The latest on Moses Abraham

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Joe Boncore, 2010 four-star forward Moses Abraham’s adviser, confirmed to Inside the Hall on Monday what Adam Zagoria reported just a little while ago: IU is in Abraham’s top seven, and coaches are still working on ironing out the details to get Abraham to campus for the March 6 game against Northwestern.

“They want him, and (Moses) can help right away,” Boncore said in a text message. “He likes the fact that if he goes there and they turn it around he will never be forgotten.”

Such news on Abraham, who Tom Crean offered just a couple of weeks ago, is encouraging for Hoosier fans hoping Crean can pick up a commitment from a early-impact post player, and Abraham certainly seems to fit that bill.

We’ll keep up with Abraham’s recruitment as it unfolds, and — hopefully — we’ll have something more on IU target Will Yeguette, a Florida-based forward prospect soon as well.

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  • ehul

    Alex, if there are 2-3 transfers, could you see Crean adding Yeguete and Abraham? (Even though it’s a longshot)

  • ehul

    Someone needs to get a hold of IDS and have them print an article talking about how Moses is visiting

  • HoosierFutbal

    I think we can be proud of the guys who do make the tough & seemingly-risky decision to come to IU and stick through 3-4 years of rebuilding…there’s a lot more character underneath that jersey than most others. Some guys just can’t see how much that experience can benefit them – something that will become immeasurable to guys that don’t make a professional career out of basketball.

    I’m dying for wins just as much as the next fan right now, but we shouldn’t waste time wishing on guys who don’t have the fortitude to grow through adversity and build something bigger than themselves.

  • BaseballBuc

    I read somewhere saying that if Kentucky offered and they may have, then they would instantly be in his top 2. I just don't see IU pulling this one off. Tom Crean's back is up against the wall as far as big men go. I really believe that a lot of kids want to come to IU for the sole purpose of maybe being a hero in bringing the program back. But, it seems like a lot of the kids are just saying it's too risky and they are going the safe route and committing to established programs.

  • GFDave

    We need some good news.

  • I love the comment about Moses understanding he'll be remembered forever if he helps restore IU and there was a comment last week from his advisor about how hard he plays. All great stuff. IU, and specifically Crean, need this in the worst way. Still think it's a long shot though.

    Unfortunately, I think Crean's most important recruiting job will be keeping guys like Watford and VJIII. I don't think Elston, Hulls or Creek are going anywhere. Elston and Hulls because of being from Indiana and Creek because he's been taken care of so well medically by IU and because he'd have to sit out another year.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Let's hope that the competition between some of these guys helps us land one of them. I mean I know we're not the top tier team that we used to be, but if the coaching staff can convince one of these guys that they'll be team changers as an addition to our lineup…maybe we can snag one.

  • Kelin Blab

    If Moses comes to IU v NW and does not get the “Moses Abraham” chant…it will be IU fans fault that we lose him. That chant is batting 1000….hence…Eric Gordon and Devin Ebanks. You cannot fault Crean and the staff for not trying….

  • GFDave

    I think Creek followed Crean to IU and that they have a very solid relationship, so I don't think Mo is going anywhere.

  • vslice

    I agree with nothing but bad news all year long this would be a big relief. IU needs this bad, but if it doesn't happen it's not the end of the world. IU still has some options available, but its getting slim. Kelin, I love the idea of chanting “MOSES ABRAHAM”, how awesome would that feel. If that didn't send goose bumps down your spine then he isn't breathing!!! Keep your fingers crossed, TC is workin hard, boys!!!

  • vslice

    Man I'm done with all the transfer talk. I dont think any of us have any clue who, if anyone, has feelings of transferring. These guys knew exactly what they were getting into. If they don't want to stick it out then oh well, they can hit the road. Let's just wait and see how things play out. We are getting two great players that I think will gel with this team perfectly. With Mo Creek and Roth coming back this team will be completely different and if these guys cant see that then they are blind. It's been a tough year, but I dont think any of these guys want to sit out a year if they dont have to. Trials and tribulations, lets just see what happens. Hopefully we can add a big man and something positive happens instead of everyone concentrating on transfer talk. I'm not at all saying thats what you do, but I'm sure you can agree that no one has a clue what they are talking about when people bring up names of guys that may transfer.

  • So did Nick Williams…yikes!

  • I agree wholeheartedly. Anything at this point is just rumor and hopefully everyone realizes they still have a chance here to help rebuild something special. I do worry about Watford a bit though.

    Of course if a guy like Moses wants to commit we have to make room, but outside of some instant impact player (which probably doesn't exist) I think this program would benefit most from continuity. When was the last time IU didn't have three new starters on the team? We did this year, last year and in '07 I believe. Not sure about '06.

  • On one of his older comments, Zagoria mentioned that Abraham's advisor thinks this is a two for one deal with a close friend of Abraham's coming to the States the following year of nearly identical build. It would be nice to load up on size. Here is the link and quote,

    “Whoever lands Abraham could get a two-for-one situation because Boncore might send 6-9, 237-pound Gabriel Williams to follow Abraham next year. Williams, who is in the Class of 2011, is on his way from Nigeria.
    “He’s on his way here. This kid is the same size as Moses and they grew up in the same town. I”d like to keep them together. They’d be quite an imposing front line,” Boncore said.”

  • kentuckyhoosier

    In response to kelin Blab , First i have enjoyed you're comments through this dreadful season and you're consistancy . If you have any revenues to get the word out to the hoosier attendees to encourage these young men to be a hoosier , i think you , “we” should .Unfortunately Iam in Louisville and cant attend but a couple games a year . If we were to improve this class it would probally be the best news of the year and give us something positive to talk about this spring and summer . (after all we lost our offensive cordinator to the bills ) .

  • GFDave

    I don't know anything about Boncore, but how is it that a guy gets into the tall Nigerian import business?

  • valpohistory

    I'll be behind the basket with an Abraham sign. Mark it down

  • Kelin Blab

    Valpo that is awesome and you and the other students will get all the credit if Moses comes to IU. I commend you guys for the 'signs, costumes, and big heads” ….personally I wish the student section could have been called the “Big Heads” as I see more schools copying IU now. Hey maybe someone can produce a Moses Abraham Big Head…..

  • I don't know how good that team is, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Add in a scoring machine off the bench in VJIII, serviceable/experienced backups inside with Pritch/Capo, a defensive specialist off the bench in Rivers and young athletes in VO and Sheehey and I think we have a nice little team headed in the right direction. Maybe a team that can make noise in the NIT next season and be in the tournament the following year.

  • You know some of us question using a scholly this spring, my self being on of them, because of the loaded in state classes comming up in 11 and 12. Are any of those kids really going to come to IU when we are in the basement of the big 10 and getting out played like we have been every game? We need a big and it looks like Abraham is the one gem left in the 2010 class. We need to win in order to get some more serious talent. I'm all about Abraham. Go get him Crean.


  • kristheboss

    I showed up at the Wisco game with a Moses part this Red Sea sign, after a quick scan of the sideline I realized he wasn't there. And after a quick view of the scoreboard with about 15 minutes to go, I realized I didn't want to be there either…

  • Having actual Big Heads of Moses Abraham would be off the charts! How could you turn that down?

  • Hoosier76

    Wouldn't it be great if for 2012 we got a group of Indiana kids that wanted to make IU relevant again? that is all I want

  • I have to admit, this Boncore guy sounds a little shady. In one of the Zags articles Boncore said he had a sophomore who is his best player and already has him narrowed down to Maryland and Kentucky. That seems, how should I put it, interesting!

  • I don't know how good that team is, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Add in a scoring machine off the bench in VJIII, serviceable/experienced backups inside with Pritch/Capo, a defensive specialist off the bench in Rivers and young athletes in VO and Sheehey and I think we have a nice little team headed in the right direction. Maybe a team that can make noise in the NIT next season and be in the tournament the following year.

  • Kelin Blab

    Yeah how does someone have an inside to a bunch of 6'9 kids over and over

  • iubase

    This kid would be great for the program. CTC seems to get the effort out of his players, but the problem we have is simple. The players are too young, and the players CTC plays are small. Normally we see three guards and watford and Capo or Pritchard. Its like a heavyweight fighting a welter weight (albeit with effort) – and we wonder why we keep getting knocked down. I would like to see Watford, Elston or Capo and either Pritch or Bawa at center with VJ3 and Hulls out there. Why not try it – three bigs and two guards. We were down 20 at Iowa 30 against wisconsin – at least go toe to toe with some size and gain experience. Then – Moses can come in the first year to learn and spell one of these bigs up front, and now we set the table for another big ten championship….

  • Well I don't know how good they would be either, but you have to figure players leaving in the big ten, these guys getting bigger, and Creek is really a new commer as well along with roth in a sense. I also think that a big man will make other guys better and allow them to play in their true positions. Hulls would be much betterif he could feed a big man that could score.

  • I was agreeing with you. By “i don't know how good that team would be” I meant that I wasn't going to put a win total to it, but that I agreed that we would be in the right direction and have a real improving squad with a chance to make some noise, probably in the NIT and maybe more.

    Agree on the effect a solid big could have on Hulls. I'd even look at it from how effective he could be in the open floor. Earlier in the season Hulls ran some nice fast breaks. If we had a center that could block some shots, rebound and throw a solid outlet pass, then we'd really be able to excel in the open court.

    That's one missing thing I've noticed from CTC. He talks about wanting to run, but the most important aspect of running is having a guy that can rebound and ignite the break by throwing good outlet passes to the right people. Until we get a defender and rebounder in the paint, it will tough to be a real effective running team.

  • Uncle Joey

    Crean ran mostly a 4 guard lineup at Marquette… what makes you think that he'd ever run a 2 guard lineup at IU?

  • I didn't mean for it to sound like your were disagreed….my bad.

  • plane1972

    There's NO WAY VJ3 comes off the bench. That kid is a starter for the next two years, hands down.

  • valpohistory

    Response to both of your comments, If I knew who made them, I would definitely do it. I just don't know who is in charge, so I'll do what I can and make the sign. It will be something to the effect of “Moses, take us to the promised land!”

  • valpohistory

    He went with the 3 big lineup a few times already this year actually. I believe it may have been during the stretch against Illinois the second time around. Don't quote me on the exacts though

  • Hey I respect vj 3, don't get me wrong, but when you have 6 shooting guard/small forwards somebody needs to come off the bench and I don't think it will be our leading scorer….unfortunately I do believe elston won't star and we will go to the smaller line up wich make Watford play out of position, instead of using a big line up and winning some games.

    more than likely,

    VJ III

    Its not a bad line up I just hate to see more than a two gaurd lineup in the big ten.

    I really like VJ….I think he is the most improved iu player in a year than anyone i've ever seen.

  • aceman07

    “Dear God, I haven't asked for much lately but would you please, please let Moses choose to come to IU! If you do I promise to stop screaming at the TV for the rest of this season and I won't ask for anything else this year!”

    Anyone else getting to this point yet?

  • No worries, wasn't offended or anything, just making sure you understood where I was coming from.

  • iubase

    good point. I do think Crean's philosphy is similar to Izzo's – he likes athletic bigs….also, in that 2003 win against kentucky he had a center with 25 pts 15 rebounds (jackson) and a 6'10 sharpshooter Novak who hit 6 of 10 3 pointers to go with D Wade who was junior…If we can get a big to rebound with a nifty player like Creek we should be able to develop a contender in 2 years….

  • cathedralirish

    I will also have a sign behind the basket saying “Hoosier Nation wants Moses Abraham”

  • Joe

    Established programs? LMAO. Yeah, IU BB isn't established??? Maybe that is just a poor choice of words, but either way, you're a funny guy…