Film Session: Southern Indiana

  • 11/02/2018 4:44 pm in

Morgan hedges hard on a ball screen:

His man rolls to the rim and Morgan has a lot of ground to recover on as he calls for the ball:

But Mateo Rivera opts not to pass and instead it’s another ball screen on the right wing with Evan Fitzner now hedging:

With both Robert Phinisee and Fitzner moving with Rivera to the top of the key, this leaves Little open on the right wing and the pass comes:

It’s a bad pass, which allows Fitzner a chance to recover:

Little drives in on Fitzner:

Fitzner plays him tough and doesn’t allow a shot to get up:

Little has to pass out:

The shot clock expires before a shot is able to get off. IU ball:

While Indiana created a shot clock violation here, there was some miscommunication between Fitzner and Phinisee, which allowed the Screaming Eagles to gain an advantage on the right wing.


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