Film Session: Wisconsin

  • 02/17/2022 8:15 am in

In its loss to the Badgers on Tuesday evening, IU’s offense came up empty down the stretch. The Hoosiers missed nine of their last 10 shots over the final 4:32 of the contest.

Indiana’s offense now sits at just 13th in conference play after the loss.

A look back at the film reveals an Indiana team with plenty of open and non-forced looks in the game’s final minutes. But the shots just didn’t drop.

We’ll break down five of Indiana’s late-game misses in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here’s perhaps Indiana’s most-used set. Trayce Jackson-Davis screens for Trey Galloway and Galloway clears from the strong side to the weak side across the paint as Jackson-Davis posts after the screen. Parker Stewart enters Jackson-Davis the ball on the right block.

From here, Wisconsin’s defense sinks in some to the lane. Tyler Wahl eventually stunts over, but after he retreats Jackson-Davis simply turns to his right shoulder and gets a hook shot up with his left. It’s a shot he’s hit a ton in his career and at other points in this game.

But it doesn’t fall here with the Hoosiers still clinging to a three-point lead.

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