Film Session: Rutgers

  • 01/27/2021 10:00 am in

In his team’s loss to Rutgers on Sunday afternoon, Trayce Jackson-Davis had his second-worst offensive performance of the Big Ten season in terms of points scored (13), field goal percentage (40) and offensive rating (78).

From the get-go, the length of Myles Johnson was a problem for Indiana’s sophomore star. Johnson blocked the Center Grove product’s first two shots of the game and snagged an early would-be offensive rebound from Jackson-Davis, even though the sophomore had position. Johnson went on to block IU’s starting center two times more in the second half for a total of four blocked shots on him.

Beyond Johnson’s shot-blocking, his strong ability to poke the ball loose from behind on an entry pass resulted in a second-half steal on an Anthony Leal┬ápass to Jackson-Davis. Johnson also impeded a Jackson-Davis outlet pass from behind in the second half, resulting in a turnover.

Rutgers also did a good job guarding him in the pick-and-roll, sending extra defenders and fronting post entries on a number of possessions, keeping Jackson-Davis from touching the ball. While Race Thompson was able to hit an elbow jumper when the Scarlet Knights sent extra attention in the first half, most of those possessions resulted in a long 2 late in the shot clock from the Hoosiers in a game they were miserable on 2-point shots outside dunks or layups (4-of-16, 25 percent).

And perhaps most ironic, a Rutgers trap of Jackson-Davis in the second half for a steal looked nearly identical to one Indiana threw at Luka Garza in its win over Iowa.

Here’s a supercut of Rutgers’ defense on Jackson-Davis in the latest edition of Film Session:

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