Your participation in this exercise would be greatly appreciated

  • 07/28/2008 7:00 am in

Back in the summer of 2007 (we say that like it was so long ago), we formed Inside the Hall as a place to talk Hoosier basketball 365 days a year. We’re now officially in the dog days of summer: the AAU circuit is wrapping up, the former Hoosiers have found their new homes and the new coaching staff is finally settling into their offices in Bloomington.

With that said, we’ve been forced to go to the drawing board for some creative ideas to keep the discussion moving forward. And luckily, we’ve managed to do that in a manner that we think you’ll enjoy.

Here’s the task: Counting down the top 10 players to ever don the cream and crimson. It’s going to work like this: You give us your lists in the comments and your input will count as 1/4 of the final result. The three of us will also make our lists and we’ll put this information together and count down the top 10.

Those of you who are already actively commenting, keep doing your thing. Those of you who read everyday and never comment, now is the time to enter the conversation. (If you’re not sure how to get started with the whole commenting thing, click here.) We’ll give it until Saturday to allow the lists to come in and then we’ll get started with the festivities next week. Now, get to work on those lists, boys and girls.

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