Film Session: Merrimack

  • 12/14/2021 11:08 am in

Merrimack hoisted up 29 3-point attempts against the Hoosiers on Sunday afternoon, making 11 of them (37.9 percent). The Warriors’ six makes in the first half helped them keep the game close entering the break (36-30).

Those 29 attempts were the most an opponent has shot against the Hoosiers all season in regulation. The 11 makes also tied a season-high allowed. (While Syracuse shot 13-of-34 from deep in its double-overtime win against Indiana, it went 11-of-28 in regulation.)

One way the Warriors racked up a high 3-point volume? Some clever action on the wings. While they didn’t all drop, a range of fakes, misdirections, screens and back door cuts got Merrimack good looks.

We’ll take a look at six such attempts in the latest edition of Film Session:

In the first half, Merrimack fakes a dribble handoff on the right wing. Anthony Leal switches in time onto Jordan McKoy off the ball handler Malik Edmead. But perhaps anticipating a screen or the handoff, Tamar Bates opens up his body and doesn’t switch with intent onto Edmead.

Edmead then simply drives to the basket and draws Jordan Geronimo on the help. He kicks to the left wing and then the ball is swung to the corner.

Geronimo is able to close out to the shooter pretty well and it ends up being an air ball. Still, the Warriors’ initial wing action got them the advantage here.

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