Sagemont (FL) wing Will Sheehey to Indiana

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Monday AM Update: Evan Daniels of is reporting that Will Sheehey has committed to play for Indiana and will sign a Letter of Intent on Tuesday.

Here’s what Daniels had to say when we asked him about the impact Sheehey will have at IU: “At 6-5 Sheehey is a guy that will be bring athleticism, toughness and an ability to score from the wing position to the table for the Hoosiers.  He’s made strides in his game and he really turned some heads as the early signing period was ending.”

A coach not involved in his recruitment offered the following comments about Sheehey to Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Rick Bozich: “Whoever gets him is getting a kid who has a chance to be a really special player. He’s freaky athletic. He can shoot. He’s a really good player.”


+ Coach confirms Sheehey commitment (The Hoosier Scoop)

Sheehey’s comments last week that he was still thinking fall for a decision were indeed accurate. The wing from Sagemont High in Broward County (FL) will announce his college decision Monday morning according to the The Indiana Daily Student.

If he announces for the Hoosiers, Sheehey would join Victor Oladipo as Indiana’s second recruit in its 2010 recruiting class. The fall signing period ends this Wednesday.

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  • HoosierSmitty

    Yeah, you have to assume that he's coming to IU, but stranger things have happened.

  • peaychris

    would it be too early to say welcome Inside the Hall to Mr. Sheehey?? i think we got him!

  • iumarine

    I can go either way with this one. I think he can help IU down the road and provide quality depth, but I don't see him as a marquee player. He seems like he will be an intelligent, 4-year player. If Bawa continues to develop, there won't be as much pressure to sign the “bigs”, but we can always use more of them. I won't loose any sleep tonight, but I look forward to his decision. I suspect that coming on the heels of Kendrick's anouncement, that he is committing to IU.

    Go Hoosiers beat USC Upstate! Let's be 2-0 this time tomorrow night!

  • HoosierSmitty

    Yeah, you have to assume that he's coming to IU, but stranger things have happened.

  • yo

    eh. keep the scholly!

  • Well I think Roth has improved this year. He must come into the game and hit the 3 ball. He is kind of like hornsby in a way…a little less well rounded, but similar. When we went to the final four last time we were deep with 3 point shooting gaurds and I think roth could be in a rotation similar to that. I really like Matt Roth, but there is competition now and he needs to step up to the plate because I really feel he could be a deadly boost of energy for this squad. Competition is what is making this team better.

  • The more I read about will the more i like him. If he decides to be a hoosier I think he will be a good four year player that will help stabilize our program. I don't see him being a wasted scholly at all. I keep getting upset seeing all these 6'5 guys but we really do have some size already. Elston, Watford, Pritchard, Bawa, Tijian, and Bobby C are pretty big boys and they all show they can contribute. The way I understand it is that there are 4 spots to sign if we want them and 3 now with Victor. If we add Sheehey I think that should be our last middle of the pack recruit for a while and we should use the other two on guys who can make an instant impact…preferable one power forward/center and an outstanding gaurd or two bigs. I would like to see Zeller and Jerimaih Davis. I think sheehey will develope and I think he is a good player. The one thing I really like about this team is that there are no wasted shollys on it right now. We don't have a guy that can't come in and contribute and I don't see us loosing a step with sheehey.

  • JerryCT

    I hope WS is a our JJ Reddick or another R Wittman.

    As for Roth I was not high on him from HS compared to VJ3. But this year he has not been a liability at all on the floor and in fact he is getting pts inside the 3 line as well as playing D. I agree that we need to see how the season works out

  • Kelin Blab

    mmmm My gut tells me it very well could be IU. I think JK going to Memphis could have factored into. I like the kid, his athletic ability, his versatility, and the fact he is 6'5 today, should end up a few inches taller……..

    This could cap off a great weekend….Colts win, IU wins, Belichek a moron, and a possible commit…….Come on will…

  • i'd like to think had they punted colts wudda scored anyway

  • Kelin Blab

    I think I am playing the lottery this week….with this string of good fortune. Welcome Will, you made a great decision ……you are and Carlino are also twins by the way….

  • HoosierSmitty

    Seems like a classy kid with solid skills and a great upside. I trust Crean and his staff.

    I've liked what I've seen, heard, and read about him.

    Welcome to the Hoosiers!

  • 47250HoosierFan

    Welcome to Indiana University Will!! You're going to love everything that IU has to offer!!

  • JerryCT

    Recruits are always over hyped but something tells me this kid is still developing and he is exactly the 'brand” at least I am looking for. I never want to worry about attitude with my Hoosiers. Suppose TC is right about him. i think our current kids/recruits will be the best “recruiters” for the future

  • peaychris

    i think the hoodie out hoodied himself!!

  • spiderman0551

    All we have to go off of at this point is the videos I'm sure we've all seen and what we've read about him. I think we may have just landed a very good if not great college basketball player. The kid is athletic and smart, on the court and off. Anytime you have a kid that can run and jump like that as well as know where to be and what to do with the ball you are going to have a really good ball player. He wanted to come here, that says all I need to know (besides watching the videos and falling in love with his skills.)

  • BaseballBuc

    Don't know if he will ever be as good as a shooter as Redick or Wittman, but he's bigger than Reddick and probably more athletic.

    I am very excited to see what this kid can do. Hopefully another piece to the puzzle.

    In other news HOW BOUT THEM COLTS!

  • GFDave

    Welcome to IU Will.

    I agree with those that see a good fit here. Will is long, athletic, can shoot and is a good student. He is capable of playing uptempo and finishing at the rim or drifting out to the 3 point line. I like his soft shot. He is nice compliment to VOs slashing style.

  • iudrew22

    Thanks for all the work you guys do with this website. It is quickly becoming my favorite site because that “other” site just has too much not dealing with IU basketball…

    Here's what I am wondering…where does this leave Matt Roth? I kinda feel after the first few games that he is lost. I know he is a 3 point specialist but overall I am not sure he will be getting the minutes he got last year any time soon. what do you think? is there a chance he transfers?

  • I was just thinking about that yesterday and actually talked to someone else who also covers IU about it. Right now, it seems as if Roth will have trouble getting more than 5-10 minutes a game unless he A) gets hot which warrants keeping him on the floor or B) improves his defense.

  • stevealford

    Keep Roth, Say goodbye to Capo?

  • stevealford

    Keep Roth, Say goodbye to Capo?

  • GFDave

    That's a good question, imo. When I look at Sheehey, I'm seeing a taller, more athletic, multidimensional version of Roth . But the accounts are that Matt has worked hard this year and has improved his body and his game, so I don't think the potential for his contributing can be dismissed. I think we'll all know much more by mid-January.

  • Kelin Blab

    IU drew—-Before the signing you could see where this team was headed in comparison to Roth. If you notice at the 2guard position and wings, Crean goes with athletic guys, decent ball handlers, and good shooters. Roth is missing 2/3 of these….helluva shooter but that is about it….

    The good news for Roth, it is early in the season, he has a strong work ethic and could carve a spot on this team with his ability to shoot.

  • Even he does/has improved, you then have a Carlino and Ethrington coming in 2011, and maybe another guard with them. I just don't see where Roth gets on the floor after this season.

  • plane1972

    I don't see any comparison between the two. Completely different players, skill sets. All due respect to both players, but Sheehey is not going to hang out on the 3-point line to specialize in draining from deep and Roth is not going to run the court and play above the rim like Sheehey does. I fail to see the resemblance. I do agree that the continued addition of more athletic players will continue to put the squeeze on minutes for Roth, but that has been in the cards for awhile, now.

  • GFDave

    I can't disagree. I just want the season to unfold and have more to go on before I decide.

  • Spencer_D

    Welcome to IU, Will.

  • Definitely agree with you there. Would love to see Roth come into some games this year and absolutely catch fire.

  • The problem for Roth is if a few of these supremely athletic players are also reliable 3-pt shooters at the same time. You'll always go with the athletic shooter over the unathletic one. They're obviously not the exact same type of player, but if Sheehey, Ethrington, Carlino and Creek can all shoot well from beyond the arc, why would you put Roth in the game? Unless it's a end of half or game situation.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Welcome Will. Look at this way: He is a big upgrade over David Williams and he has a lot of potential. Sheehey and Oladipo immediately raise the athleticism.

  • ace132

    comparing roth to hornsby is a stretch. hornsby had a 35+ inch vert, i dont see roth anywhere near that number. also hornsby wasnt a liability on D, roth's quickness, or lack there of, is not well suited for our less than imposing frontcourt for when he gets blown by.

  • Kelin Blab

    Wow did anyone hear that Coble of NW is done for the season, and may red shirt…he is one of the few kids who has that old school flavor I enjoy watching play..even against IU.

  • Spencer_D

    Bingo. I definitely agree. VO and Sheehey certainly aren't 5 star talent, but they'll definitely be SOLID 4 year players at Indiana University. They'll add to the level at competition at practice, they'll heighten our teams' athleticism, and they add new pieces to our growing puzzle. In the long run, these kids will be better for the IU program than a 5 star player who will swoop in, demand immediate playing time, take away playing time from others who desperately need the experience, and then bail on the university when their time is up.

    This 2010 class definitely doesn't have the glitz and glamor, but in the long run I think it'll be better for Indiana basketball.

    GO IU!

  • GFDave

    Yeah, I saw that too. Northwestern is hoping for their first NCAA bid and now their best player is gone. Sucks for them, but it may help us notch a couple more Ws and get into the NIT.

  • JerryCT

    I hope WS is a our JJ Reddick or another R Wittman.

    As for Roth I was not high on him from HS compared to VJ3. But this year he has not been a liability at all on the floor and in fact he is getting pts inside the 3 line as well as playing D. I agree that we need to see how the season works out

  • Diesel

    To say that Roth is kind of like Hornsby and a little less rounded doesn't need refuted. The fact that both players are/were one-dimensional offensively is enough to compare them and Ben left enough wiggle room to say they were different. I'd like to think there is always room for a shooter on any team, but we'll see how Matt does this season.

  • iudrew22

    I agree that he has a spot on this team…I am just wondering down the road where he will fit in…the hornsby reference may be where it is…but I just don't see the confidence in Roth that those great shooters have…he seems timid with the ball at times

  • HoosierCrabbe

    So now if we sign Selby, does this mean we can say goodbye to Matt Roth???

  • roninjeffersonville

    First let me say welcome Will Sheehey. I am looking forward to seeing you play
    Second ( a lil off subject) Can someone please explain to me how this is going to work. After looking at the new updated scholarship numbers, with the signing of Sheehey and Oladipo. And the verbals from Carlino and Etherington. It looks to me we are full in the 2010 and 2011. I like this team (size speed and depth). But what about the Shelby's,Davis, Zeller, ok you get the point. Hate to see anyone transfer or leave

  • just cuz roth won't see much of the floor doesn't mean there isn't a place for him on the team. yea he might transfer for more pt, but if little playing time is acceptable for him, then there's little more I'd love to see than him in those candy striped pants for the next few years. if he willingly accepts his role, he can be lethal

  • Spencer_D


  • MillaRed

    My thoughts are pretty positive guys. First of all, I think we are adding talent with Sheehey and that is never a bad idea. We're piling on with the guards but at some point a VERY solid 4 will emerge for regular duty. I think Olidapo brings similar athleticism yet maybe not the shooter Will is.

    As far as Roth goes, let's give him more time. Worst case scenario, the guy gets his PT as a senior when it's all said and done. The major B10 programs always seem to have this junior or senior no one has ever heard of that ends up knocking down 4 three's in the big games. No one said EVRYONE has to be a contributor every year. So much can happen out there with injuries, transfers etc. Many Final Four teams have McDonald's All-American's on the bench!

    The talent in our pool is thickening. One more top 50 and a few big men and we are getting there even quicker than I thought. Keep it up CTC!

  • cooper

    Roth may as well pack his bags unless he wants to be the teams rich man's Finklemeier. With this guy in the mix Roth won't get any minutes next year ( I don't think he will get any this year either) He isn't athletic enough or strong enough to play at large D1 school. He surely isn't like the guy on UF from their championship teams(can't remember his name) that he was compared to by some

  • The Kid

    I think that all of you should commit to stopping the use of the “word” “scholly.” Seriously, its a wee bit on the ridiculous side.

    We need players (this was obviously Plan B) and this guy will contribute. Let's face it, we are shooting for the stars and getting the moon instead. IU will get there, but its a long way back to respectability. Saving the scholarship (see how easy that was) will not help score points.