Van Tresse Headed To Louisville

  • 09/17/2008 2:14 pm in

Oh hey, guys. In case you hadn’t heard from everywhere else under the sun, one-time IU go-to recruit turned afterthought Stephan Van Tresse will not be suiting up in the cream and crimson and instead will take his basketball services to Louisville.

Apparently, the walk-on option wasn’t suiting him right. Certainly with his stock supposedly dropping this summer, Louisville isn’t quite getting the coup North Carolina did with snatching up Tyler Zeller from the state of Indiana. You probably won’t be losing as much sleep over this one — if any.

I will leave you with one thought: Tom Crean please go get a basketball player of size to control the post. That is all.

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  • BobbyBeingManny

    This one kind of hurts, considering we don't have a whole bunch of big bodies. Congrats to Louisville.

  • JerryCT

    I hear Muniru is in Btown this weekend. I hope you guys in town find him and love him up for the rest of us .

  • TomCoverdaleIUHero

    Are you guys forgetting about Pritchard, Elston, and Capobianco, even Jobe he will take up size and play D Bwara would be cool though

  • Disco_Briscoe

    We dont need SVT, to have just any big body out there. An atheltic 6-6 is better than a waste of space 6-8+. I really wish we didnt have Jobe on scholarship.

    Zones, good fundamentals, and aggressiveness can make up for what we lack in size.

  • ricbraun

    I can't think of any bigs of note that Crean has ever had, outside of Steve Novak, but he was a shooter and not really a bruiser inside. He prefers to have guards that can be disruptive on defense so that bigs can't get into any sort of rhythm. for example, last year Luke Harangody had some rough games against Marquette because their guards were so quick and disruptive that he couldn't get anything going and he kept turning it over. A big man would be nice but I wouldn't mind if we didn't get one

  • JerryCT

    You are correct about Harangody. Unless you are forgetting Wisc, Florida, OSU , Kansas or UCONN the last few years you have to know that if we want to win it all we have to match up with BIGS several times. There is a limit to how far we can take the zone and aggressiveness playing 4 guys 6'4 and under or even 6'8″ and under. We need a good athletic 6'10+ BIG or 2 to be dangerous.

  • BobbyDigital

    The IndyStar headline said “Van Treese spurns IU for Louisville”… They quickly changed it but it was still worth a chuckle.

    6'8 and averaging 11ppg in an Indiana public school league (a lot of 6'5 centers) isn't quite getting it done. I don't mean to disrespect him but not everyone gets to play at IU.

  • hoosier07


  • DJW

    I am trying to recall a IU team from the past that did not include a big man.

    I'm comimg up empty here and I am going back quite a few years. (50's – 2000's)

  • Disco_Briscoe

    And thats not SVT or Jobe. We are making due and hopefully we can land a good big for our last recruit.

  • he's the 4th best player on LN. dominique ferguson (going to UK), kyree jones, jeff robinson (Purdue) are all better. that team has scary talent.

  • From a PR standpoint it would have been good to add another Indiana kid. Even if he rode the bench and contributed in practices it woull have looked good. SVT is a good player, but like BoobyDigital I don't think just anyone gets to play at IU. That being said, I am not convinced Jobe deserves to be in an IU uniform, but he's at least got the SIZE.

    On another note, Jamar Smith is going to the University of Southern Indiana (Bruce Pearl countrry)… my alma mater. I have mixed feelings… USI has been known for giving 2nd chances to D1 college guys who have missteps. It breaks my heart this guy is coming to USI but I guess everyone deserves a second chance, even former Illini alcoholics who can't stay on the road or stick to their probation. I heard he is working at the grocery store down the street… I may have to go check that out.

  • Outoftheloop

    It is now 9/22/08 and this site has nothing new! What's up?

  • Ditto that!

  • B_MD

    There's probably nothing new to say right now. It is September, not a lot of basketball news this time of year.

  • I promise we're not dead. I was on my honeymoon last week and E and R were out in Vegas for the Blog World Expo. Regular posting will resume shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  • DJW

    With the lack of interest in Basketball right now….Maybe we could start a new poll to cover the lull.

    1 – Most hated rivals?
    2 – Best all time IU BB team?
    3 – Favorite all time moment in IU BB history?

  • Hoosier76

    I wasn't born earlier enough to see of the great Indiana moments or national championships, but the one moment that is my favorite by far was when Coverdale, Odle, Jefferies, Fife, Newton, Hornsby, and Moye beat Duke in the Sweet Sixteen during the 2002 tournament run to the Finals. There probably isn't one team I despise more then the Duke Blue Devils. When the Hoosiers came back from I think 17 down in the first half, this moment will always remain in my memory as one of my favorite moments. This game then led to a great tournament run to the finals, which we definitely had a chance to take. The whole 2002 NCAA tournament was probably my favorite moment in IU BB history actually, it was just a fun team to watch when things were clicking.

  • Taskmaster75

    Most hates rivals…let's seeeeee

    One's black and gold
    and One is Orange and were Eric-Gordon-less last season 🙂

  • Hoosier76

    just found this video of the Duke Indiana game in 2002, hopefully the link will work on here

    Also, if Derek Elston or Bobby Capobianco turn out to be anything like Jarrad Odle, thats completely fine with me.

  • Hoosier76

    just found this video of the Duke Indiana game in 2002, hopefully the link will work on here

    Also, if Derek Elston or Bobby Capobianco turn out to be anything like Jarrad Odle, thats completely fine with me.