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Report: Comcast, Big Ten Network close to a deal

  • Alex Bozich 06/16/2008 8:48 am  

I know, I know, you heard rumblings that a deal could be close all of last season. Meanwhile, you grew tired of the posturing from both sides and got a dish or switched to RCN because you wanted to see ...

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Comcast, Big Ten Network soon to join forces

  • Eamonn Brennan 03/10/2008 4:22 pm  

In a partnership that will no doubt lead to decades of Big Ten athletic domination over lesser conference specimens (right), the Big Ten Network and Comcast appear to have reached a deal. According to the Sports Business Journal, Comcast will ...

Indiana state rep proposes arbitration for BTN

  • Eamonn Brennan 11/20/2007 12:26 pm  

I’ve recently solved my Big Ten Network and HDTV absences, and I’m looking forward to enjoying tonight’s game in the blue-green glow of my living room for the first time. But what of you who still can’t get the Big ...

Weekend linkage: Comcast takes a tumble

  • Alex Bozich 10/27/2007 1:12 pm  

Big Ten men’s basketball media day is tomorrow afternoon in Chicago, so until then, I’ve got the following to hold you over… – Everyone’s favorite cable provider, Comcast, announced yesterday that their third quarter earnings went straight into the toilet. ...

Comcast failing miserably at viral marketing

  • Eamonn Brennan 08/21/2007 10:53 am  

Via FanHouse comes Brian Cook’s tale of inexplicable stupidity in the war between Comcast Cable and the Big Ten Network for the hearts of minds of Big Ten fans everywhere. Whatever genius PR firm Comcast currrently employs decided to get ...