Film Session: Southern Indiana

  • 11/02/2018 4:44 pm in

With just 15 seconds remaining in the first half, Phinisee has the ball up top with the rest of the Hoosiers near the baseline:

With 10 seconds left, Fitzner springs to action as his man is sleeping and looking to his right:

The Screaming Eagles point out Fitzner as he moves in for the ball screen:

Fitzner gets a body on Alex Stein as Phinesee takes it right:

With Phinisee drawing the double team, he finds Fitzner open near the left wing:

Fitzner gets a decent challenge on Little’s closeout, but he’s got space to rise, fire and hit:

Nice little set from the Hoosiers here to close out the half, playing to Fitzner’s strength in the pick-and-pop.


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