the four year result GO IU!!!!

  • Bryan

    That's how it is now. The NBDL is open to players 18 and older, while the NBA requirements are 19 years old and 1 year out of high school.

    However, no one really exercises this option, because the pay is lousy (12K to 24K league average), the exposure is non-existent. I doubt the NBA really wants to change any of that, since it's cheaper for them to let colleges or foreign teams pay for and develop them.

  • it's Indiana

    Many girls would say in hindsight it is a BAD idea to take the captain of the football team to prom. We'll get ours my friend, we just have to work a little harder.

  • iubase

    I agree that the one and done system is flawed. You don't have to go to class the 2nd semester. Two or three years of manditory college means you at least have to get the minimum gpa to play year two. IMO this will help IU a great deal. Calipari grooms players for the NBA (yes that is the myth) and P UKe gets the one and done's – but Calipari was not well liked in the NBA and the young spoilt ones he recuits will like him less in year two and three. CTC has some shortcomings – but he is building a solid base – and his coaching abilities can only be realistically assessed over the next two years. Success means we will have a stable program and then the Indiana kids will come…even the young spoiled ones..

  • Hardwood Wizard

    First of all, losing Teague is tough, but not the end of the world.

    UK made a deal with the devil in hiring Calipari. UK will fill that sting sooner than later and probably before they will ever win another banner. The NCAA is like the IRS, they know where there is smoke, there is fire.

    I do agree that we need to stay away from guys ranked as the #21 point guard in the nation. We need a top 10 type of talent running the team. These players have their hands on the ball every play. But, guys at the other positions can be a #1 through #20 type of player at their position. There are so many different types of fits to offensive approaches and systems. However, we cannot overlook top 10 point guards. If IU chooses to have a combo guard run the point, than JDavis is one of the top 10 combo guards in the nation. He is rated the #11 shooting guard, but as a driving guard who can handle the ball, he fits IU well. He would suffice and do a great job.

    I will give you another example, Austin Etherington is rated as the #15 SF in his class. But, of the 14 ranked infront of him, how many can spot up and shoot like him and how many are pure slashers. How many of them can pass as well as AE? How many can shoot with his range? AE can do all of these, but if you look at what he can do in a 3 guard system, he too is one of the top 10 players in the nation that can be a SG/SF combo. If AE was playing thugish ruggish Conference USA basketball, he may not fit, but in a structured 3 guard offense, he can fit in nicely and possibly flourish with his versatility.

    This is what will make Watford great he has a SF game with a PF size and body potential, he will flourish in college because he is a combo. My gosh, the kid averaged 12 ppg as a freshman. He fits our floor system with guys who are stuck in the paint or on the blocks.

    Evan Turner from OSU is a great example. Ranked #49 overall coming out of high school. Look what he did, he became one of the top 3 picks in the NBA. Is he the #1 PG…..nope. Is he the #1 SG…….nope. Is he the best combo guard in the draft that can even play the SF……….Yep! He was perfect in the OSU system. At UK or Kansas, he would have played the SF position.

    My point is, I feel like I am starting to see the pieces of the puzzle beginning to fit together as long as we sign a combo guard like JDavis. We will be a little guard/SF heavy, but with everyone have the ability to play a couple spots on the floor, CTC will have many options and mismatches he can key on.

    Also, Elston is good, but he is not going to develop into a heyward from Butler. Elston will be a 10 ppg 6 rbg type of guy, not a game changer. Heyward is far better with the ball, has better range, can finish stronger, can defend and rebound better, and doesn't appear to have a nose for the ball. Heyward is pretty special for his size and is a go to guy.

  • iubase

    kelin – Creek's knee injury was a fractured patella. This should recover without adverse sequlae. Other knee injuries – i.e. microfracture surgery, ACL repair etc – mean wear and tear and can affect the players ability to bounce back (as well as longevity of bball career). Mo should be better than ever. I worry more about Bawa and Rivers – if they can perform then we will do ok…..if CTC can make them play well ie fewer turnovers – then that would impress me.

  • HoosNation

    I believe he is in the top 4 players, however he is 2nd best at either position. This makes for the nucleus of a great bench along with some other good players. If we get OHst transfer that will sure it up even more. I love vj3 10-15 foot jumper, even with a hand in his face. Creek is obviously getting the nod, and Hulls/Rivers at the point b/c vj3's ball handling is suspect at best. 6th man indeed and tops in the BT. We might not have Craftsman tools- but we got all the tools. Cmon TC and staff- you gotta use the right tool for the job!! Develop these players in the offseason and we could reach the tourney…… (thanks NCAA for the play-ins next year)

  • Hi, folks. This is not mean to be a “flame” comment. Since there is a lot of talk about UK and Calipari, you might allow a UK fan perspective. To me, it seems easy to blame UK's recruiting success on Calipari cheating. The guy is an NBA factory, very charismatic, runs an exciting system, and is coaching one of the top programs in America. Put that synergy together, and you have the recruiting success from the last year.

    It is easy to label others' success as illegitimate somehow (through unsubstantiated accusations about his actions at UK), but it is harder to admit that Calipari is the right person in the right position, and that his success won't be “punished” in some sort of apocalyptic NCAA justice.

    I sympathize with your guys' plight somewhat, but you have to get out of your echo chamber of negativity and see what is really going on in Lexington. This thread reads like some kind of Al Jazeera chat room about Israeli conspiracies.

    Good luck next year.

  • MillaRed

    I agree he is behind Mo Creek at the SG position, but is he really a worse option than Jordy at the point? (don't get me started on Rivers)

    They both have defensive limitations for sure. But VIII is a multi-dimensional scorer and a better rebounder, if not the best passer on the team.

    Don't get me wrong, he is a TO machine. But he got stronger last off-season and it showed. I hope he continues to gain strength and perhaps hold on to the ball better.

    I love Jordy I really do. But right now he is what he is. A smaller PG with suspect defense and not a creator at this juncture (very, very few assists). His 3-point shot will be devastating. It will be interesting to see if he improves to the point where he gets the starting nod.

    Right now I'm not seeing it.

  • JerryCT

    Who else has 2 vacated Final Fours for cheating ? Anyone ?

    We at IU are experts at “once a cheater, always a cheater” and we are paying the price for hiring a cheater.

    As I say , if you are happy with your “brand”, an NBA factory of one and dones , the Larry King or Liz Taylor of college recruiting , lots of wins, players from everywhere but Kentucky and NCAA enforcement just around the corner then fine.

    Your brand BTW was not well represented in the elite 8 was it.

    I prefer graduating kids, seeing them develop, loving them for more than a year and seeing multi-year player matchups ( ie too bad we could not have seen Gordon vs McCamey for 3 years ) and having players from the state on the roster.

    In other words you want the ” end ” by any “means” and we have learned to appreciate the “journey”.

    Then again I agree with you that all this whining about Teague is weird ………. I cannot remember a single report that said IU was in position to land him ………. as such ……..we are whining about losing a player we already knew we were going to lose

    …. like I say …. weird

  • jeeast

    Just saying Cal is an NBA factory does not make it so. Why is he an NBA factory? Go no further than the fact that William “World Wide” Wesley and LeBron James are both high profile figures in the Calipari universe. Something here just doesn't pass the smell test and I would go no further than the influence these gentleman are having on top basketball talent. Otherwise, how do you explain such a deviation from historical recruiting patterns. It's not the U., it's not charisma, it's not cheating. It's how can you help me be the brand that is the next LeBron.

  • Taskmaster75

    Well said, sir. I generally feel the way you do, except I do feel that Crean can be a “great” coach in many ways.

    However, I will disagree on Roy Williams being a great coach. He's more talent dependent than Crean is in my view.

  • tc

    He maybe could work himself up and maybe challenge b.knight and he is a combo guard could also be a 2 and start in the backcourt with knigt.

  • aceman07

    Just to be sure, did that response actually address any of the topics posed? Do you support any of your posts with facts or intelligent research? I guess Heyward was just stolen away from CTC and Indiana from that basketball powerhouse over there in Brownsburg. Or, could he have been recruited by the coach of a small, academically driven school near his hometown that spotted something in him despite his three star rating or the fact that he played at a baseball school? I'm guessing it's the second one and considering CTC wasn't even in the state when he was recruited tells me he's just about the same type recruit as D. Wade several years ago. Part of recruiting is spotting the talent where others don't see it and landing that diamond in the rough, so, why do people like you accuse CTC of riding the coattails of D. Wade instead of giving him the credit for spotting incredible talent in a recruit when the big guys didn't? Very interesting view you have of CTC . . . Let me guess, you're one of the few IU fans who would have been happy having a scumbag coach like Sampson or Cali”payoff” instead of a guy who wants to build the program the way most Indiana basketball people would appreciate.

    BTW, Most true IU fans, although we still hate them, admire the fact that Purdue has built their program the right way and we understand that their program wasn't left in the same condition!

  • HoosierFromCT

    wow, this is amazing. anyone surprised?

  • aceman07

    I agree and also, Heyward was a three star recruit according to Rivals when he went to Butler and he's the one with NBA people interested.