Film Session: Ohio State

  • 01/08/2022 12:30 pm in

On our last play, Thompson switches to contain Johnson Jr. and then Jackson-Davis fronts and fronts and fronts Zed Key all over the high posts.

Johnson Jr. then gets a step on Galloway and drives center, but Jackson-Davis moves off Key and blocks Johnson Jr.’s shot.

It being later in the game and Indiana looking to run clock, Mike Woodson calls for the ball to go up top to Johnson and Indiana to spread the floor. Woodson then calls for the ball to go to Galloway out near halfcourt and for Jackson-Davis to set him a screen.

With Indiana 5-out here, Galloway rejects Jackson-Davis’ screen and drives right all the way to the cup for the score.

Nice action here from Indiana to leave the paint open in this 5-out set, allowing for the Galloway score.

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