• Dwayne Wade

    Glad Bawa gained some experience during this stretch of bad play… oh we continued to develop the bad players.

  • marsh21

    I think I'm sick after watching that display. We have zero ability on the offensive end of the floor. Do you think Rivers might transfer again???

    Good night…

  • Kelin Blab


    I love basketball, I love IU, I will love more when this season is OVER.

  • HoosierFromCT

    Can't agree more, Kelin. Last year, we knew the losses were coming but we also knew how hard we would fight till the end. This year? We at least thought we would be close in games. I love IU Basketball till I die but I truly can't wait till the season is over. My friend came to me with two 5th row tickets to see the Cavs play the Nets and I actually though about it because we play Purdue on the same day. See IU play PU? or see LeBron from 5th row? I went with LJ.

  • Dougy

    Well you'll probably see a better display of long range shooting from Bobby Capobianco than LBJ!! HAHAH