Film Session: Northwestern

  • 01/24/2019 10:47 am in

As Zach McRoberts fights around a screen, Taylor passes to Falzon on the right wing:

McRoberts is in front of him and squares him up:

With nothing doing, Falzon passes to Gaines and the ball is loose out near halfcourt:

With just a few seconds left on the shot clock, Gaines drives in. McRoberts comes over to help, leaving Falzon space to head down to the right corner:

Now it’s Morgan who meets Gaines and he appears to strip the ball loose:

From there, and this is how it appeared live in the stadium, the ball hits and pops off Gaines’ body:

And it happens to land right in Falzon’s pocket, as McRoberts tries to recover:

Falzon knocks it home:

The Wildcats made something out of nothing here, and it was just one of those nights for Falzon.


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