Film Session: UT Arlington

  • 11/22/2018 10:29 am in

DJ Bryant has the ball near the top of the key as we see off ball screens on the right high block and left low block. Bryant looks right:

But Langford has it covered up on the right, so Bryant looks towards the action in front of him. Azore sweeps through the paint and Justin Smith puts a quick arm bar on him. Radshad Davis begins to move out to the left wing:

As Smith and Juwan Morgan decide to recover back to their men and not switch, Smith’s decision to hesitate a bit means he’s got a lot of ground to recover on as the pass comes to Davis:

As he begins to rise, he’s got space:

Smith’s length and leaping ability allows for a decent closeout, but Davis is still able to hit over him:

A little bit of quicker work from Smith here might have allowed him a closeout where the Mavericks would have had to keep working the ball to find a shot.


Continue to page 3 to see a fast break 3-pointer from UT Arlington:

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