ESPN: Jordan Crawford to Xavier (18 days late)

  • 07/28/2008 9:44 pm in

There’s a lot of good things about the World Wide Leader. Two of my favorite college basketball writers, Pat Forde and Andy Katz, work there. Most of their programming looks spectacular in HD. And they give Colleen Dominguez and Wendy Nix ample face time. (Can we stop with the Erin Andrews fascination already? Thank you, E.)

But as cutting edge and up-to the minute as the Bristol overlords want you to believe their reporting is, sometimes they take 18-day old news and make it their top story. Case in point today: Jordan Crawford to Xavier.


Perhaps Crawford to Xavier was top story worthy. He was, after all, the last in a line of mass defections from Bloomington. Problem is, it was already reported back on July 10. Somebody fell asleep at the keyboard!

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget to submit your list of the top 10 Indiana players of all-time.

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