2010s Assembly Call / Inside The Hall IU players round-robin tournament: Round Two

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Welcome back to round two of the 2010s Assembly Call / Inside The Hall IU players round-robin tournament.

Last week, we revealed the draft on Podcast on the Brink, sent out an introduction post for the tournament and began round one.

The first round saw Team Alex defeat Team Cam with 76.2% of the 765 votes, and Team Jerod defeat Team Dylan with 63.8% of the 762 votes.

Remember, players were drafted as the “ideal IU version” of that player. So De’Ron Davis is De’Ron prior to his Achilles injury. Maurice Creek is Maurice prior to his injuries, etc.

Tournament results are determined by a fan vote on Inside The Hall’s Twitter page, in similar fashion to The Greatest IU Basketball Player of All-Time Bracket.

Because there’s a bit more to chew on here in terms of hypothetical matchups between players (Ex: How Trayce Jackson-Davis would fare defensively against Cody Zeller), the voting window for each matchup will be two days, or 48 hours long.

Each post announcing the next round of the tournament will include information about how teams fared in the last round, along with an updated look at the standings.

Here are the matchups and polls to vote in for the second round:

Alex Bozich vs. Jerod Morris


Team Alex: (PG) Rob Phinisee, (SG) Victor Oladipo, (SF) Will Sheehey, (PF) Christian Watford, (C) Thomas Bryant

Team Jerod: (SG) Robert Johnson, (SG) Romeo Langford, (SF) Collin Hartman, (PF) Noah Vonleh, (C) Cody Zeller


Team Alex: (PG) Verdell Jones III, (SG) Remy Abell, (PF) Emmitt Holt

Team Jerod: (SG) Maurice Creek, (SG) Al Durham, (PF) Derek Elston

Cam Drummond vs. Dylan Wallace


Team Cam: (PG) Jordan Hulls, (SG) James Blackmon Jr., (SF) OG Anunoby, (PF) Justin Smith, (C) Trayce Jackson-Davis

Team Dylan: (PG) Yogi Ferell, (SG) Nick Zeisloft, (SF) Troy Williams, (PF) Juwan Morgan, (C) De’Ron Davis


Team Cam: (SG) Matt Roth, (PF) Max Bielfeldt, (PF) Race Thompson

Team Dylan: (SG) Devonte Green, (SF) Jerome Hunter, (PF) Tom Pritchard

1. Alex Bozich: 1-0 (76.2%)
2. Jerod Morris: 1-0 (63.8%)
3. Dylan Wallace: 0-1 (36.2%)
4. Cam Drummond: 0-1 (23.8%)

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