Freshman Grant Gelon granted release from Indiana

  • 05/24/2017 7:09 am in

Indiana freshman guard Grant Gelon has been granted his release from Indiana and intends to explore his transfer options, Inside the Hall has confirmed.

Jeff Rabjohns of was the first to report the news early Wednesday morning.

Gelon, who played in just 12 games last season for IU, averaged 1.8 points and shot 60 percent on 3-pointers in 3.2 minutes per game.

The 6-foot-5 guard, who played at Crown Point, was an Indiana All-Star and was the first class of 2016 commitment for Tom Crean.

But Gelon never saw the floor consistently as a freshman and of his 12 appearances last season, eight of them came against low-major competition.

Indiana has not commented on the status of Gelon.

If he does complete a transfer to another institution, it would bring Indiana’s roster to 12 scholarship players for next season.

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  • bball at nick’s

    No, not “negative” and “cynical”. Rather: realistic and seasoned!

  • bball at nick’s

    You’re not giving him nothing if you don’t offer him the scholarship, because technically if you give him the scholarship you are disrupting a system that he already has in place and that’s working for him. It might be difficult to revert to that system post-scholarship, both practically and mentally. Not everyone is motivated by pure monetary accounting considerations. There is general perception of him as a player that matters. If he doesn’t get the scholly and keeps working his way up, he looks a lot better to people (and to himself), than to look like the loser who got demoted after a year in paradise, LOL.

  • bball at nick’s

    Wrong! Kidding, just doing a Loop impersonation. LOL.

  • Well, I guess then that football players are just smarter and more practical than basketball players, because I understand this is done with IU football players quite often. It seems like it’s done at other basketball programs as well, and so it must just be IU basketball players and fans who are incapable of understanding such a complex concept as “this is for one year only.”

  • bball at nick’s

    But that’s the point. There is such a football culture, and not a basketball one. It’s culture, and not about logic and utility. Perhaps there’s a practical explanation that we don’t know about.

  • Ole Man was right about one thing: this _is_ an asinine discussion.

    Seriously, this is absolutely ridiculous. First, I said it happens at other basketball programs. Second, “football culture” is your explanation? Where are you getting that notion?

    And third, what are you even arguing? Nobody has actually established that this isn’t something that could happen — you’re presenting, what, “evidence” for your position? Based on what?

  • bball at nick’s

    You’re just being naive and seeing the world through your own limited logic, which to you is incontrovertible truth. It’s basically a tautology: if things happen differently in football, then it must be attributable to culture, or else some other practical consideration. The fact that it happens at other basketball programs is not justification, otherwise you wouldn’t be using the football example. The fact that you used the football example means that you have observed a marked difference in the way things are done in football, or else you would not have used football to buttress your argument. I think the real difference between you and me is that I am on Indiana time (11 pm) and you are on Cali time (8 pm ?). So maybe I should hit the sack and sleep on this one, LOL.

  • You are making zero sense here. Clearly, some sleep will do you good. Revisit this after you’ve rested and your logical brain has a chance to parse this entire insane discussion.

  • bball at nick’s

    You are a logical despot!

  • Diesel

    Best of luck to Grant. I said when he signed with IU that the B1G conference is tough and playing for the Hoosiers is even tougher.

  • onehoosier

    This year is Zach’s forth year in college and his academic senior year. I’m not sure you are right that giving him a one year scholarship would be a PR disaster. Andrew Dakich got a similar deal at Michigan and it seems like that was only seen as a positive.

  • marcusgresham

    That’s exactly the point I was making.
    Do I think he’s leaving after next year? Probably not, but if I were in charge I’d sure as hell try to have a plan-B if it were to happen.
    The guy started slow because he didn’t have an off-season in Bloomington to prepare like the rest of the team. He’s going to have that whole summer in Bloomington this year so the potential is there for a breakout season, and as we’ve seen before just because a guy may be a year away doesn’t always mean he doesn’t leave anyway.

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t think it would be a PR nightmare to say, “we have an open scholarship this year and you’ve worked hard so we’re going to use it on you this season to reduce some of the financial burden on you and your parents.” (I don’t know that there’s any financial burden on a kid from Carmel who has a brother in the NBA, but it’s still a nice, symbolic gesture.)

  • MK

    CAM = Coach Archie Miller

    Similar to…

    CTC = Coach Tom Crean or Cinnamon Toast Crunch… take your pick.

  • Craig Mitchell Ha’o.

    *Best wishes to Grant and his Family, and to his Basketball Future. Onward-upward GG moving Forward. At least you’ll get more playing time and hopefully start even, after your transfer yr. Work Hard-EARN
    your role. ??

    Too bad that frmr Dayton commit/Minnesota Mr. Bball Guard McKinley Wright subseq committed to Colorado. He was consid. Prep school for a yr. presumably to be in IU’s 2018 Class.

    So Tremont Waters is a possibility for Indiana..for Real? As i mentioned before here in the B1G and at a High profile program like Indiana..with injuries and a LONG season-guys wearing Down and rubber legs in March I dont know how much sense it makes to “hold a Scholarship”. Because IU’s mandate isnt just competing ag. MSU, Purdue or Wiscy for Big 10 Titles. Its doing that…AND competing ag. and Beating the Top teams like UK, Arizona, Duke…UNC..Louisville…UCLA etc. You see THEM holding rides? Theyre Loading UP..with 4 and 5*’s..skilled Grad transfers etc. I think Coach Miller will adjust as needed-we want to be playing Championship Bball in the Big Ten and mid March-April. Gotta have Numbers and talent off the Bench.

    *Unhappy players..minutes and roles? Everyday in Practice is when Roles and Rotation spots are EARNED. Ability to D it up..Attitude and Supporting a Teammate..Hard Work and Classroom performance. These all Factor in. Then ROTATE your top 9 or 10 regularly..with the last 3 or 4 (McRoberts..who might well be IN that top group) Working to earn their way into that Rotation while still being utilized situationally. Everyones Working to improve on D and in Practice..everyone knows theyd better be Ready to PLAY physicalky/mentally Every game….Fresher Legs in March/April too. (Shooter says…”that’ll DO..”)??

    Interested to see what frmr JUCO star Freddie Mcswain is bringing next season after a Summer of Hard Work and Skill development under Miller and his Outstanding Staff. Freshman 6’7″ Justin Smith looks physically like he’ll transition nicely to D1 Play and I think along with Senior Colin Hartman wholl play at diff. Frontcourt spots makes our #3 SF/Wing position an interesting Follow. Crean’s 4 out 1 in Drib Drv was never going to allow McSwain and his late start due to.injury to excel. He might surprise some this Fall..esp in transition off Rebs and steals.

    *Id Love to See us Press more..which might bring in long 6’10” Frosh Clifton Moore too-who runs the Floor Very well and can block shots too. Young man is confident too. He Believes he can Play NOW. GOOD!! Change it up..pick up 3/4 ths court..then on next baseline inbounds..PRESS EM. Turn em over..attack the rim.

    Miller looks like a Shot Doc too..he Wants us to Attack the Rim..Draw Fouls..Foul out the opponent..sounds like RMK right?? ?? MAKE YOUR FT’s Hoosiers!! Another B1G factor once again at 1001 N.Fee Lane!
    More Summer Team Workout Pics and video PLEASE Coach Miller. This is a Fanbase of a Once ELITE NATIONAL PROGRAM starving..for #6…and a Return to the Head table. Please keep the Baby Fed Coach…keep the Fans Informed and In the Loop. “…that’ll DO..” ?
    GO IU!! Aloha!

  • ScoJacks

    Another kid that should have never been here. Same as Priller. Crean either got All Americans or kids that just flat out aren’t good enough for IU. I’m sure Miller will do better.

  • KelvinSampson87

    This was a weird signing all around. Unlike prowler where we were desperate for a big man we had plenty of guard depth last year. To be honest I find it just as baffling when kids like this leave. Is it really a better life experience to play significant minutes at a D2 school in front of 500 people than it is to have a small role on a team with future NBA players, top caliber staff on national tv with NCAA tournie chances?

    If he was asked to leave I feel bad for what I said above. If not he is giving up a truly special experience with no real upside.


    LOL, might have to be a local to completely get that, but yea, as a local, I totally get the point and the uni color isn’t the only more favorable thing in that equation. lol

  • HoosierOne

    I agree but only if it’s going to go unused.