Film Session: Northwestern

  • 02/10/2022 8:09 am in

With Xavier Johnson and Khristian Lander suspended for Tuesday night’s game against Northwestern, sophomore Trey Galloway was thrust into the starting point guard role. He played 37 minutes straight until he fouled out late in the contest.

While Galloway wasn’t perfect (five turnovers), he finished an efficient 6-of-10 (13 points), dished out two assists and snagged five rebounds. On a night when Indiana’s offense struggled, Galloway’s constant movement and effort were two of the few bright spots.

We’ll take a look at three scores, an assist and a turnover from Galloway in the latest edition of Film Session:

Galloway had it going early.

Here, when his man Chase Audige digs down on Trayce Jackson-Davis, Galloways gets the kick out, fakes the 3-pointer and is able to hit a tough floater going to the basket as he drives by Audige and Jackson-Davis clears space for him.

We don’t often see the strong-side wing drive after a TJD kick out, but Galloway’s style gets it done here.

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