Pick to Click: Iowa

  • 01/23/2010 8:36 am in

Get in your picks before 5:45 pm ET on Sunday. Please state your selection first thing in your comment. Overriding PTC principles are here and updated standings are available here. Good luck.

Player Pick to Click Wins, Season to-date:

+ Verdell Jones: 6

+ Maurice Creek: 5

+ Christian Watford: 4

+ Jeremiah Rivers: 2

+ Devan Dumes: 1

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71 responses to “Pick to Click: Iowa”

  1. generalrmk says:

    Watford. Time to break out … again

  2. hoosierbd says:


  3. Kelin Blab says:

    I am going with Derek Elston for a big game…..

  4. Diesel says:


  5. Uncle Joey says:

    a tasteful floral arrangement.

  6. aceman07 says:

    Tom Pritchard – What the heck!

  7. marcusgresham says:

    Verdell Jones III

  8. sray22 says:

    Verdell Jones

  9. Ryan Karr says:


  10. iujunebug says:

    Christian Watford

  11. bob_dog says:


  12. poopy says:

    tommmy pritchard

  13. Courtney says:


  14. parakeetjones says:


  15. hoosier07 says:

    v jones

  16. derekphillips says:

    Jones today!!!

  17. grllin says: