Crawford dunk is the talk of the Interwebs

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(You can listen to Crawford talk about the dunk here.)

The last time most Indiana University fans thought about Jordan Crawford was probably June 11, 2008. That was the day when Crawford announced he would not return to Bloomington for his sophomore season. Some of you probably cried when you realized that Kyle Taber was the last man standing.

Crawford decided a month later that he would transfer to Xavier and with Sean Miller’s departure for Arizona, he’ll suit up next year for first year coach Chris Mack.

When I think back about Crawford’s season at IU, two things immediately come to mind: 1) He was an incredibly talented and gifted player with a boatload of potential; and 2) He was often erratic and downright frustrating to watch. Some of you even referred to him as “TUO” or “The Undisciplined One.”

Based on point No. 1, it really didn’t surprise me that Crawford reportedly posterized LeBron James the other day in Akron. What did surprise me is the amount of coverage this dunk, which we will probably never see, is garnering across the Web. Here’s a healthy sampling:

+ Ryan writes at MOUTHPIECE blog that LeBron needs to lighten up. {MOUTHPIECE blog}

+ Chris Chase writes that by censoring the video, LeBron just made Crawford’s dunk into a legend. {The Dagger @ Yahoo!}

+ LeBron gets dunked on; none of us are witnesses. {Deadspin}

+ Nike doesn’t want you to know about Jordan Crawford, but Marquis Teague describes the dunk. {The Hoosier Scoop}

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  • JerryCT

    I for one am not surprised. What I liked best about Crawford was that he refused to think of himself as a freshman ……..he was fearless.

    What most fans do NOT realize is that if Jordan had played the same minutes and games as Gordon he would have :

    – outrebounded Gordon by 40
    – had 44 fewer turnovers
    – generated 66 more assists than Gordon
    – scoring only 7 fewer pts per game

    Just a perspective on how good he could have been in an IU uniform

  • he won the Kentucky game when Gordon was out too, dude was good that year for a frosh.

  • Kelin Blab

    I was always a fan of Jordan, really wished he would have stayed…..Although he is not as good of an athlete, I could see Verdell Jones becoming the same type of player.

  • peaychris

    i wonder if TUO could have had a “mulligan” if he would have second thoughts about leaving… im starting to think he maybe would have.. i hope he is happy now but i think maybe by his junior year we would have been calling him “TO” or “THE ONE” instead of TUO!!

  • RobertSchell

    I had no clue about this until I checked my e-mail and saw over 30 e-mails for “Comment posted on Jordan Crawford: Dunk Contest winner at IU Midnight Madness video” that I put on YouTube a couple of years ago. Google'd Crawford and James, and sure enough, there was this. I do miss the kid and wish he would have stayed, but more than understand.

  • TimEOBrien

    Here's a question,

    If there was no policy against video taping, why did these 'journalists' give up their tapes? They didn't legally have too. Journalist need balls. Somewhere in the not too distant past, journalist lost their balls, and this is what's wrong with America: Ballless journalists.

  • Kelin Blab

    Tim I agree 100% and also why does LeKing get this treatment like a big baby?

  • andybo429

    Nike – ridiculous!! Good for the Crawford kid. He'll be more of a legend if the tape DOESN'T get out.

    Short satirical article about Lebron and Nike. kind of funny.

    Sports Satire – Nike to Confiscate Video of 5 Year Old LeBron Falling Off Bike

  • Great. Awesome. Crawford was fixin' to tea bag the king. I'm sure LBJ was D'n him up like he would Kobe in game 7 of the series the wasn't. Right. But for LBJ/Nike's overreaction to the tapes, this would have passed faster than LBJ in the post-game hand shake line. No doubt the kid could light it up on occasion (see: UK at AH), but let's not get all Michael Jackson now-he's-dead-who-cares-he-poked-tons-of-little-boys-sentimental on this one. Remember that suspension? Anyone? Did he ever meet a shot he didn't like? Crawford couldn't spell defense, not to mention attempt to play it. TUO, maybe. The one sided wonder, definitely. Who cares if the kid could put up 50 pts. on any given night; he'd allow 65 from the guy he was guarding. I'd say his 15 minutes are up about now.

  • onsalecc