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  • 02/28/2010 9:44 pm in

FINAL SCORE: 73-57 | Box Score

It’s easy to chalk this one up as uninspired effort by the Hoosiers.

But this loss was somewhat different than what we’ve seen lately.

Let’s break it down:


It may not have felt like it the way the Hoosiers started out against Iowa, but they hit 45.0 percent of their shots tonight. Only twice previous to this matchup during this now 10-game losing streak — at Wisconsin and the home loss to Purdue —¬† have the Hoosiers shot over 40 percent.

In fact, they actually hit 11-of-21 shots in the second half, good for 52.4 percent. Two reasons for this: 1) They went down low to Christian Watford early. It appeared as if this was a point of emphasis in the locker room at halftime. 2) IU’s guards took it to the hole for some higher-percentage shots around the rim.

Iowa also only had three blocks, which means IU beat out their 13.2 percent opponent block percentage and didn’t waste so many chances on the offensive end. (Yes, it’s risen to 13.2 percent. IU now ranks 340th out the the 347 Division I teams in this category. Oof.)

Verdell Jones, who hasn’t had a scoring outburst he’s capable of in a while, re-emerged tonight with 22.

I know it’s yet another loss, but outside of IU’s 1-of-8 mark from beyond the arc, this was actual a pretty solid offensive effort for the Hoosiers tonight. There was more ball movement, more passing and they got some better looks because of it.


Iowa was able to negate the Hoosiers’ two best strengths:¬†offensive rebounding and free-throw rate. The Hawkeyes grabbed 11 offensive boards, which led to eight second-chance points. Iowa also got to the line 38 times — a staggering 31 of those came in the second half — and converted on 26 of those attempts. The Hoosiers did hit 20-of-25 from the line for a solid 80.0 percent, but with them scoring four second-chance points and making six less free throws — there’s 10 points left hanging.

But the 20 turnovers are really what killed them tonight. Time and again, IU turned the ball over — many times unforced, mind you — and Iowa did a terrific job of getting out on the break and making the Hoosiers pay for their mistakes. In all, Iowa scored 23 points off IU’s miscues.

That’s a lot.

Cut that in half, and we suddenly have ourselves a ballgame.

And due to IU’s 11 first-half turnovers and Iowa’s better job on the offensive boards , the Hawkeyes had 44 attempts from the field in the first half to IU’s 24. That’s 20 more opportunities to score.

That’s a lot.

Had the Hawkeyes been more than 1-of-12 from 3-point land in the first half, the Hoosiers would have been down a lot more than nine at the break.

So yes: a better, more focused scoring effort for IU tonight. But it simply wasn’t enough to make up for all its other deficiencies.

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  • This season will certainly test these young mens character. It will be interesting to me, to see how well they respond in the offseason. What kind of commitment they will have after getting beat up all season. Not just by other teams, but by the media and the fans here on ITH. I have enjoyed reading all of the comments this season and hope that we a re kept up on all of the progress this offseason. Will there be anyone following it? Or are we just fair weather basketball fans. I say this as a challenge to the keepers of this sight, because they have given a vehicle to voice during the season. Why not the off season as well. I check this sight from time to time during the off season and there isn't usually the interest level naturally, but after all “ITS INDIANA”

  • Very much agree Jerry for both players. Also, do you remember Gatens last three yesterday? He was a few steps behind the line dribbling and Jones was defending him a step or two behind the three-point line with his hands at his sides. It was terrible, and not at all what Crean talked about following the Wiscy game.

  • Strummer

    I hate the three guard offense. I love IU basketball in good times and bad. I want to see more of Elston. Want to see CTC coach more, and clap less. Get mad a bit more. Bawa should get minutes, at least one! I believe in miracles! Do not want Elston to transfer to Purdue. Look forward to future. Think this team is tired. Believe at the moment we cannot score inside or out. Help is on the way? Still I love IU basketball, just my opinion.

  • Hoagland

    Completely agree on the defense JerryCT and BGleas. I've always wondered what the heck was being taught to our bigs on the Hedge, whatever it is, they are not doing it. Pritch does it the best, but he stills hedges way to high. They need to make the dribbler take a couple dribbles out of their way and then the guard should be back. We get out of position everytime on this stuff. BGleas you couldn't be more right about Jones on that 3… I remember the exact play, I couldn't believe he was that far back.

    BGleas, now it makes more sense your position on Hulls, we both started with a different refrence point. I came into the season seeing him as an undersized, but very heady point from a typical Indiana high school program. Your typical 6' white indiana guard. If all you had to go on was the 'buzz' so to speak, then I bet he is a lot more dissapointing. I still think there is maybe something unseen or unspoken going on in the locker room/practice with these guys, but we will never know. I just hope that Creek, Watford, Hulls, VJ3, Pritch, Elston and to a lesser extend Bawa (He has his own stuff to improve on first) can all mesh and gel and play as one. I still just don't see that with Rivers being on the floor, but the others can, just don't appear to have done it yet. If these guys come together, we will instantly be better, but right now, no matter how much effort, or how good we practice, this is still a fractured team. I think you are right that it does come from lack of scoring threats, but no matter what the cause they are not all on the same page with each other. Good teams don't have a hierarchy unless you have a clear go to guy such as Evan Turner. We don't have that yet, and don't always need it if we play together. Thats all I really want to see, is a feeling we have guys that don't care whether they score 20 or have 10 assits, but realize both lead to at least 20 points for INDIANA.

    BGleas, just want to say thanks for always responding and not taking it personal (or if you do still discussing and being civil) I don't mean anything as a personal attack, just passionate about IU bball and have and opinion and enjoy hearing others. I am willing to listen, and you are willing to discuss and I think thats what these sights are all about. More posters should look to this and try to be that way no matter what their position. Go Hoosiers.

  • Ummmm, Hulls averaged 1.9 assists per game when Creek was healthy, and that includes a game where he had 8, so I don't think that theory holds much water. Hulls absolutely did not show the ability to penetrate and dish last season. He rarely got into the lane, even though plenty of pick and rolls were set for him. His main role was basically to get the ball past half court and then spot up. Not what we need from a point guard.

    But, as I said, I fully expect him to get better, especially his junior and senior seasons and I'm excited about what his potential progress could bring.