Film Session: Princeton

  • 11/22/2019 9:08 am in

Now in the second half, Indiana sets up its action on the first possession of the half. Durham passes to Green on the left wing:

Durham then takes a screen from Brunk as he heads through the paint:

As Durham heads to the right wing, Green passes to Brunk, who has popped up top off the screen:

This has all served to get Brunk and Durham isolated on the right wing. Brunk comes right and passes to Durham:

Brunk slips a ball screen and heads to the basket. With the rest of Indiana’s players spread on the weak side perimeter, there’s a lot of real estate ahead of Brunk:

Durham makes the pass as Brunk has a few steps on the recovering Aririguzoh:

But Brunk ends up mishandling the pass and it goes out of bounds for an IU turnover:

While Brunk’s flub ended this possession for the Hoosiers, it’s clear with this being the first play of the half that IU was looking to throw in some different sets that put their bigs at an advantage instead of being saddled in double teams.


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