Matt Carlino opens up his recruitment

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Update: Hugh Kellenberger of The Herald-Times talked to Carlino about his decision to open up his recruitment. When Kellenberger asked if re-commiting to IU was an option, Carlino had this to say.

“For right now, it’s not (an option). I like IU a lot. But right now, coach Crean said — he told me that he doesn’t need any players there that aren’t 100 percent committed to the program and everything, and obviously he knew I was thinking that way. He told me that it was good for me to tell him now, instead of being there and having those kind of thoughts. He respected my decision.”

It’s been an eventful evening, to say the least, in the world of Indiana basketball.

First, The Washington Post reported Moses Abraham gave a verbal pledge to Georgetown on the day he returned from his official visit to Bloomington.

And now, in a confirmation of a story reported earlier by Mike Pegram, Matt Carlino has confirmed to Inside the Hall that he has decided to open up his recruitment.

“Coach Crean and his staff have been great to me,” Carlino wrote in a text message to Inside the Hall. “However, I feel that I committed too early and although I like Indiana, I felt it would be good to explore other options.”

Carlino, a 6-3 guard, played this past season at Bloomington South after transferring from Highland High, near Phoenix (AZ). He committed to Indiana shortly after attending an Elite Camp in August of 2008.

Indiana now has one player committed, Hamilton Heights wing Austin Etherington, in its 2011 recruiting class.

Related: J.R. Holmes expects Carlino to return to Bloomington South, according to Hugh Kellenberger of The Herald-Times.

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  • Indiana_Knight

    They're a top ten class because they have the skills to compete at a high level once their bodies develop within the constructs of the college game. North Carolina had a better freshman class than we did but once they had to play too many of them due to injury they just weren't strong enough yet.

    There are literally under ten of those game-changing freshmen studs per year. Not enough to go around, genius. How many John Walls are out there? Maybe one or two per year, if that.

  • marchus

    What are you saying about hours co-eds?

  • I should be able to help answer this question tomorrow night after the state finals.

  • Indiana_Knight

    Lol, there's absolutely nothing wrong with IU co-eds. I don't understand how you could look around this campus when the sun is shining and ever say that. I doubt he was spending much, if any, time with any of our fine co-eds. Now, the girls at South I can't speak on since I didn't go to HS in Bloomington and I'm not a creeper…

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Stop trying to compare IU to UNC. UNC will dominate IU! Top ten class…”class”, as a whole not one stud here or there. I know it wasn't a freak class like UK or a fab 5. No kidding! Collectively a top class in the NCAA (a league with depleted upperclassmen talent) should be able to produce more than “our top class” did with or with out more vets surrounding them.

  • Taskmaster75

    Well, the guy has been compared to John Scheyer in some circles (Which would be a fantastic thing to have), but hey, I can understand wanting to look around. I just hope he finds the college where he feels comfortable, unless it's Purdue, then no good luck to you :).

  • Indiana_Knight

    UNC would beat IU right now because UNC, even though they lost their best upperclassmen over the course of the season, still had RS freshmen, sophomores, and a deeper freshman class. In a weaker league. And they didn't do much better. But they had pretty much the best of the best freshmen in America outside of UK. Freshmen very rarely carry collegiate teams. And we lost one of the two top 50 freshmen we had this year. The idea that a group of freshmen playing tons of minutes can compete with college juniors and seniors is laughable and there's a reason why it hardly ever happens. Go back 5 years and find teams that had success with freshmen playing major, major minutes like Kentucky is this year. That's rare in college no matter how good your recruits are.

    The NCAAs are driven by upperclass talent. Always have been. Always will be.

    But I guess we can agree to disagree. I think last year's class was pretty great. Not as physically tough as I would've liked but Watford and Creek were as advertised, Elston is still developing, and Hulls could be a good ballhandler/spot up shooter down the line.

  • vslice

    Oh really, who are they? I haven't seen any players better than Carlino that are breaking down the doors to play for Indiana. When are things going to turn around. IU is in a catch 22, they need great players to turn this around yet great players dont want to play for a mediocre team. What gives, yo?

  • vslice

    I totally agree, I really think the worst is yet to come. Not trying to be a downer here, but it just seems like the snowball is getting bigger and bigger.

  • Casey

    Nic Moore is a good basketball player and kid. There will be more big D1 schools after him following this season. However, I think the chances of getting him in an IU jersey will be tough. Although PU has layed off of Moore, his high school coach is a devoted PU fan.

  • vslice

    Im worried that with all the attention we were giving MA we lost our advantage or relations with Yeguete. I last heard that Georgia Tech had recently shown a lot of interest in Will. Now whether that is true or if he is even interested is another thing. I really think that we were in a good position with him after his visit, IMO, but haven't heard anything recently and mainly because of all the MA attention. I just hope we didnt kill two birds with one stone. IU is not in a position to lose these recruiting battles. It's not so much that losing MA is such a great loss, its everything else that is put on hold or on the sidelines until you get an answer. Maybe IU isnt even impressed with Will Y, I liked him and I think he could bring a lot of what we need to the program.

  • btowniualumn

    I disagree….I think things are really starting to “shape up”….I'm excited to see the possibilities……

  • btowniualumn

    FYI: Ga Tech's coach is interviewing w/ St. Johns……this is worse for Will Y than not receiving attn for a week or so…..

  • Bryan

    It seems like early commitments like Carlino's often do lead to the kid de-committing at some point. There's just too many factors that can come up during that time (coaching changes, kid doesn't progress at the rate their projected, the random nature of teenagers in general), although I do concede the point that it's not often such a kid moves cross country as part of an early commit.

    I know this data doesn't exist anywhere, but I'd be interested in the overall success rate schools are having with trying to lock-up kids before they're even juniors.

  • btowniualumn

    Yup…AE is a four star….Carlino was only a 3. FYI, and I have said this many times over the last few days…..Jordan Crawford was a three star recruit and look at how he has TORN IT UP at Xavier! I dont truly care what they are “ranked” coming into the program….VO is ranked a 3 star, but he is SUPER athletic and I think he can, potentially, be a game changer……we have to see how he develops….

  • btowniualumn

    simply turrible….

    great job Dave

  • HoosierCrabbe

    Are people really still thinking that CTC planned this because JDavis and Teauge are thinking about coming here?!?! Absolutely not. Carlino probably doesn't want to come here anymore because he knows that there are 2 schools in INDIANA that are 5 times the program that we are right now. Why on earth would he even think about going to IU over Purdue and even fricking BUTLER? This is not a good sign, if 4 star players who have fallen in the rankings over the past 2 years don't want to play for our school. I honestly think recruits these days care at all about the “tradition” of a program. All they care about is either winning big while they are at school (not going to happen when carlinos @ IU) or choosing a coach that is going to give them the best chance at getting drafted in the NBA.

    Up next on the agenda…Christian Watford transfers to a school in Alabama. And let's be honest, why would he not want to transfer when he can sit out a year, bulk up, and actually play for a college program with a future. It will be a success for us if we win 12-14 games next season. and that's just sad.

  • HoosierCrabbe

    Oh, and like Alex said, recruits don't just open up their recruitment only to recommit to the school, there is no way he's coming to IU next year, which is going to be very awkward for him if he stays in school at Bloomington South.

  • Casey

    I'd say one unfortunate thing about ITH gaining so much credibility and traffic is that we're starting see more idiotic comments and trolls on the blog.

  • HoosierCrabbe

    what about my comment is idiotic?

  • If you feel anyone is trolling or being disrespectful, please flag the comment. Thanks.

  • HoosierCrabbe

    Or troll-ish for that matter. I am not some random Purdue fan here to wreak havoc on the IU message boards. I have checked this site every day for almost 2 years now because I LOVE IU basketball. But my love for IU bball doesn't make me unrealistic about where we're at as a program. I looked past the 08' season watching with optimism for the future, and i did exactly the same thing last off season with our top recruiting class coming in. But recently there has been no reason for optimism, so at least there won't be dissapointment when things don't go our way….again.

  • garycannon

    First let me say that I am a Hoosier fan from the far southern tip of the state. I put up with Louisville fans and especially UK fans on a daily basis. UK fans talk about their return to glory under Calipari and I admit it's hard not to want that instant success; however, I also remember why I feel in love with the Hoosiers. Bob Knight built a great program with an attitude that we recruit Indiana kids, we graduate these kids and along the way we turn them into pretty good college basketball players. Yes Calipari has turned UK around very quickly but there is still something about that guy that just makes you think of cheating! I simply do not want that for IU. I think Crean will get IU back to national prominence in time and he will do it with Indiana talent. Do I think Teague is coming to IU? NO. Do I think Crean will land 3 or 4 top Indiana kids over the next few years? Absolutely!!

    I love IU and I cannot wait for the day that I can once again tell a UK fan that yes we win and we win the RIGHT WAY!!

    I too am frustrated with the current state of IU basketball but if you are a true Hoosier fan then you take the lumps and keep cheering!!

    Someone said it best earlier…Its INDIANA… it or leave it!!!

    GO IU!!

  • garycannon

    Then banner number 7 should have been '92 or '93. I still think we would have won the title in '92 if we play UK in the final four that year instead of UK.

  • q95

    not troubled by this at all. just makes room for a recruit from indiana…

  • Casey

    Barring any thoughtless comments, I haven’t seen anyone insinuate that this decomittment is part of Crean’s master plan. Carlino said himself that he’s been thinking (for some time now) about playing college ball closer to home because of his family. He also said that Crean has recently been aware of his doubts. Could Carlino’s decision also be because IU has won a combined 16 games the past 2 seasons? Sure. Possibly. Could it also be that Carlino is aware that Crean has been heavily recruiting quality guards in the 2011-12 classes? That he may never be a starting point guard in an IU jersey? Sure. Absolutely. The truth is no one knows except for Carlino and his family.
    Attrition is going to be inevitable throughout this process. We all knew this before our 2008-09 season started. It’s going to take some dedicated and special players that will want to stick with us until we get back to where we belong. We may lose a player or two in the off-season. I don’t think that we will, but we might. I definitely think that our late season starting five really wants to be here and make IU a winning team. I believe that the worst of this process occurred 2 summers ago. We’ve already hit rock bottom. It’s just up from here. The timing of the events yesterday just sucked! I think that if they had occurred month a part from each other people wouldn’t be tying their nooses. What’s done is done. It is what it is. We have had to endure A LOT these past two years, but having a pity party isn’t going to help Hoosier Nation get back to where we want to be.

  • HoosNation

    I just want to throw this out there….. IU had a top 10 recruiting class this year and the main factor in how a kid performs is how he is developed, not by how many stars are beside his name. Then what does this say about our coach's ability to “coach”. It seems to me, personally, that TC is more of a coach defined by a noun, rather than by a verb.

    To say that IU is doomed b/c we lose MA, and possibly Carlino is crazy. We need to spend as much time recruiting a coaching staff that can develop our kids. I watched every game this year, listened to every radio show Monday nights, and have basically consumed IU basketball for so many years back I can't remember. I realize we lost Maurice and Roth, but I know I am not alone in saying that our team actually got worse as the season went on. The fact that we had talent and TC couldn't figure out how to use it, ex.- 28 games before Elston got significant playing time and the fact that he rode Pritchard out for way too long. That is what is so frustrating to IU fans!

    ITH is a great site and I respect all of you here. I am basically playing the devils advocate here b/c IU bball is what I wait all year for. I just want to help broaden the scope here. I bleed cream and crimson! And I bled alot this year!

  • cooper

    The issue isn't Carlino leaving it's that a mediocre guy would feel there are better options after committing. Of course there are better options. The question is whether IU can get those players to come. So far crean hasn't.

    If he doesn't start bringing in better players IU is going to have serious trouble being relevant

  • valpohistory

    Well I'd certainly hope so! He's the only one who can lead IU back to the promised land, look at what he's done for Virginia! They're an elite eight team right?

  • valpohistory

    I agree with you there. It's all about development. Unfortunately, the ranking system is mostly based upon how players play during the AAU circuit, and for players that have several factors working against them, (monetary issues, picking the game up late, being unable to gain exposure to be placed on an elite team: for examples) it can really be detrimental to their ranking. I realize this is probably a poor example, but Sheehey hasn't been playing AAU long, but many consider him to be the best player on his team that features the 7 footer committed to Syracuse. The ranking system is a good indicator, but solely relying upon it when evaluating a player can be dangerous.

  • valpohistory

    Shoot higher than that, be the conductor!

  • valpohistory

    I'm with you on this one. I don't exactly see people chomping at the bit to play for IU. Maybe there is something brewing that none of us know yet, but it certainly doesn't seem like it.

  • Kelin Blab

    Listening to Carlino's new comments, it is the best for all parties involved. You don't want this happening after Davis and Teague are gone and we are screwed in recruiting. I have come to this conclusion…..the ONE thing that is holding IU back from landing some higher level recruits is….WINS WINS WINS.

    If a player knew IU just missed the tourney this year but needed just one player to come in and make that difference, it would be an easier sell. So at this point, I am all about our current players and the 2010 class coming in and getting better. IU in the NIT next year would be huge…IU improving from 6wins to 10 wins is not going to cut it with recruits at this time.

  • valpohistory

    This is so true. I hate when schools take commitments from players before they're juniors. It just seems so flimsy…

  • vslice

    Thats cool about the G. Tech coach. That is something that I didnt know. Are you sure about this?
    Totally different guy here, but this J. Wilkins is a guy I know nothing about. There is no videos on the web with him playing. I know his dad played in the NBA which people are making a big deal about. That was his did, what can he do. Im not supper hyped on him either. Just wondering since we took a swing and missed on MA should we no consider waiting to use it next year, but with the opening of schollys with Carlino gone maybe we should pull the trigger on one of these guys. I still really would like to have Will Yeg.

  • I really hate coming off as a Crean apologist, but IMO you're putting far too much emphasis on development. I'm not saying it isn't important, but a coach can only do so much, you have to have talent and that's where the stars come into play. I mean with a different coach would Pritchard, VJIII and Jeremiah Rivers be considerably more talented players? No way.

    If the main factor in how a kid develops is determined by the coach and not his talent, then you'd expect Jeremiah Rivers to be just as good as Dwayne Wade, right? They had the same person developing them.

    Of course the team got worse this season, IU was without their best player and best shooter. Look at OSU, they were 1-3 in the Big Ten while Turner was hurt. If Turner had been out the entire season they might not have even made the tourney. Would we be talking about how Matta isn't really a coach and can't develop players? And, what were you expecting anyways? This team had one real recruiting class, the '09 class. One class doesn't make a team.

  • It was one class, not an entire team. You need a complete team to compete, not 6 freshmen.

  • btowniualumn

    I like what I read/see from Will Y. But, from what I understand about Wilkins, he is “instant offense” with a need for development in Defense. I like the possibility of landing both, with perhaps a transfer from Pritch? I wish him all the best, and wouldn't be terribly upset if he stayed, but I feel we can get others more athletic…such as these two. We'll have to see it all play out over the next month or so…..

  • Carlino is a douche, who cares. Could he be a good player – yes, will he make a huge difference – no. I've seen him play, he isn't that freakin good, nothing to freak out about. A “great” player would not have let his team lose to a sh**ty Jeff team. I say F-him.

  • cooper

    IU has to find an asst coach who can recruit and is willing. It's got to be someone with ties every where. Walk the fine line of following the rules

    they better win games next year and stay close in more games. You are right 10-12 wins doesn't cut it. If recruits don't see more they are going to go elsewhere and you can't blame them

  • Anonymous

    I know we are all die-hard IU fans, or else we wouldn’t be here. But let’s face the facts…IU isn’t returning to glory with Tom Crean at the helm. He made a fatal mistake recruiting too many guards, and I don’t blame Carlino for bailing. I don’t blame Etherington if he were to bail, or anyone else for that matter. Until IU gets some size (Elston and Bawa aren’t cutting it) so Prtitchards arse can be buried on the practice roster, we are not winning! We are SOOOOO far away from being tournament ready, it is disheartening. Everyday that goes by, I am more convinced Crean isn’t the answer.

    We need Bigs and 3 point shooters/slashers…not 6′ Jordy Hulls’ running around or 6’9 Pritchard’s who can’t jump. IUs roster is filled with role players of Sweet 16 teams.

    Face the facts, Abraham and Carlino made good decisions.

  • walton

    I wasn't necessary trying to be pessimistic – I hope/expect the additions to be greater than the subtractions. But I am still on edge to see how it is all going to play out.

  • pemetal

    No way Teague is coming here. It's Louisville or UK and I'm thinking UK because he thinks he is a 1 and done type of talent.

  • hardwoodwizard

    Kelin is exactly right, IU must win to get in the better recruits. But we have a serious problem. The 2010-2011 Hoosiers will be a year older with no addition of talent. Fans on here continue to rip Carlino for being ranked #122 and Crean trying to stockpile guards. We guess what, Carlino is ranked higher than the two recruits coming in for 2010, and that is his lowest ranking which puts him somewhere inthe category of Jordan Hulls status coming out of high school. So no matter how you want to look at it, he is a blow to our future.

    We fans need to be concerned that Crean has been stockpiling guards and small forwards especially when we have Creek and Watford. VO and Sheehy will sit the bench for years. Etherington is atleast 6'6″ and can shoot over smaller guards/forwards and over zones. But, then you have all of these offeres out there to DRS, Teague, Patterson, J Davis, etc. WHERE ARE THE BIG MEN?

    Earth to Hoosier fans, Teague will be at UK or Louisville. His decision will be based on Bledsoe leaving or staying at UK, then if Knight from FL commits to UK. From there he has a wide open offer to go to Louisville with Chandler and Taylor two other Indiana high school players not attending IU.

    Purdue has a great team returning, that will kill our in state recruiting. Butler will be better next year, that hurts us. Xavier will be better next year and if you look they have 6 top 100 recruits this year and next coming in and look at all the offers they have made to Indiana kids.

    Seriously, Crean has so many offers out there I think he is just trying to fish in a barrell. However, he cannot bait the hook until they win. No one wants to play for a loser, especially in college andwhen you are one of the top 100 players in the nation.

    Anyone on here ever been an athlete in college and suffer through a losing season? It is misery and will really make you question your commitment to the coach, team and university. Early morning practices and classes, study tables, weight room/conditioning, lengthy practices, late nights studying, studying on the bus, missing classes for games, possible having to do work/study for tuition money, and then going to play for a team that won 6 games in '09 and 10 games in '10.

    There is no fun in that. You will have great memories of team mates and friends for life and that one good win on the road in Pittsburg, but no great seasons.

    Not only that, but then you give all this hard work and dedication to end the 2011 season at 16-16.

    These players talk. These recruits talk. All of these Indiana kids in 2011 and 2012 classes play summer basketball together in AAU. IU better be careful or these studs will avoid them like the plague.

    We are one bad recruiting class away from peaking at 18-14 and being 6th best in the Big Ten and then rehiring a coach and rebuilding once again.

    Seriously Hoosier fans, Arizona, UNC and UCLA are bad and they are powerhouse schools who are just down for a year maybe two. We have our third down year coming, but Arizona, UNC and UCLA will be good next year along with the usual UK, Duke, Kansas, Tennessee, Florida, Pittsburg, Syracuse, Georgetown, West Virginia, Louisville, Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Butler, Xavier, Gonzaga, Texas, Oklahoma State, etc. Where is Indiana?

    And maybe fans, an assistant coach doesn't want to come here and coach with Crean? Anyone thought of that? Anyone stop to think that maybe he has a poor reputation amongst the coaching circles? He may not, but this pie in the sky, let's give him some time is dangerous. Didn't we keep waiting for Davis to land the big recruits he kept promising IU? Oh that's right, they went to Ohio State!!! Just like many of the current talent in Indiana, but more are going to Purdue too. Ut oh!!!

  • Milwaukee Hoops

    Yes he would. Crean is a used-car salesman. As witnessed at Marquette, Crean will pull scholarships and force kids to transfer. Look at Nick Williams and Malik Story. If Crean sees a better recruit available he will drop a kid. Crean cares about winning, we all do, but Crean DOESN'T care about the kids.