Film Session: Tennessee Tech

  • 11/27/2020 12:43 pm in

Lander gets beat off the dribble by Kenny White Jr. Galloway sits in pack line help position with a foot in the circle, looking on:

Galloway slides over to help as Lander recovers and is able to knock the ball away from White Jr.:

The ball flies up in the air and Trayce Jackson-Davis jumps up with one hand, spies Galloway immediately leaking out and throws the one-hand touch pass to him:

Galloway has to reach back to snag it and he’s got Davidson even with him near halfcourt:

Davidson gets ahead of Galloway as he gathers:

But Davidson is unable to match him at the rim as Leal seals off another Golden Eagle while Galloway finger rolls it in for two points:

Nice work here by Galloway to turn his help defense into a score for him at the other end.


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