Film Session: Ohio State

  • 01/08/2022 12:30 pm in

After Geronimo gets back screened here, Galloway stays home and helps to make sure Ohio State doesn’t hit E.J. Liddell on the cut. Galloway is then able to recover out to heavily contest Justin Aherns’ 3-point attempt. It doesn’t fall and Rob Phinisee heads the other way with it on the rebound.

Jackson-Davis seals on the block in transition, allowing Galloway to enter the pass into him. With Jackson-Davis ahead of the rest of Ohio State’s defense, there’s no chance for the Buckeyes to help and TJD dunks it home.

This is a much easier look for Jackson-Davis than playing in a crowded half court, spurred on by Indiana just getting out and going. Credit as well goes to Galloway for the closeout, just one of many defensive efforts that kept a strong 3-point shooter like Aherns at bay in this game.

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