Film Session: Nebraska

  • 01/19/2022 7:48 am in

After a 2-of-3 performance against the Cornhuskers, Parker Stewart is now shooting 46.6 percent from deep. That’s the 57th-best mark for a player in all of Division I college basketball. Additionally, the UT-Martin transfer’s offensive rating of 113.0 ranks third-best on the Hoosiers behind Trayce Jackson-Davis (119.8) and Race Thompson (116.3). Yet, his usage rate of 13 percent is just the 10th-highest on Indiana’s roster.

For an offensive threat like Stewart, one that’s starting for the Hoosiers, there’s an argument to be made his usage rate shows he’s not getting the opportunities commensurate with his efficient game and shooting skills.

Case in point: Stewart shot the ball just once in the first half against Nebraska. But in the second half, Indiana ran three sets for him that ended in good looks, including the first play of the half. Stewart knocked down two 3-pointers and rimmed out a jumper from the free-throw line.

We’ll look at all four of Stewart’s shots against Nebraska, plus a late turnover, in the latest edition of Film Session:

Here’s Stewart’s only shot of the first half. It came off a familiar offensive look for Indiana: Jackson-Davis getting extra attention on the right block. Both Miller Kopp and Stewart’s defenders leave them to stick near the paint and try and dissuade a Jackson-Davis shot attempt.

It works, as Kopp and Stewart are both wide open and Jackson-Davis knows. He looks like he may pass to Kopp in the left corner and gets Keisei Tominaga leaning that way. But as he passes up top to Stewart, he loses the ball a bit and it’s a bad, low pass, which Stewart ends up turning into a rare airball.

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