Film Session: Iowa

  • 03/13/2022 4:12 pm in

This time around, Jackson-Davis receives the ball on the left low block with Rebraca on him. There’s no hard double or dig this time around, though Jordan Bohannon is in help position under the basket with his man Parker Stewart in the right corner.

From here, we see some movement for Indiana off-ball, as Thompson and Galloway both cut to the paint.

This creates a bit of misdirection as Jackson-Davis makes the pass to Stewart, who has moved to the right wing. Stewart opts to drive and attack Bohannon’s closeout.

As Stewart gets into the paint, neither Rebraca or Perkins moves off Jackson-Davis, allowing Stewart to get all the way to the rim with his left hand for the score.

Nice move by Stewart here, although this was his only bucket of the contest (1-of-5).

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