Site news: Get ready for the ITH “Pick to Click”

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As you may or may not know, Ryan and I are White Sox fans. (Eamonn is, unfortunately, a Cubs fan. But we still love him.) And part of being a fan of the Sox is the “Pick to Click.” So from our White Sox fandom, we’ve derived a new feature on Inside the Hall that we think you’ll enjoy.

The Pick to Click, for Inside the Hall purposes, is your opportunity to select a player each game that you feel will perform the best based on a simple formula we’ve created. There will be a post for each regular season game where you’ll have the opportunity to select your Pick to Click in the comments. Postseason play, conference tournament games and exhibition games will not be tracked.

For each game you select the player who ends up being the Pick to Click, you’ll get one point. Picks must be posted in the comments at least 15 minutes prior to tip-off and you’re only eligible to select one player per game. At the end of the season, whoever has the most correct picks over the course of the season will receive a $100 gift certificate to And bragging rights, too. If we have more than one leader at the end of the season, we’ll split up the prize accordingly.

Now, for the formula. Each player will be assigned a point value after each game based on the following criteria:

  • 2 points for each point scored
  • 2 points for each rebound
  • 2 points for each assist
  • 1 point for each steal
  • 1 point for each blocked shot
  • – 2 points for each turnover

For example, if a player finishes with 10 points, six rebounds, one assist, two steals, two blocks and five turnovers, his “value” will be calculated as follows: 10 (2) + 6 (2) + 1 (2) + 2 (1) + 2 (1) + 5 (-2) = 28. Simple math.

If two (or more) players end up with the same point value, ties will go to the player with more made free throws in that game. If neither player makes a free throw or there’s also a tie in that category, the tie will be broken by looking at field goal percentage for each player in that game. The higher field goal percentage wins.

We’re pretty excited about this and since we’re still over a month away from the season tipping off, if you’ve got any suggestions or feedback, let’s hear it in the comments.

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