Film Session: Minnesota

  • 02/21/2020 8:16 am in

Here’s another play starting with a ball screen. Carr takes one from Oturu to the top of the key:

Davis hedges, but it’s not hard. He hangs back a bit not coming out to the 3-point line and starts shading back as Oturu rolls. Jackson-Davis hangs near the right low block surveying the scene, either to rotate to Oturu or stick with Isaiah Ihnen:

Jackson-Davis jumps back out to Ihnen and Carr ends up throwing a pass to Oturu. But it’s high to get it up and over the outstretched Davis, so Oturu jumps for it:

As Oturu gathers, Davis is on his back. Jerome Hunter comes over on the help:

As Oturu tries to dunk opposite Davis, he’s met with a block by Hunter:

Davis’ recovery back to Oturu helped slow him near the rim and Hunter was there on the help to make sure of no score here.


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