Matt Carlino opens up his recruitment

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Update: Hugh Kellenberger of The Herald-Times talked to Carlino about his decision to open up his recruitment. When Kellenberger asked if re-commiting to IU was an option, Carlino had this to say.

“For right now, it’s not (an option). I like IU a lot. But right now, coach Crean said — he told me that he doesn’t need any players there that aren’t 100 percent committed to the program and everything, and obviously he knew I was thinking that way. He told me that it was good for me to tell him now, instead of being there and having those kind of thoughts. He respected my decision.”

It’s been an eventful evening, to say the least, in the world of Indiana basketball.

First, The Washington Post reported Moses Abraham gave a verbal pledge to Georgetown on the day he returned from his official visit to Bloomington.

And now, in a confirmation of a story reported earlier by Mike Pegram, Matt Carlino has confirmed to Inside the Hall that he has decided to open up his recruitment.

“Coach Crean and his staff have been great to me,” Carlino wrote in a text message to Inside the Hall. “However, I feel that I committed too early and although I like Indiana, I felt it would be good to explore other options.”

Carlino, a 6-3 guard, played this past season at Bloomington South after transferring from Highland High, near Phoenix (AZ). He committed to Indiana shortly after attending an Elite Camp in August of 2008.

Indiana now has one player committed, Hamilton Heights wing Austin Etherington, in its 2011 recruiting class.

Related: J.R. Holmes expects Carlino to return to Bloomington South, according to Hugh Kellenberger of The Herald-Times.

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  • JerryCT

    Yesterday I took a big short position in the market. It zoomed up against me. I tried not to panic in the face of a big loss. There goes my next vacation I thought. By late afternoon the market gave up all its gains and gave me a reprieve.

    Life's Moral : Donot panic. Plan your trade and then trade your plan………….Trust the COACH

  • MillaRed

    Interesting reactions out there that seem to continually mellow as I read on. But I am going to be realistic.

    This is in know way whatsoever good news by any means. This program is in a recruiting funk, period. Once again we are on the losing end of a 4-5 star recruit in MA and that story is getting old. Then we lose someone everyone seemed to be pleased about 24 hours ago that by my count was getting it done at South.

    So we are going to immediately start apologizing for Coach Crean and talking about this 2011 guard, that 2012 forward etc? How can anyone say we are landing any frickin body as it stands today?

    Something is wrong here. Very wrong. So if it makes everyone feel any better to joke about falling skies, and he wasn't good anyway and we want other people then so be it. But after reading today's blogs I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

    The IU basketball program needs good news. Real friggin good news like yesterday.

  • People out there that are panicking over this and Moses not committing, relax. Seriously. Not getting Kyrie Irving was much, much worse news. You aren't going to get everyone and Moses and Matt are not amazing, program building players. They are role players. Don't lose sleep over it. Weird, yes. Disappointing, maybe. But not bad. Relax.

  • I'm not too worried about this. Carlino has dropped like a rock since we signed him. He could simply be finding out that he isn't as good as he thought, and looking for playing time. I would like to have a good PF or game changing guard. I would still like to see him at IU, but this doesn't devastate the team.

  • In addition to most post above, I would also like to say that not offering a scholarship to Dee Davis was worse than Carlino opening up his recruitment. You can say those of us who are calm are Crean apologists, go ahead. But the fact of the matter is you can't worry yourself over something being “wrong” at IU. What do you think is wrong? Do you think Crean is secretly stealing their lunch money and when they found out the leave? Is Matt Painter scaring them off at the last minute? If the kid doesn't want to come here, fine. It's a battle, and we will get who we get. Settle down. BUT… I don't want Teague. Dear lord, please not Teague

  • aceman07

    I totally disagree!!! I've seen this kid and he reminds me of, and could be a potential, Andy Rautins type player at Syracuse but with more ball handling skills!!! He's strong, quick, handles the ball well, and can shoot! I think this would be a horrible loss!!!

  • marcusgresham

    I wouldn't be too torn up over either player IU lost/didn't get yesterday. I think everyone Crean's recruiting at guard (Teague, Smith-Rivera, Ferrell, etc.,) is probably better than Carlino, so it could work out better in the long run there (and as others have said, he is not a point guard, which is where the need lies most heavily at this point—the team is 2 guard/wing heavy.)
    As for Abraham, I think we'd probably slobbered over him (and I'm as guilty as anyone,) more than we needed to just because we all want to see some bulk. I think you could probably do as well at this point with a juco big guy that will be more game-ready for the next two seasons and have that scholarship open up sooner for a stud when things do start rolling the right way.
    Buck up, little campers, it's not the end of the world (or even the end of the recruiting season.)

  • I understand the curiosity on this decision from Carlino, but it's important to point out that in most situations like this, a de-commitment leads to a parting of the ways between the player and the program. I absolutely expect that to be the case here.

  • Kelin Blab

    Milla, the silver lining in this could be, we found out now, and not late in the recruiting game for 2011. Crean is recruiting some kids he has gotten in good with such as J. Davis, VO teammate Quinn Cook, and Teague…ironically, all players are guards just as Carlino…If we got one of these guys in 2011 along with Etherington and landed three or four in 2012…like DSR, Patterson, Perea, and Jurkin this would all be forgotten….but today…it does suck. Interested to see what Dakich says on his show.

  • GFDave

    It looks like to me that MoAb came out to B-town to see more of America, not to seriously think about IU. IMO his family/advisors had him going to G'Town all along.

    Carlino is a head scratcher. Didn't we just see a picture or vid of Crean and Hulls at a South game? I don't think this was Crean's idea. I would've liked Carlino to come to IU, but now we move on.

    Its a good thing that we're getting more visits this weekend from Wilkins and Yeguette. In the Mike Davis era a swing and miss like MoAb really hurt because there wasn't a backup plan.

    I doubt that Teague is coming to IU. His dad says all the right things in order to keep the wolves at bay, but I think he's going to LuaVull. IMO we have a real shot at Zeller and Davis. I hope we get both.

    We need good news. We need good news. We need good news.

  • DJ5

    Something to remember:

    Carlino committed to IU after his freshmen year of high school when he was 14/15 years old and ranked the 8th best player in his class (Hoop Scoop), when it looked like he was going to be the premeir player to lead a top 5 historical program, which he cheered for as a small boy, back to glory.

    Now, after finishing his junior season and being ranked #122 in his class and a couple years wiser, he decommits after realizing he would be at best (with no else committing or improving) 4th or 5th best player (after VJ3, Creek, Watford, and maybe Hulls/Elston/Capo) on a team that is still a few years away from being relevant.

    I just think he made a big decision at a young age based on a lot of unknown factors.

  • MillaRed

    I'm with you as usual Kelin but yes, “today” is word of the day. There are a lot of “if's” in your hopes and dreams and I share those with you as much as the rest of ITH.

    “When” we land a few of these kids I will send CTC a freshly baked apple pie. But as I sit here today I am a little peed off.

  • GFDave

    We're late to the party with Cook and the competition is top shelf including Duke, UNC, Villanova, G'town. I'd be surprised if we even got an official visit. Just my opinion.

    But your observations regarding the 2011/2012 classes are really good and I agree with your general thrust.

  • Adam

    Is Nic Moore an upgrade over Carlino? I know Moore is not currently ranked high, but I have heard nothing but incredible things about him.

  • MillaRed

    “Wrong” may be a little strong h90. So let's look at facts. We have (3) 3-star kids coming in over the next two years. If that isn't a little dissappointing I guess I need to re-evaluate my expectations for the IU program.

    No one is jumping ship. I just can't see how any negative recruiting news is a good thing this morning. Ask me again at 10:00 PM. I think I will be hammered around that time tonight.

  • MillaRed

    You have to admit, the move to Bloomington certainly adds mystery to the story eh Alex?

  • JerryCT

    Its interesting how some think he opened up his recruiting becasue he could get on a “better” team and others think because he is crowded out here at IU in the future.

    I am relaxed about MC as well as MAb for 2 main reasons: 1) I fully believe CTC works his butt off on this stuff and I trust we are doing the best we can do for now, and 2) for the most part freshmen make no major difference until you coach 'em up. It is a multi – year plan …………. unfortunately……………. with bumps along the way

  • Josh

    1) Carlino has opened up recruiting, he has not said specifically that he will NOT come to IU. All his other offers are west coast schools (where he moved away from to come to IU). I am 24, have been an IU fan since as long as I can remember (not that long ago). I have loved IU since the days of Greg Graham, Brian Evans, Calbert, Alan, etc. With that being said, maybe Im too prideful of an IU fan, but I back Crean. If Crean pulled the scholarship then I trust there is a good reason. If Carlino backed out- then I DONT WANT YOU. Playing for IU is an honor and one that people will come to realize, once again, in the near future. If you don't want to play here or are having doubts, then goodbye. If you back IU, back it fully! It is discouraging to see so many “fans” on here full of so much knowledge while only backing bits and pieces of IU. Either love it all or leave it all. You can be discouraged, however, many of you are acting like we should burn the campus. Someone said this is resembling a d2 school? There are two other Indiana schools to cheer for, Butler and Purdue, I suggest you follow one of them. As for me, I love IU, always will, and will always believe in IU- even when my head knowledge and heart doesnt seem to line up with what IU is doing. Also, does anyone find it weird that Carlino came to IU to win a state title, didnt, and then flew home to AZ, came back, and suddenly is no longer committed.

  • I can't compare Moses to Bawa, cause I've never watched Moses play, but please refrain from citing ESPN rankings. They are, as Charles Barkley would say, terrible.

  • MillaRed

    Only God knows who MA will turn out to be Dougy. What I do know is he is a 4-star right now. If anyone chose to rate Bawa today MA would bury him.

    Crean will bring in a JUCO that averages 9 boards a game? Well, that would lead the Big Ten next season sir. Good luck with that.

    I'm not as dissappointed in MA himself, just the overall process. Kelin, I love you brother, but you keep adding to your want list. They continue to drop like flies. You just keep adding to your list. I cannot share in your enthusiasm until it actually happens………………….

  • MillaRed

    Josh I like your post, but let me play devil's advocate for a moment. Since you are a die hard 100% IU fan all day long, how exactly did you handle the Kelvin Sampson saga? You were rootin' and tootin' for all of that?

    My point is we can be great Hoosier fans and be critical of it at the same time. No different than a marriage or a relationship with our kids. It's not always going to be sunshine and pixie dust.

  • Sallad

    Carlino was a bird in the hand. As the saying goes, that was better than the 7 birds in the bush you mentioned. I'm still excited for next year's team, don't get me wrong. But Carlino had really showed a lot of promise at South, and I was excited.

  • walton

    That's the realization I myself need to come to. At this point we are not Indiana (of old). Hopefully someday we will, but right now we are not.

  • hgdownunder

    Banner number 6 should have been 1987 thanks to Scott May’s arm break.

  • yo

    Let's all sit back and relax for a moment. Take a deep breath and think of the days before all of these scouting and recruiting websites, blogging and sports journalists that are assigned not only to follow sports for a school but actually follow each individual program religiously (such as IU basketball). I would love to have the information back 5-10-15 years ago and see how recruiting was battled out then. My point, these things happen all of the time. I just chose to not get caught up in it and HOPING on every word an 18 year old kid says.
    But I know this, it is a bigger deal to all of us because of how dire shape our program was placed in due to Kelvin Sampson AND Rick Greenspan. How they threw away our tradition of winning the right way so they could try to win right now. The athletic department and Coach Crean and his staff are doing everything they can to improve the program. The only way to do that is with hard work. Not sitting back hoping things happen. Hoping this kid will commit and hoping that kid will transfer. Recruiting is a battle. Verbal commitments are just that, verbal. Until an athlete signs on the bottom-line he can change his mind, its just not respectable way of doing things and earns you low marks, this is especially true in college basketball. Not every school gets 5 stars. Hell not every school gets 4 stars. And yes coaches pull scholarships and I'm sure pull offers.
    So every just calm down. We will get our players. Don't get so caught up in the system of recruiting and make allegations that you know are simply cooked up in your brain because you want to believe it. Crean is going to recruit and recruit his way. He is going to put a team on the floor that he wants. He is in the process of continuing to do that right now, afterall he had to field a team first, which set us back at least 2 years.
    So what do I want. After watching the NCAA tourney this year, I just want to watch good basketball that is put together by good teaching and coaching and see players improve at their game and grow up to be athletes that are recognized with mental attitude awards yet are fierce competitors on the court just as well.
    “Its a bumpy road,” just as someone mentioned earlier, and you all are making it way even harder on yourselves.
    In light of this negative news last night. Everyone take a week off. Don't follow anything IU basketball, hell, TAKE A MONTH OFF. Check your own fanhood and come back realizing your love for IU basketball is not about our recruiting, its about support. These are 18 year old kids. You've been there before. Life is exciting, intimidating and for many of these athletes the sky is the limit for them. Let's believe in Crean and the players we have on the floor right now. They are truly the only ones who will get us to the NCAA tournament right now. Afterall, they are wearing the IU uniform.

  • garyindiana


  • Sallad

    I wasn't trying to sound negative last night, but it may have come off that way. (Side note: How did I end up getting the first post on two posts this week?) I think I'm feeling what other people are expressing–exhaustion. The timing of the announcement was just a killer.

    When I graduated high school, I was happy that I wouldn't have to worry about what high school boys were thinking anymore.

    I'm going to have to back off of recruiting stuff for a while. I didn't follow it until Crean was hired, the whole prospect of, essentially, building a team from scratch was fun to follow. But now that we're getting back in the thick of it, I remembered why I didn't follow it before. I'll be in Assembly Hall next year (And hopefully a few more after that) cheering on the Hoosiers, and I'll focus all of my attention on the guys who are on the court.

  • Luke72

    Wil Y is not a high impact player but if you have had a chance to see him play he could be a really good inside defensive player. something we could really use!!

  • IULaw10


    First, Matt has de-committed. Don't hold your breath on him ever suiting up for the cream and crimson.

    Second, your reference to the early and mid-nineties IU success (not to be underestimated -Banner #6 should have been 1993) is interesting. Who could have predicted then where the program is now? Regardless of your opinion on the merits of the decision, the RMK firing was a sad end to a great career. The Mike Davis era was frustrating, as is the current Tom Crean era to date. The Kelvin Sampson era is a disgrace. We Hoosier fans have suffered quite a bit since the mid-nineties, and the pride that makes you angrily dismiss Carlino if he didn't want to be a Hoosier is the same pride that makes other posters angry and pessimistic about our present and future. Let's not turn on our fellow fans – the reason they're angry is that we have high standards.

    Last, I do think you're right on in noting the odd sequence of events before Carlino's de-commit. Let's hope Crean lands a much sought-after point in the near future so we can all feel a little better about a good player suddenly abandoning IU.

  • btowniualumn

    Very well said….completely agree!!!!!

  • aceman07

    Okay, that might have been a bit sarcastic and influenced by the fact that we just lost Abraham. I'm going to reserve any further comments on recruiting (my opinions anyway) until I see what happens in '11 &'12 because there are players that I really like, such as Teague, Patterson, DRS, and maybe Zeller (if he plays like he did/has in the tournament) among others.

    I will wait to see what's going on because maybe CTC knows something right now that will play out later.

    Who knows. I'm assuming he knows something we don't because he's the coach! HA!

  • walton

    Everyone was wondering about where all of our scholarships were going to come from and we are slowly starting to find out. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear news of other schollys opening up soon. I really don't think this is coincidence or a one sided decision from Carlino. I expect news of additions and subtractions being announced soon – put on your seat belts.

  • deedubbadoo

    I never believed for a second that Moses was going to end up in Bloomington so that one doesn't bother me. As far as Carlino, let him test the waters. Once he realizes that he is not going to get a better offer he will come back to IU, the only problem is, his scholly will be gone. There are better players out there that would love to don the candy stripes.

  • Kelin Blab

    Here is some good recruiting news……….

    According to Will Sheeheys coach….he lifts 5 days a week, shoots 350 shots, and 100 F/Ts

  • Uncle Joey

    Etherington is a 4 star according to Rivals as well as Scout.

  • GFDave


  • superhoops

    Carlino probably reads the stupid crap that gets posted on here and thinks IU fans are just plain nuts, so he opened up his recruitment.

  • plane1972

    The Bloomington move was unusual, but not all that unusual considering a single dad trying to get his kid a headstart on getting acclimated to the program. That was one minor concern I had about Carlino – his dad. I'm guessing Dad was the one chirping in Junior's ear about “you can do better”.

  • valpohistory

    From reading on various message boards and from Peegs, he is supposedly going to be moving back out west and will open his recruitment back up with teams from out there. I personally don't mind him moving on, now the scholarship situation is in order, for the time being, and perhaps this doesn't clog up the wing position as many have suggested. I guess we'll just wait and see

  • valpohistory

    The entire team is transferring and we need to hire Kelvin Sampson/ Mike Davis again? Too far? Probably

  • Gucci Mane

    I mean if we are talking about IU co-eds here there are tons bitties at IU.

  • valpohistory

    It's been rumored that he is going to be moving back to the west coast. For all intents and purposes, he enjoyed his time here, but I've heard he wants to go back to his home. Also, offers from Arizona and Arizona State ain't too shabby. I hope it is the case, as I really don't want anything else bad to go on here. We could sure use a big time commitment.

  • BaseballBuc

    And he does it at 5:00 in the morning! Now thats dedication.

  • MillaRed

    Fair enough Josh

  • MillaRed

    Yeah! We are dummy-wummies and I like M&Ms. What the hell dude?

  • MillaRed

    I wish I had a dad rich enough to move me from town to town finding the right fit for my abilities. Maybe I could have been the lead trumpet in a D-III band.

  • Wish

    The kid probably got his first taste of an Indiana winter and the IU co-eds and decided he'd go back out West for school. Can't say I blame the kid.

  • Oh, excellent! I can't believe I forgot the transferring comments! And the KS/MD was just the right touch to really send this one into the crazy spiral. I applaud your rectifications!

    Is this the point, also, where we start longing for Tony Bennett?

  • SteveO

    Eh, Mo Creek going down was worse since he's actually here and we know he's good. I was there, and the vibe in the crowd was like nothing I've ever experienced. Two high school kids being indecisive really isn't a huge deal.

  • Casey

    Barring any thoughtless comments, I haven’t seen anyone insinuate that this decomittment is part of Crean’s master plan. Carlino said himself that he’s been thinking (for some time now) about playing college ball closer to home because of his family. He also said that Crean has recently been aware of his doubts. Could Carlino’s decision also be because IU has won a combined 16 games the past 2 seasons? Sure. Possibly. Could it also be that Carlino is aware that Crean has been heavily recruiting quality guards in the 2011-12 classes? That he may never be a starting point guard in an IU jersey? Sure. Absolutely. The truth is no one knows except for Carlino and his family.
    Attrition is going to be inevitable throughout this process. We all knew this before our 2008-09 season started. It’s going to take some dedicated and special players that will want to stick with us until we get back to where we belong. We may lose a player or two in the off-season. I don’t think that we will, but we might. I definitely think that our late season starting five really wants to be here and make IU a winning team. I believe that the worst of this process occurred 2 summers ago. We’ve already hit rock bottom. It’s just up from here. The timing of the events yesterday just sucked! I think that if they had occurred month a part from each other people wouldn’t be tying their nooses. What’s done is done. It is what it is. We have had to endure A LOT these past two years, but having a pity party isn’t going to help Hoosier Nation get back to where we want to be.