NCAA approves plan for men’s basketball workouts to begin July 20, recruiting calendar decision delayed

  • 06/17/2020 6:50 pm in

The NCAA announced Wednesday that it has approved a plan for men’s and women’s basketball workouts to begin on July 20.

In the same announcement, the NCAA also chose to defer a decision on a proposed temporary recruiting calendar.

Here are the full details from the NCAA:

The Division I Council approved a plan for summer athletics activities for men’s and women’s basketball. The Council met virtually Wednesday.

The Division I Council adopted the same summer athletics activities model for both sports but made an adjustment to recommended plans presented by the men’s and women’s basketball oversight committees.

The adopted plan extends the current rule, which allows voluntary athletics activities and up to eight hours of virtual nonphysical activities through July 19. The Council will discuss whether additional activities should be allowed in that period at a meeting within the next few weeks.

Beginning July 20, required summer athletics activities may begin and can last up to eight weeks or until the school’s first day of classes or Sept. 15, whichever is earlier. Required virtual nonphysical activities can continue to be conducted during this period. Virtual and in-person activities cannot exceed a combined eight hours per week.

“The Council worked to balance the desire to get student-athletes training again with the need to repopulate our campuses and athletics facilities gradually and safely, within all campus, local and state mandates,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Penn. “Student-athlete health and safety should remain a top priority.”

The summer athletics activities model assumes COVID-19 local and state health policies are considered at the school level. Access to school facilities should be provided in compliance with applicable state and local regulations regarding the use of such facilities, group size restrictions and any other limitations.

Recruiting calendars

The Council deferred a decision on temporary alterations to the men’s and women’s basketball recruiting calendars recommended by the oversight committees for those sports. Members needed more time to consider the recommendations and get input from others. The Council intends to hold a teleconference within the next few weeks to vote on the recruiting calendars.

Indiana men’s basketball players will be allowed to begin voluntary workouts on Thursday, June 18.

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