Film Session: Iowa

  • 03/13/2022 4:12 pm in

While Trayce Jackson-Davis was able to dominate the Hawkeyes to the tune of 31 points on 15-of-21 shooting, it wasn’t for lack of trying by the Hawkeyes.

Iowa sent extra help and defenders to Jackson-Davis all game long. But even when Jackson-Davis did have to give up the ball because of pressure, he was able to find teammates for buckets, as he picked up three assists on the afternoon.

We’ll take a look at those three assists, as well as a miscue by him, in the latest edition of Film Session:

Near the end of the first half, Tamar Bates enters the ball to Jackson-Davis on the low right block then cuts through the paint. Tony Perkins completely leaves Bates and hard doubles Jackson-Davis.

Jackson-Davis dribbles out to the perimeter against the double. He keeps a pivot foot and splits through Perkins and Filip Rebraca. As Jackson-Davis angles to pass, his motion freezes Keegan Murray in the paint, as Jackson-Davis could pass out to a Hoosier on the perimeter on the weak side.

But Jackson-Davis instead finds Race Thompson behind Murray under the basket for the score.

Really good vision from TJD here on a play he had two Hawkeyes hanging all over him.

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