Film Session: Tennessee Tech

  • 11/27/2020 12:43 pm in

Jackson-Davis gets beat on a shot fake by Davidson and Davidson advances into the lane. Galloway helps on Davidson, leaving White Jr. open in the right corner. Davidson makes the pass:

Galloway recovers back out for a close out, but it’s a bit half-hearted. He’s moving up the court as he gets a hand up, anticipating a leak out on a miss:

It pays off as the shot rebounds long to Leal. Leal immediately spots Galloway:

He dribbles and makes the pass ahead to Galloway, who is just ahead of the Golden Eagle defense:

Galloway makes a nifty move under the basket and around the defender as they converge at the hoop:

And scores on an acrobatic move on the other side of the hoop:

Great athleticism and body control from Galloway here on this score.


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