Pick to Click: Saint Joseph’s College

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You can begin posting your Picks to Click for the Saint Joseph’s College exhibition in the comments until 6:45 ET on Monday. As a reminder, this game will not be tracked in the standings. Good luck.

For those unfamiliar with the Pick to Click, please click here for details.

A couple of other notes:

  • Please make sure you are using a valid e-mail address if you are not registered.
  • Please make sure you are using the same name each time to pick if you are not registered. Once the season begins, we’ll be tracking wins by the name you use to submit your pick. If your name changes on a game-to-game basis, credit for your pick will be given to the name used to submit the pick.
  • Please state who you are picking as the first thing in your comment. Once the season kicks off, we could potentially have a couple of hundred picks per game. It’s more difficult to keep track of everyone’s pick if it’s not the first thing in your comment.

Pick to Click Winners:

  • Grace College: Christian Watford

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89 responses to “Pick to Click: Saint Joseph’s College”

  1. Courtney says:


  2. Casey says:

    Mr. Christian Watford

  3. HoosierDavey says:

    Christian Watford

  4. favreDollarfootlong says:


  5. eddiehoosier says:


  6. eddiehoosier says:


  7. Sallad says:

    Sticking with VJIII again.

  8. Kelin Blab says:

    I am going with J. Rivers on this one…..strong guard play

  9. tkwoods303 says:


  10. shrekie says:

    Bawa, he's eligible now. Or Elston if the preseason pick is serious.

  11. hoosierlineman says:

    jordan hulls

  12. JerryCT says:

    I agree with your pick and case( even though I picked Watford ). The only issue is whether Rivers gets as many minutes as Watford will. This is why I donot pick VJ, Hulls, Creek, Dumes, Roth. In regular season the minutes may change dramatically

  13. dphattybrown says:

    VJ III will be the man on this night.

  14. jwoody says:

    Tom Pritchard

  15. Bored_in_the_Offseason says:

    I'll take Rivers

  16. tigerrtom says:

    Jordan Hulls

  17. mrthieme says:


  18. M&Choosierfactory says:


  19. Marcus Gresham says:

    Christian Watford

  20. HoosierSmitty says:

    Reason for Hulls: He stands to get significant playing time, he takes good shots and makes them, gets assists, picks up steals, and appears less likely to make silly turnovers than others.

  21. HoosierSmitty says:

    I wouldn't mind having the Top 3 listed in the Pick to Click – just to know who else was close. Maybe Pick to Click Honorable Mention list.

    Hopefully this wouldn't be too much work…since you already have to add up the point totals.

  22. northindyaj says:


  23. Staff Alex says:

    We can probably do this.

  24. Hoosier76 says:


  25. jgongora86 says:

    I'm not sure if my vote came in but I'm voting for Rivers. I think he will be able the drive the lane a bit better, and dish of for assists.

  26. hoostheman says:

    C. Watford.

  27. Paul Newbill says:


  28. IUMIKE1 says:

    I know it sounds like a broken record but Watford has to be my pick also. His combination of shot range & size for the post up as well as finishing at the rim should be more of a problem for this team than it was for Grace college. I think that he will be trying to hit the boards even harder than he did against Grace too. All that coupled with his high percentage from the free throw line makes me feel like he is the one to pick tonight. Having said these things and seeing as how this one is just a warm up for the regular season I hope all of us that have picked Watford turn out to be wrong because, in reality, that would be a good thing as far as the team overall is concerned.

  29. raor says:

    Christian Watford

  30. sray22 says:

    Christian Watford

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. jaywiz says:

    I think there is a leak in assembly hall…no wait. that's just MO CREEK makin it rain!!!

  33. benchwarmer32 says:

    Verdell Jones !!!

  34. ziggysane says:


  35. Emmett says:

    It has to be Bawa Muniro because a man that dresses like that, has to score.