Marquis Teague commits to Kentucky

  • 04/22/2010 1:39 pm in

In an announcement at Pike High School in Indianapolis this afternoon, 2011 point guard Marquis Teague revealed that he will attend the University of Kentucky.

Teague, the No. 5 player in his class according to, averaged 16.3 points and 4.3 assists a game and shot 43 percent for a 15-7 team at Pike.

He was also considering Louisville, Indiana, Purdue and Cincinnati.

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  • Moyeswatsboozer

    Sure would like to see SOME good news regarding OUR program sometime soon……anyone?

  • MiamiHoosier


  • joe

    wasn’t he just in the title game with Memphis?

  • joe

    wasn’t he just in the title game with Memphis?

  • Dr. Burnt

    Teague is going to be remembered in Kentucky for a long time…until another one and done comes in right behind him. I can’t help but think about the stories Rex Chapman has told about how the school tried to get him to hide that he was dating a black cheerleader–in the early 1990s! Teague is right to think that Calipari will help him get to the NBA, but he’s going anyway, no matter where he plays. He’d have been immortalized if he stayed at home to play. Now, he’s just another Eric Montross or Josh McRoberts–will never be seen the same in Indiana again. He’ll be just another player to Kentucky fans before he’s been gone a year. He could have gone down in history at IU. Seems like a really short-sighted way to go, but I’m not 17 years old either. It was the easy thing, the sexy thing. I hope he doesn’t regret it for the rest of his life.

  • PA guy

    Same old story. Big time recruit takes their show elsewhere. For those that do not realize it yet, the 4 or 5 star plays no longer view IU as a 4 or 5 star destination. The road back is going to be longer than anyone realizes.

  • go cards

    thats ridiculous im a huge u of l fan and i dont see why u would choose uk over u of ls number one ranked recruiting class for 2011.

  • Mike

    If you don’t like what Crean is doing then don’t root for IU, and definitely don’t try to hop back on the bandwagon when things turn around for us. Crean is trying to recruit hard-nosed, passionate kids who want to play at IU, not guys more concerned with going to school for a year and then cashing a huge check in the NBA. We’ll get there, it is gonna take some time. If people can’t accept that, then I don’t know what to tell you…

  • indiananorthshore

    Do you personally know Marques Teague? did he personally tell you he is one and done. Fact is, IU recruited him and they lost!! You are naive, I deal in results, their is no indication this guy can recruit Indiana talent or win at in ther Big Tenl.. By the way check out his Marquette's record and tell me how many times he competed for a championship. He rode the coat tails of D Wade for one year. You tell me are we far behind Purdue and Butler, compare records and head to head competition, and by the way throw that powerhouse Northwestern as a team we are far behind. Who cares about Jordan Hull and Derek Elston, I would take Brandon Hayword and the rest of the Butler talent in a heart beat over Jordan Hulls and Elston. I hate the fact that we are this bad with no hope for the next few years.

  • butwhatdoiknow

    i have never posted here…but i read it often. I like Alex’s posts, MillaRed, JerryCT, Kelin (i remember Uwe) and ALL of you regulars. You guys all understand difference of opinion is rooted in our passion and love for the program. Teague…good luck at KY and in the NBA the next year.

  • MillaRed

    Don't use big words and I should be fine……..

  • indiananorthshore

    Give me a break, you must be related to TC. Haywood is being looked at as a possible 1st rounder. Weather that is true or not he will be drafted. He is only a sophomore. Will Elston ever be? Big conference? how about producing against Syacuse, K State, Duke UCLA. Once receive commitments from DSR, Davis Hammons I will eat my words.

  • 🙁

  • msdiu81

    Ok Mr. Davis, time to commit to IU!

  • walton

    I know that it was expected, but……………sick – how could you grow up in Indiana and then put on a jersey that has Kentucky written across it? There just seems to be a problem with that.

  • ldclark

    I can't stand Kentucky. I love how they go play for a coach who hasn't even made it to the final four!

  • HoosierChan77

    Anywhere but there……not suprised….oh well just shows Teague's not true Hoosier….yeah Im hate'n…vent'n……f#[email protected]$%$^!!!

  • IUonetwo

    I couldn't agree more

  • eph521

    if you're going to be a “one and done” I say there's no better place than Kentucky…

  • Ok, I just want 5 minutes to be bitter, then I'm moving on. All these kids say when they commit to Cal that he coaches guards real well and puts guards in the NBA. I get that and it would attract me if I was a top HS guard as well.

    But, can anyone name me one guard that Cal has put in the NBA that wasn't already considered a lock to be a high NBA draft pick? Is there one out there? He's gotten the #1 guard in 5 straight classes, this is getting absurd!!

    Ok, I'm done…

  • marchus

    i heard he can't even dribble anyways lol

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts

    You know, I'm not that disappointed. He's going to come in, play for a year, be really good, etc. But if he came to IU he wouldn't have the pieces around him (yet). Maybe worth 5 wins, and then gone. Patience. Slow and steady. Give me some real solid three and four year players first, then the one and dones.
    I hate Kentucky.

  • You're completely right. It's like a self-fulfilling philosophy. I really don't know if he's made anyone better, or if he's just stayed out of their way. And of all the players he's sent to the NBA, how many would have benefited long-term from 2 or more years of real development in college? I have no answer to this question, just wondering

  • Bryan

    The only thing about this commitment is, what happens when the NBA has it's lockout in 2011? Next year's one-and-done players either have the choice of getting drafted not being paid until the lockout ends, going overseas, or returning to college. If Brandon Knight decides to stay at UK until the NBA reaches labor peace, will Teague still want to spend his single college season as his backup?

    I don't think IU is in the mix, far from it, I just wonder if this is really the last time Teague has to commit to going somewhere.

  • I don't think any would have benefited from staying. The guys he's sent to the NBA recently were all ready, I guess my point is that he really didn't prepare them. They were already ready, so to me, it's more of a myth that he prepares guards for the NBA.

  • MillaRed

    I have to admit I'm not real impressed at this juncture with Crean's ability to recruit the top tier kids. I really thought this would be a strength for him.

    After two abysmal seasons we have the following to hold on to:

    McLeod leaves. Call it what it is but I don't see how moving the staff around this early is good news.

    Carlino decommits. Do not see how this is good news.

    We are whiffing on all of the top tier recruits and there doesn't seem to be a Big in sight. This is not good news.

    I like the current G.P.A., the character of the kids, and Coach in general. But in terms of turning things around, we are turning veeeeerrrrrryyyy s-l-o-w-l-y……………..

    I'm not real dissappointed. I just thought we would be a little further ahead than we are right now.

    After everyone Kentucky lost to the NBA draft, IU has about as much talent coming back, if not a more promising outlook. Yet we still lose out to them. Not a great sign IMHO.

  • millzy32

    He made it to the Final Game with Memphis what are you smoking?

  • Kelin Blab

    Well it is all set up now….

    +IU v KY 2011 game in Assembly Hall…Teague v J. Davis
    +The way things go in Indiana….say goodbye to Mr. Basketball
    +Pitino will quit, be fired, or go the NBA.
    + L'ville fans will call for his head now.

    Wish the kid well, time to move on……..

  • Kelin Blab

    His frosh year he would have absolutely had the pieces around him…..VJ3 a senior and juniors elston, creek, watford…etc. But I agree we need the 3-4 year players

  • millzy32

    If you need to know how long it takes to rebuild a college program just look at what Kentucky does this year after losing everyone that matters. I bet they don't win 10 games. I bet it's more like 25 games that they win.

    If you can recruit it takes 0 time to build a winner in college basketball.

    Really sad at the state of our situation really sad.

    Why do I feel like a Notre Dame football fan these days trying to grasp old glory.

  • Kelin Blab

    That is a huge myth…but alot of people seem to ignore that

  • Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts

    My bad, Kelin. For some reason I'm thinking he's a senior. Ok, now I'm bummed.

  • IUDan

    Milla I have say I very strongly disagree with you. Crean has had nothing to sell for the past two years, yet he was able to put together a class that included Creek, Watford, Hulls, Elston, Bawa and Capo. Many of those guys were highly rated and had many other options.

    Crean has consistently said the class he was MOST behind on was 2010. I know Teague is an '11, but seriously – we had no shot. I think if we get a good season under our belt (hopefully this year), we will land these kinds of guys.

    What do you sell to them?? Hey, come to IU and we might make the tourney! We're not going to attact this kind of talent . . . yet . . .

    Given the circumstances, I'm pretty pleased with our recruiting, and 2010 isn't done, and 2011 is just starting. Carlino I believe had more to do with wanting to be reclassed to 2010 than anything with the program . . .we needed him more in 11 than 10, and he is a bit easier to replace IMO.

  • millzy32

    Didn't hear that Jeremiah Davis Committed to IU yet. Lots of wishful thinking. Would love to see him be a hoosier but instead we see all the top guys go to the KY Jellies um I mean Wildcats.

    Pretty sad when the top point guard in the nation is from Indiana and goes to Kentucky while Indiana is quote “In the Mix” for the 22nd ranked point guard in that class who is from out of state.

    What is going on?

    Oh how far we have fallen. “In the Mix” makes us hopeful. Sad Sad Sad.

  • With the limited amount of scholarships I would rather have Zeller anyway.

  • Marquisimo

    He has to improve his jumper a lot to play at the next level…

  • Luke72

    M. Teague's approach to the game is not what our team needs! Need a point that can lead this team!!! We'll find the right player for our style of play and have the character that fits IU!


  • number1fan09

    Although this would have been amazing, there are still plenty of top guys out there that Crean can get to come to IU.

  • ldclark

    only to get it taken away, so no he hasn't made it yet.

  • Kelin Blab

    IUDan I don't understand why Crean does not get credit for bringing in Mo Creek, Elston, Watford, Bobby, and Hulls. It is as if people think all of a sudden he can't recruit. We ALL know why Teague went to KY and can you blame him? IU is not a one and done school, IU is not a powerhouse currently, and so it is HARD sell to a kid of Teagues caliber and Irving and Selby.

    To be honest…..I cannot think of 5 reasons a one and done player would come to IU? If someone could tell me why a one and done should come to IU I would love to hear it, but I have NO idea what Crean can tell these kids. That is why he is getting paid the big bucks.

  • HoosierChan77

    Yeah…KB do you know something about JD w dont? and this is a slap n the face from Teague to IU and it left 1 hellava blooy mess!!!

  • JerryCT

    ” verrrrrrrryyyy s-l-o-w-l-y” ………… I suspect Millared might sound just a bit like Elmer Fudd in real life …………… I liked Fudd

  • millzy32

    I couldn't disagree more. Teague's style fits what Crean wants to a T. He wants run and gun and that's what this kid does. He excels at AAU and is average in HS ball with structure.

  • indiananorthshore

    We are a second class program, clearly far behind Purdue and Butler. It makes me sick! TC is a bad coach who can't recruit talent in his own state. I am tired of hearing how he inherited a mess and it will take time. He is being paid big bucks to produce period!!!! Has anyone noticed Marquette has not lost a beat since Crean''s left. I can't stand Calipari, it would be very hard for me to root for him even if they played Purdue, however it is nothing but sour grapes to say Teague was bought without any basis. How about the kid wants to go to a program and compete for a championship. Don't hold your breath on Davis, Patterson or any good Indiana Player. Maybe Inside the Hall should stop discussing potential good recruits, not happening. The athletic department has made two huge mistakes in a row. Sampson and Crean.

  • This is really great news. I will not recruit this TYPE of ONE and DONE player. The truth of the matter is PG have to be experience vets. Poised individuals that have leadership ability. Think about it this way. Of all the 1 and done guys that come along how many have led a team to a CHAMPIONSHIP. Derrick Rose had lots of help and vets.

    If you are going to offer a scholarship to a ONE and DONE then make sure he will make an IMPACT.
    Examples – Melo, Gordon, Mike Beasley,Oden I mean you get my drift. Other than that do it the Butler way oops I meant Indiana U get Indiana kids.

  • So did Brad Steven just ride Hayward's coattails this season? Because your kidding yourself if you think Hayward wouldn't have gone to a bigger school if the opportunity was there, it wasn't some big recruiting coup by Stevens.

    Sorry, but I just hate the “Crean rode Wade's coattails” argument think you lose credibility when that's the best you can do.

  • walton

    me too – and something more solid like a commitment instead of rumors, speculations, “this kid has IU on his list – he really likes the school”

  • Great players? Really, that's what you're coming with? Hale, Carroll and Johnson are “great” players?

  • Great players? Really, that's what you're coming with? Hale, Carroll and Johnson are “great” players?

  • Xavier Henry was the first one and done player Kansas has ever had, and they had an early round flame-out.