Film Session: A look at Dayton’s offense, defense under Archie Miller

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On Nov. 26 2015, Dayton took down Iowa 82-77 to advance in the Advocare Invitational in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

In his first press conference as head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers on Monday, Archie Miller described his offense style.

“Style of play for me is always on the run offensively,” Miller said. “I think the more we’re on the run in the full court and the half court, which means a lot of movement and a lot of pace. I think our teams at Dayton were known for great ball movement, unselfishness. But I told these guys, it’s going to be pace, it’s going to be player movement, flow, and it’s going to be an attacking, aggressive style.”

Here’s a look at a number of offensive plays from Dayton in its win over Iowa. Like the Hoosiers under Tom Crean, the Flyers were opportunistic in transition and used ball movement in the halfcourt to knock down 3-pointers against both man and zone defense from the Hawkeyes:

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  • IULore

    We were losing to Wisconsin will before Crean got here, they have a system, but are too limited offensively to go all the way except one year when they really got out of their element.

    Btw, 1985 called and it want’s it’s basketball back. The 3 point shot is critical to win in today’s game. Pitino has a very 3 heavy system and has done ok. Again, the issue was never offense, it was defense. This hallucination that all was bad and all will be good now is just going to let you guys down in the end.

  • Ole Man

    Which they did every time they were confronted with good D.

  • Ole Man

    Your posts make you as easy to read as an open book.

  • Ole Man

    And right on cue here comes Lore to troll me because he doesn’t personally like me.
    You’re dependable.

  • John D Murphy

    PBzeer was commenting on being excited regarding a difference in his/her perception of Miller’s offense at Dayton vs what IU has been running. Everyone on here understands very well your affinity for TC and/or his coaching and systems. Most of us are excited for the change and a poster doesn’t need to be jumped on because they point out something they perceive as a difference between the old the new styles. You don’t have to make similar comments, and frankly most of us (I think) would be shocked if you did. It would make the board a better place (IMO…at least for me) if you would, however, turn your considerable passion and energy toward embracing things you like about coach Miller or the way he does things. Thanks for listening (reading).

  • I’m tempted to point out the straw men here, but realize there’s no point. You’re right about one thing, however: we’ll see.