Video: Will Sheehey looks pretty good at basketball

  • 10/24/2009 12:51 pm in

We figured it would only be a matter of time before some video of Indiana’s latest 2010 target Will Sheehey surfaced and thanks to Kelin, here are a couple of lengthy YouTube clips.

Sheehey played at South Fork last season and will play his senior season at Sagemont. According to Jody Demling, he will take an official visit to Bloomington on November 6. He’s wearing No. 33 in the videos:

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  • Andy
  • Andy
  • BaseballBuc

    Thanks for the vids guys. I know we haven't seen enough of him to really say anything, but he looks like he could be underrated. You don't play on the best AAU team for nothing. Quick release, nice stroke on his shot, but can also take it in off the dribble. Tell me if I am crazy, but do I see a more athletic Dane Fife maybe?


    Are these middle school games….wow. He does have a pretty nice shot. I would like to see a little more against some good competition though.


    Are these middle school games….wow. He does have a pretty nice shot. I would like to see a little more against some good competition though.

  • hell lets just recruit the whole team

  • Kelin Blab

    I see a Luke Recker comparison and would not be surprised if he doesn' t exceed his 6'4 frame, he looks long….if he gets to 6'7,. maybe we could consider him a big? He is very athletic and very active….

  • jgongora86

    hmmm. The hustle is there. I think he's got enough athleticism to play in the big ten. I'm not sure if his creativity is a by product of good coaching ( each person on that team have good spacing and positioned accordingly). I'm not sure how I would feel.

  • GFDave

    Good stroke. Nice athleticism. Moves well. Skinny, but has frame for more strength. OK handle. Good court awareness. I was think more of a skinny Randy Wittman. He looks taller than 6' 4″, I was thinking 6' 6″.

  • GFDave

    They all can shoot it, can't they?

  • Kelin Blab

    Yeah looking at this again…this kid ain't 6'4. Also to be noted he will be playing with Fab Melo this year……

    Not sure if anyone saw this Chrishawn Hopkins and other players who transferred to Herron here in Indy (coached by SHerron Wilkerson) have ALL been ruled ineligible due to transferring for athletic reasons…..not a good start for Sherron..

  • StuHoo

    Nice left hand. Looks comfortable rising off his feet. Pretty quick release. I trust CTC. I live near Stuart, Fla.; it's pure 100% football country. For young Mr. Sheehy to make the top 150 from this off-the-mainstream area as “just another 6'4 wing” means something to me.

  • jgongora86

    Not that I dislike this kid, but I think we have more important needs.

  • illinoishoosier

    Good passer, can handle the ball, nice stroke, team mentality, and long…i'll take these recruits all day!

  • GFDave

    Rivals has him 6' 4″, 170. Scout 6' 6″, 190. I'll take 6' 6″ and 180.

  • Kelin Blab

    DOn't forget the kid has a 4.0 GPA

  • StuHoo

    Hmmmmm…a Florida mid with a high GPA for the APR….sounds like a David Williams replacement to me?!?

  • BGleas

    This is my issue too. Sheehey looks like a great prospect and someone that would fit in great at IU, but what does he bring to the team that wouldn't be covered by all the wings IU already has on the roster and committed in future classes?

  • I think the kid can play and never doubted it. I like the 4.0 gpa that is impressive. I hate to say anything negative about Williams, but Sheehey replaced Williams I would be a little more comfortable with the move. I'd really like for us to land Zeller. He just seems like a good fit for us.


    Don't feel like I have seen or read enough to really make up my mind on him. If the AAU team he plays on is as good as everybody says than that says something. You don't get picked up to play on a top notch AAU team without having at least some game. All I really felt like I could be somewhat sure about in these two clips is that he seems to have a really good stroke but then again we already have one player like that in Roth. I guess that we just have to trust in Crean on this one. If he ends up at Btown hopefully his game as a whole will improve. Nothing against Williams but this may be a step up. Time to beat the dead horse…….need some “better” bigs in the future classes.

    Kelin thanks for the clips.

  • spiderman0551

    This kid is aggressive, athletic, good ball handler and passer. Looks like a nice shot too. The team looks well coached as they were all giving it up freely to pass to the open man and no hot dogging. Just a really good ball player on what seems to be a really good team. He has everything we need at this point. More impressed with him than from what I've seen from Carlino actually but it's not a fair comparison going off high lite reels.

  • If we could land Zeller and Jerimiah Davis in our 2011 class that would just be awesome. Those two, combined with Carlino and Etherington would be a real boost with the curent recruiting class being Juniors when they suit up.

    Point Gaurds: Hulls, Davis, Carlino, Verdell III
    Shooting Gaurds: Creek, Etherington, Oliapido, Roth
    Small Forwards: Watford,
    Power Forwards: Zeller, Eltson, Bobby C.
    Centers: Pritchard, Monrui

    Now that is a Team with depth, size, and position flexability
    6 players from indiana if you count carlino

  • Diesel

    I'm not sure Crean would sit down and look at a roster the way we typically do with PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. It's probably something more like ballhandlers, big guards, and frontline players. So working off your roster we'd have:

    Ballhandlers: Hulls, Davis, Carlino
    Big Guards: VJ3, Creek, AE, VO, Roth
    Frontline: Watford, Zeller, Elston, Bobby C, TP, Bawa

    One problem – one player over the scholly limit. But given this view point, the frontline looks stacked.

  • brandon mobley anyone know anything about him………….i saw recently he was planning his final three visits and has trimmed his list to Indiana, South Carolina, and Cincinnati I do not know if I have missed something on him. I personally think he would be a good get 6'9 athletic PF would be nice anyone know???

  • Don't think IU has offered.

  • ok just double checking

    On rivals it says they have offered but i do not trust them for anything

  • hoosierclarion

    Good thoughts Diesel about Coach Crean's perspective. I also think this kid's lack of national notoriety vindicates Coach Crean's recruitment of David Williams.

  • smokey15

    I like the way he passes the ball

  • sammyhoosier24

    i disagree that hes more impressive than carlino, Im at all of carlino's games and he's a well rounded player that does it all. he has mad hops. last game i saw he dunked over a 6 7 forward. people that hasnt seen him play live and not online, will be very surprised. And im about 90 percent that zeller will come to Iu with carlino and ethington. all 3 play together and carlino and ethington are trying to convince him to committ.

  • sammyhoosier24

    I'd rather see them make a strong push for teague than davis, more athletic and better shooter. Crean has been to alot of his games and trying to push for him. Im surprised I dont see anyone talking about him on here.

  • balla23

    Ya i played with him last year and he is a kick ass player! He keeps getting better and better each year. How much his skill level increases each year is phenomenal. He is 6'6 and can shoot as well as a shooting guard but can take off on the dribble and throw it down. He'll be a contender when he goes to Indiana.

  • jamesfields

    yea this is my video, varick harris and I made this video, I am number #10, Congratulations Will, I know you will be successful at IU