Thomas and McGee reportedly find new homes

  • 07/16/2008 10:38 pm in

In case you were wondering, although most of you could probably don’t care anymore, two more former Hoosiers have picked a new home.

DeAndre Thomas is headed to Robert Morris and will be eligible immediately because its a NAIA school. Al Bruehl, the coach at Robert Morris, told that Thomas is already down to 285 pounds. Not that I’m calling Mr. Bruehl a liar, but you seriously have to question the validity of this statement. It took a whole summer of walking around Bloomington last year to get Thomas below 300.

Brandon McGee’s destination has yet to be confirmed, but if you believe this report, he’s headed to Auburn. (PostmanR interjection: I work with the dude that runs that site. He told me how it all went down today as far as his sources are concerned. So unless he’s lying to me, Inside the Hall approves of this message. He broke the story; if it comes out being false, we’ll see what he has to say. Until then: McGee to Auburn.) McGee was also considering Oregon State. He’ll be remembered by IU fans for foolishly attempting a windmill dunk — and missing it — at the end of last season’s 78-64 win at Michigan.

So to recap for those of you keeping track at home: Jordan Crawford is heading to Xavier, Armon Bassett to UAB, Jamarcus Ellis to Northern Kentucky (reportedly), Brandon McGee to Auburn and DeAndre Thomas to Robert Morris.

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