Film Session: Syracuse

  • 12/02/2021 9:28 am in

In Indiana’s double-overtime loss to Syracuse, Miller Kopp scored a career-high 28 points. The Northwestern transfer shot 9-of-16 from the field, 4-of-9 from 3-point range and also hit 6-of-7 from the line.

Kopp didn’t just catch and shoot in this one. As he has in other games this season, Kopp showed an ability to ball fake out of the corner and counter a closeout by hitting a tough baseline runner. He also got all the way to the other side of the basket via a ball fake out of the corner for a tough lay-in at the rim. And when Race Thompson went to the bench, Kopp played the middle of the zone, got a pass and quickly turned around and hit a jumper at the free-throw line with confidence.

We’ll take a look at Kopp’s multi-faceted career night in the latest edition of Film Session:

Early in the first half, Kopp receives a pass with space down in the left corner. He ball fakes on Jesse Edwards and heads baseline. But Kopp opts against one of his runners and instead keeps going, eventually bumping into the help defense and trying to make a pass that was picked off. He’s whistled for the offensive foul. This was the early part of the game when Indiana was turning it over like mad. That said, on a team with turnover issues, Kopp has been outstanding in that category. His turnover percentage of 5.7 is 38th best in the country, per KenPom.

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