Film Session: Minnesota

  • 02/21/2020 8:16 am in

Demir hands off to Michael Hurt near the top of the key. Meanwhile down low, Oturu gets a cross screen to free him on the other side of the lane:

Carr tries to impede Smith following Hurt to the left wing, but he’s able to fight through it. Oturu posts on the left low block:

Hurt dumps the pass to Oturu. Smith follows the ball:

Smith throws some extra attention at Oturu, but makes sure the cutting Hurt doesn’t get the ball:

Oturu makes his move on Jackson-Davis. Al Durham stunts in to help. Both Smith and Thompson hang in the lane for extra rim help, as their men aren’t flanked out to the perimeter:

Thompson rises up and blocks Oturu as four Hoosiers are near:

Great team defense from the Hoosiers here after the Golden Gophers got Oturu isolated on the left low block via the cross screen.


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