Jenn Sterger explains what a Sampsonite is

  • 02/20/2008 8:38 pm in

This video (via EC) is amusing for a number of reasons. Let us ordered list the ways:

  • Jenn Sterger is no longer a cowgirl. She is now “the Sports Babe.” I am not sure if she has taken a step forward or backward on the evolutionary chain with this name change. One can never tell.
  • Whoa! How did she change clothes like that!
  • Sterger asks Sampson what the Sampsonites are all about. He wishes he was still getting these softballs.
  • Eric Gordon. Silent. So silent.
  • This was filmed during and around the Iowa game at home Jan. 23. It was put onto YouTube Feb. 14, two days after ESPN announced the NCAA’s major violation charges against Sampson. Timing: it is everything.

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