Q & A: Sagemont Florida’s Will Sheehey

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sheeheyThe latest 2010 recruit to nab an Indiana offer is Will Sheehey, a 6-6 wing from the Sagemont School in Broward County, Florida. Inside the Hall caught up with Sheehey, rated No. 131 in his class by Rivals.com, on Monday evening for a Q & A.

On Indiana’s recent interest and scholarship offer:

About a month ago, my head coach (Adam Ross) and I were sitting down thinking about what schools would be best for me and we thought that Indiana’s program would be one of the top five, so we gave them a call. They came back a week ago and saw me workout. And after the workout, Coach Crean thought Indiana would be a good fit for me.

On the Indiana program:

I know there’s a great amount of tradition and the fans are very excited. But besides that, I have a lot to learn about Indiana. I’m actually taking an official visit on the weekend of the 6th through the 8th, so I plan to get my studying in that weekend.

On his style of play and strengths of his game:

I would definitely say the strength for me is I think I’m pretty athletic. I have close to a 40-inch vertical, I like to slash to the basket and finish above the rim so that’s what stands out the most. Besides that, I like to shoot a lot of pull-up jumpers around the 15-foot area. That’s definitely a strength of mine. Really everything towards the basket: pull-ups, lay-ups, dunks. Something I’m working on a lot is extending the floor back to three-point range.

On how academics will figure into his decision:

Very high. Something that Indiana offers that other schools I’m interested in do not is an undergraduate business program, the Kelley School. That’s definitely a high point for me. I’m planning on a business undergrad and seeing how far my basketball career will go for and after that, doing graduate studies in law. Academics is definitely something I pride myself on.

On the transition from South Fork to Sagemont and why he decided to change schools:

Really I changed schools because I looked at every aspect of being a high school student and I said, Okay, academics, one is better than the other. Basketball team, things of that nature. And also socially I felt like broadening my horizons, meeting new people. In every aspect of being a high school student, one school is better than the other, so I chose to move on.

On when his recruitment first started and the process:

When I was a sophomore in high school, I received my first offer. It was from a mid-major school. I was receiving a lot of letters and calls from coaches at very high academic places such as the Ivy League. I didn’t play AAU before my junior season. My junior season came up, I played high school basketball, I put up pretty big numbers so a lot of coaches came down to watch me play. That’s when I started receiving more and more offers. And then, what really blew up was when I played AAU this summer. The recruiting just went through the roof. Ever since I started playing AAU, transferred high schools. Now at Sagemont where there are schools in the gym everyday.

On his top schools:

Michigan, Indiana, Stanford, Vanderbilt, George Washington, University of Miami and the University of Washington. University of Washington and Michigan have not offered, but both of their head coaches are coming to the gym next week.

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  • sacajacabuncar

    I would guess that after his visit he will be our next recruit. He sought us out, likes our academics and wants to play at a place that will appreciate his skills. I'm not sure how we could not land him. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but something is telling me he's ours to lose.

  • BaseballBuc

    He will be a Hoosier after it's all said and done. Can't see how any of his other schools offer an exceptional buisness program and a GREAT basketball tradition. Also think this kid may be very underrated, I mean he's got good size and a 40'' vertical. Don't know how anyone else feels, but my gut tells me that he could be good down the road. I get a good vibe for this kid.

  • aerialM

    yeah call me crazy, but this kid is starting to win me over…

  • sought us out as his top 5, and we're the only one w/ kelley. yes, i agree with u, it seems like he is ours to lose. his body type and game looks like tyler zeller if he shrunk 6 inches

  • guest

    other schools listed are every bit as strong w/ academics… not sure he’s ours to lose.

  • because it's Indiana

    I expect this interview will win many over (especially us KSOB grads). A character recruit, who respects academics and tradition. I understand that a lot of fans want Indiana kids, but he sounds like the “brand” we want. APR-wise, what could Mr. “ABC” do with 2 more scholarships?

    Mid range strength is rare, and can be deadly to opponents!

    …with respect to JerryCT and Deisel….I plagiarized your previous comments because they make a lot of sense! 🙂


    I would still like to see more on this kid. He sounds like a taller Eric Gordon the way he describes himself (which everyone in the country would like to have).

    Sounds pretty good though…

  • JerryCT

    I agree that he sounds like exactly the kind of kid that strengthens the “brand” that I believe we need to create and sell. I also felt like Irving fit that too. Not all players need to be like this but enough of them do to shape the brand.

    Again, I hope never to have to read about shootings, stealing computers ,stabbings, fights w football team, battered girlfriends, drug use etc when it comes to my team. More than anything I want to be proud of them first and rabidly support winning second. As such I have put my complete faith in TC and his standards.

    I donot think he is ours to lose. He has some pretty good schools on his list academically that can heavily compete with us. I really want this kid however. I like the 40″ leap, his sense of his game, potential to fill out his body etc

  • Kelin Blab

    I think he is an IU lean and a great fit. I also believe, he could end up taller than what he is. IU academically could be a great fit and our style of play fits his game….love it. Will, you should be a hoosier….

  • plane1972

    I'm loving this kid! He has his head screwed on straight and appears to have a skill set and understanding of his game that gives him the confidence to solicit programs of this caliber. I think you have to make room for someone like this. As Jerry would say, this is the “brand” we need for four years and as a successful alum of the program.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I like what I hear and the video was impressive (but what highlight reel isn't). He seems like he could be a good fit as a small forward or a third guard.

    Again, I like what I am hearing and the offer seems to make more sense now than it did a few days ago. However, I am hearing “Zeller if he shrunk six inches” and “a taller Eric Gordon”. Guys, if he were those things, he wouldn't be rated as the 130th recruit in the country. I know the rankings don't tell you everything but they can provide a fairly accurate picture of a player's current talent.

    Sheehey would be another good fit but he is not an elite recruit.

  • hoosierboy

    He definately isn't an elite recruit. He could be a good role player though. Has the possibility to become an elite college player. He seems to remind me of the type of Northwestern players that always kill you with their deceptive athletic ability, strong shooting ability and overall high basketball IQ. Maybe Kevin koble type of player.

  • Ryan_T

    A taller Eric Gordon? hmm… I'm not sure we're looking at the same kid 😉

  • Ryan_T

    Some of these comparisons are strange, but I agree with the Northwestern-ish comparison.

    How about a Robbie Hummel type of player (but maybe not quite as solid of a shooter as Hummel)? However, after reading his stats/attributes he seems to be quite athletic (40″ vertical? finishing above the rim?)

  • hoosierboy

    I don't know if everyone realizes how ridiculous his vertical is. I almost don't know if I can believe it. He will thrive in an uptempo system where he can stop pop and pull up and use his length on defense to make it tough for shorter players. His shot seems very pure and he will only get more consistent. He is similar to the MSU commit Russel Byrd. Although Byrd is not as athletic as Sheehey. He is stronger though. His strength is absolutely huge if he wants to have an impact at the Big Ten level.


    That's how he is describing himself……40 in vertical, slasher, pull up midrange, etc…


    Dewayne Wade was a 3 star on rivals……..

  • Diesel

    I once heard my man DD talking about this very thing, how many guys can you have that are not of the “brand” and have enough positive influence on them before they began having a negative effect on the brand. I think he determined 1-2 such guys on a basketball team.

    I like the Sheehey kid. The team highlight video allows you to look at more than just him dunking or making three pointers. I thought his shot looked smooth and loved the leaping ability, but you got to see things like his great passing, running the floor, he was always active on the weak side glass even following layups to the rim. You can tell he has that pedigree that a family of ball players have and it sounds like he has been under the radar since only recently getting on the AAU circuit, a bit like VO was under the radar due to late development.

  • Kelin Blab

    Midnight madness dunk contest 2010-2011…..
    Will Sheehey, VO, and Jalen Kendrick….WOW!

  • GFDave

    I think this kid would be a good get and I like his game.

    If he has a 40″ vertical he did not show it on the tape. Most of his dunks were quite average and I didn't see anything where his head was at the rim.

  • tg1438

    Yeah, but Gordon had those qualities and range to half court.