Friday Roundup: Wisconsin, Kravitz and Knight

  • 02/29/2008 1:03 pm in

bbutch.jpg— Wisconsin, barring a total choke job, wrapped up at least a tie for the Big Ten title with a 57-42 beat down of Michigan State at the Kohl Center. A couple of observations: Brian Butch should be a first team All-Big Ten selection. Second, is there a more disappointing team than Michigan State? A lot of talent on that team, but something just isn’t right. I’m shocked at how bad of a season Drew Neitzel is having. And finally, Wisconsin only had one turnover in the entire game. That’s a pretty amazing statistic.

— Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star wrote a column today which provided his two cents on the impending coaching search for IU. It was a decent piece, but there were a couple of names included that I don’t want anywhere near the program: 1) John Calipari: do we really want Worldwide Wes hanging around IU? 2) Kevin Stallings: He’s a nice guy I’m sure, but his Purdue background and personality (or lack thereof) don’t thrill me. Surely we can do better than Stallings. The sizzle just isn’t there, but maybe I’m missing something.

— Our old friend Coach Knight has joined forces with ESPN for “championship week” and the NCAA Tournament. As you would expect, Knight appeared on “Mike and Mike” this morning and side stepped all questions about Indiana and the Kelvin Sampson situation. It’ll be interesting to see how well Knight does in this new role. He’s always had disdain for the media so it’s somewhat ironic to see him as a member of it.

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  • Raymond

    Can I just throw out the idea that we cut ties with Thomas either way and let him head back to juco…or mcdonalds. He is absolutely worthless. Inept offensively and too fat and slow on defense and I have never seen someone whine so much to officials. The guy is worth 2 points, 4 fouls and 6 big macs per game.

  • The comparison of Kravitz to Marriotti is priceless. I laughed. And then I laughed some more.

    The closest thing to the hypocrisy of the NCAA would be the hypocrisy of NASCAR. I think they get together and swap notes.

    Kevin Stallings doesn't feel right because he looks like Burglekutt from Willow.

  • The teenager inside me always found it amusing that “douche” was the French word for “shower”. Even now I'm giggling.

  • I really liked the offensive and defensive sets on both sides of the Valpo/Wright State game today. I even watched that in lieu of watching NC State meltdown (again) which is always good for some laughs. Both Drew and Brownell would be good fits at Indiana, but I don't think Homer would leave Valpo. He's got himself quite a niche there, and Valpo just moved into a stronger league and they're already competing.

  • If you want to see someone whine to the officials, watch Hansbrough. Or any Duke player. DeAndre could take some notes.

  • kelin

    Matt that was a”goodlooking” game to watch….Brownell would make me happy at IU…and my gut tells me he is one of the leading candidates….

  • BrianK

    Please let me know what qualifies and what is on DD's resume that says he deserves the head coach position permanently. I don't care if they won the Cahmpionship I wouldn't want him to stay as head coach. This would be a Mike Davis situation all over again. How does a guy coaching for 10 yrs at a mid major with a record barely above 500, 4 out of his last 5 seasons were losing ones, only head coaching the last 5 games of the season for IU make him qualified for IU.

  • BrianK

    He's not being hypocritical. Theres a difference between being an analyst and being a reporter. If you don't like seeing coaches curse, belittle, bullying and tormenting I guess you've never paid close attention to some of the best coaches ever or played any sports. Knight wrong was not caring who saw him doing it. Coach K, Calipari, Pitino keep it from public alot Bill G is big time bully but hides it pretty well. Not all successful coaches are pat ya on the butt, thank, “come on you can do it if you try” ” you need a hug” type coaches.

  • Calbert Cheaney would probably agree. I guess they played together in high school, and he was an assistant for Crews at Evansville for a long time.

    It's like hiring someone in the IU family tree but without really being in the IU family tree.

  • kelin

    Given IU's recent buyout payments it would be a lot less expensive to hire Brownell than a bigger name…..nevertheless….I could see an Armon, Jordan, and my favorite IU player NOT named EJ or DJ thrive in that offense……Matt “freakin” Roth….

    Got two words for you ….You Tube
    I love that kid…..

  • B (MD)

    I just read that article on Beasley and it really made me think that Sampson got railroaded by the NCAA. I'm not a Sampson guy, I'm actually pretty excited about the chance to now get the right coach…But it sucks that all this will set the program back a few years.

    Anyways, I just found this site a couple weeks ago, and it think it's great. I'll definitely keep checking it out daily.

  • JamesHardy

    butch had some serious family issues (I believe that his mom was battling cancer) when he redshirted on his own accord. That had nothing to do with Bennett

  • JamesHardy

    check bill belichek's record prior to taking over in new england…he sucked with the browns. just a counterpoint to your arguement against DD.

  • Jay

    I live in Madison, and the newspapers here reported that Butch was recruited with the understanding that he might redshirt because he needed time to develop. That does't contradict what you said, though. The decision may have been a close one that was finally tipped by family issues.

  • Josh

    The thing that was so ridiculous about the article was that the first half talked about whoever we get HAS to be squeaky clean………and then he suggests Calipari. So I lost all respect for whatever Kravitz has to say.

  • Josh

    The thing that was so ridiculous about the article was that the first half talked about whoever we get HAS to be squeaky clean………and then he suggests Calipari. So I lost all respect for whatever Kravitz has to say.