Abraham to decide in early March, hopes to make Northwestern game

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The hardest part about coaching Moses Abraham? Keeping him hydrated.

“He just doesn’t stop running,” Joe Boncore, Abraham’s guardian, told Inside the Hall on Monday night. Abraham, a 6-foot-9 forward from Progressive Christian in Temple Hills, Md., picked up an offer from Indiana last week, personally delivered by Tom Crean.

The Hoosiers joined an impressive list of suitors for the young man, who also has offers from, among others, Georgetown, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, Connecticut and Kansas State.

Thus far, Boncore said, Abraham has made his greatest impact on the defensive end of the floor using a 7-foot-3 wingspan to block shots and rebound.

“Moses is a big eraser,” Boncore said. “He plays above the rim.”

Abraham, a Nigerian native who was studying to become a priest before he decided to focus on basketball full-time, possesses a high level of athleticism Boncore said Indiana could use on its front line.

But most of the talk surrounding Abraham focuses on his defensive ability, a big reason why Crean’s approach got Abraham’s attention.

“He was talking about Moses on the offensive end too,” Boncore said. “Coach Crean likes the way he always wants the ball.”

Abraham is working on his offensive game with a former trainer of Kevin Durant, also a D.C.-area product. While Boncore said Abraham would never be expected to score quite so prolifically as the former Texas All-American, he said Moses’ potential and work ethic create a high ceiling for the forward to reach.

Playing in Prince Georges County, which Boncore characterizes as one of the toughest prep basketball communities in the country, has also helped season Abraham, even though he’s only been playing there a short time.

“In (Washington) D.C., everybody can jump, everybody’s athletic,” Boncore said. “You can’t just be big, because you’ll get run over.”

Abraham had hoped to make it to the Wisconsin game Thursday, but he now has a game that night. Boncore said Abraham hopes to be able to make it out to Bloomington for the Northwestern game on March 6. A decision might come around that time as well.

“He’s going to make his decision the first week of March,” Boncore said of Abraham. “He’s got good grades and he’s a real great kid.”

Academically, Boncore said, Abraham is technically a junior, but his work in the classroom means the player has the option of leaving for college a year early. Should Abraham’s preferred destination be Bloomington, Boncore was confident Indiana fans would warm to him quickly.

“He doesn’t accept losing, and he doesn’t make excuses,” Boncore said. “He’ll demand that everybody steps up.”

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  • tyler

    The ids needs to write up an article about him before the NU game. That way students know about him and can chant, make signs, etc. I think I’m going to make some sort of sign for that game.

  • Bill

    He is already way better than any big that we have. Please come to IU where you’re guaranteed a starting spot next year!!

  • saveusmoses

    email them. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did if several people emailed them about the situation.

  • Mark

    This is the type of player we need. Someone who can block shots and be a force down low. I was hoping Bawa can be that player this year but he never plays.

  • Dirk

    I heard him say in an interview recently that when he was an unknown, Kurt Warner was set to try out for the Bears. But he got bit by a bug on his throwing elbow and it swelled up on him and he had to cancel the tryout. Then he went and signed with the Rams, won a super bowl and two MVPs and the Bears drafted Cade McNown.

    Let's hope that if a rescheduled high school game affects Abraham's decision, that we're the Rams.

  • Taskmaster75

    Well, if we are the Rams, then the future is very bleak.

  • SeattleHoosier

    We'll make a better showing against Northwestern than we would against Wisconsin. This is a good thing!!!

  • Kelin Blab

    First I can't thank you guys enough for staying on top of these things, makes my day…

    1. Deciding early march…ummm that is next week….Are we too late, or at the right place at the right time?

    2. Studying to be a priest, Bawa shirt and tie only…..this would be a high character team.

    3. “He'll demand everybody steps up” I don't need to hear anything else about this kid. GET EM.

  • Hoosier76


    youtube vid for Abraham, we could definitely use him.


    “He doesn’t accept losing, and he doesn’t make excuses,” Boncore said. “He’ll demand that everybody steps up.”

    Crean has looked and liked him enough to offer him and when I read that quote it erased any doubt I might have had about if he could help this team in the ways that we need help the most.

  • It seems promising that he’s making a real effort to get to IU before he makes his decision. The flirtations with Selby and Irving never really went anywhere. He’s at least taking a long, hard look at IU.

  • tberry

    ““He doesn’t accept losing, and he doesn’t make excuses,” Boncore said. “He’ll demand that everybody steps up.””


  • Mike

    Georgetown is going to be tough to beat. Quality academics, current big man Monroe is excelling (like other big men have in the past), Jesuit tradition, close to home. It’s going to be difficult for him to pass on Gtwn. I hope I am wrong.

  • Pleas, please, please…This program needs a win on the recruiting trail in the absolute worst way.

  • marcusgresham

    Maybe the dudes behind the backboard could hold up a big picture of his head! (I'm sure that's probably some kind of recruiting violation)

  • Kelin Blab

    BGleas……I could not agree more. I think the fans, Crean, and the kids need some positive news. In the great words of the basketball philosopher Mike Davis….”Help is on the way”. It has to be…..my concern with Moses, the 'big man” reputation G'Town has but again the things that are in our favor are always the same…at IU the kid comes in starts immediatly!

  • Agree Kelin. It's also tough not only that G'Town has a rep with big men, but this kid is from another continent and you'd have to think he'd prefer to stay close to his host family.

    I really don't want to start some “sky is falling” debate (especially since I'm usually the one defending CTC and the program on here), but can you imagine where this program will be if we lose out the rest of the season, then lose this kid in early March, Teague picks UK in early summer and Zeller picks Butler in the fall?

    Would Crean be able to recover from that? (I really don't want to hit send on this post, but I'm gonna do it anyways)

  • StuHoo

    But….. can you imagine if Moses says yes, followed by Teague and Zeller? Keep that glass half full; our day will come!

  • tonyo_iu

    Mos-es Abra-ham. Clap-clap. Clap-clap-clap.

    Will someone with Assembly Hall influence please start this chant every ten minutes or so during the Northwestern game. Please.

  • That would be great, and I think could be viewed as one of the most important summers in IU basketball if it unfolded that way!

    I'm usually am one of the glass half full guys around here, thanks for straightening me out 🙂

  • Mark

    UConn is a threat because of how well they develop their big man. I hope he understands that if he comes here, he will start right away and develop faster here then any other school.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think 75% of expect to lose teague, at least I do with confidence….Zeller to butler, I have heard the rumors, but I think we still have a great shot and some good connections with the Zellers like Etherington and Carlino. This kid Moses, the built in excuse is we got in with him late……
    I am as optimistic as anyone, and with Selby, Irving, Moses, and Teague the good news is, the name Indiana and the Coach Crean still carries some weight to get kids interested and visiting.

    To close the deal with a big time player 2 out of 3 of these things need to happen…

    1. Another Big time player commits
    2. IU shows major progress and shows they are a player or two away
    3. An IU player needs to show NBA potential on a national level consistently…i.e. Creek v Kentucky, VJ3 vs. Purdue

  • StuHoo

    Exactly. I'm not saying we're gonna get him, but I remember that when we got Creek it was without a visit, and was largely based on a quick decision that CTC was the right guy for the recruit and his family. By all accounts, CTC also made a really good first impression on Moses A. In other words, sometimes the faithful obsess over long term recruiting projects, but “love at first sight” recruiting ends up filling the roster.

  • I agree, it's tough to fault him if we lose Teague and Moses. Zeller is probably someone he should lock up, and I think should deserve some criticism if he can't, J. Davis too.

    I think you're point #2 is what is so affected by Creek's injury and highlights how that has maybe pushed us back another year in the rebuild. The kid was balling and only getting better. You could argue it's possible for IU to have 3+ more wins this year with Creek and Roth, which would totally change the perception of this season for fans and recruits.

  • cooper

    You guys are awful excited about a coaches comments. It's not like he is going to call his player sucks. But still would be a decent pick up

    Interested to see who he picks a place toplay more or a place to win more. Sounds like he could be a nice rotational player at the 4 or 5 if the team chooses to run or press

  • valpohistory

    I'll be in the floor seats for that game, so I'll make a sign. I'm a student here! I'll have it say “MOSES, LEAD US TO THE PROMISED LAND!”

  • marsh21

    No way we land this guy. It's nice he's taking a visit with Crean and company but he's just making sure G-town is the right choice.


  • J mac

    I don’t understand why coach is just now going after a talented big man. Kind of frustrating. Also I thought Moses was supposed to be at the Tennessee game on March 6th. How can he be at two games at one time?

  • Tyler

    Sounds great! I'm kinda high up that game so any sign I make will probably be unseen. I'll have to get a chant going!

  • StuHoo

    Geez man, you are quite a downer…almost sounds like you're rooting against the success of our beloved Hoosiers. If Abraham wanted to commit to GTown, he has had ample opportunity to have already done so. If he's interested in IU, he'll take a visit to check it out…wait a second; that's exactly what he's doing!

  • marsh21

    If every instinct I have is wrong then the opposite must be true, hence the reason for my comment. My desire for IU to obtain quality recruits has fallen to mind games at this point.

  • HoosierChan77

    If the kid wants to play now, be part of a rich tradition and help right this ship…aswell as gaze at 5 pretty little banners, well here the place!!!! Maybe Rivers can give him the 411 on G-twn.

  • Mike
  • Indiana_Knight

    I don't, personally, but getting a true PF would be a nice asset for the team going forward. This guy is the same height as Watford, but he already has ~15-20 lbs on C-Wat the Electric Glide (listed at 220 but I don't believe it). I think C-Wat can grow into a player of that size and contribute on the block, but I like him more as a tall, rangy shooting guard than a PF. Adding Moses would give us good size all over the floor. We still wouldn't have a true C and a lot of 6'9″ guys isn't quite elite size but it's really good.

  • jimmychitwood

    top priority until he makes a decision…man could we use his size and mentality