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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2017-2018 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Clifton Moore.

Moore (9 games): 0.7  points, 0.9 rebounds, 25 FG% in 4.8 minutes per game.

When Clifton Moore committed to Indiana in October of 2016, the 6-foot-10 forward was very much under the radar nationally.

Rather than jumping at the opportunity to play with an AAU program affiliated with a major shoe company, Moore stuck with the independent Hoopdreamz program.

But even without major national exposure, the word on Moore got out in the summer of 2016 as major Division I programs began to take notice of the blossoming big man.

Indiana was one of those programs and the Hoosiers, along with schools like Ole Miss and Northwestern, offered scholarships and began their pursuit.

It didn’t take long, however, for Indiana to stand out among the rest for Moore. The Hatboro-Horsham forward committed to the Hoosiers on his official visit to Bloomington.

While Moore remained a three-star recruit by the recruiting services during his senior season, he caught the eye of NBA draft expert Jonathan Givony at the Jordan Brand Regional Classic in April of 2017. Givony, then of, wrote the following after evaluating Moore:

The Indiana signee stood out as the most interesting long-term prospect in the Jordan Brand Classic Regional Game. At 6’10, he has the size and length to play some five down the road once he fills out, and the agility to play the four. It’s hard to find bigs with Moore’s tools and shooting potential, which is likely the key to unlocking his long-term upside. Given the nature of the game we weren’t able to get an extended look at Moore’s defensive intensity and decision making, but we were able to identify him as an NBA prospect worth tracking. Moore elected to remain committed to Indiana despite the coaching change, and is a major building block for Archie Miller and his staff moving forward.

Givony took his belief in Moore to another level when he included him in a 2019 mock draft last fall at The reality with Moore, however, was much different than the headlines from Givony.

Like many freshmen, Moore didn’t have the physical strength to play major minutes right away in the Big Ten. And even with limited options available in the frontcourt, he never cracked Indiana’s rotation regularly.

Moore appeared in just five Big Ten games and logged a total of 22 minutes in league play. His most notable performance of the season came in Indiana’s win over Northwestern on Jan. 14 when he blocked two shots in seven minutes, but also had three fouls.

Bottom Line: This offseason will be a critical one for Moore if he’s going to claim a bigger role as a sophomore in Bloomington. He’s got great size and solid shot blocking instincts, but often looked a step slow when playing against high major competition as a freshman. Once the game slows down for Moore and he adds upper body strength, he has the chance to become a solid rotation piece in an Indiana frontcourt that should have plenty of depth in 2018-19.

Quotable: “Early on here — I don’t want to say he’s wet behind the ears or a little young, but he’s like a slippery guy on ice skates out there at times, just getting his footing. But you’ve seen him go in big, big jumps week to week where he is. From a conditioning level, from a mobility standpoint, he’s as gifted as any player I’ve ever been around, and I think that speaks volumes. His length is something that you can’t really judge offensively and defensively in terms of being able to make some plays. So he’s got great attributes that he can be good, but he’s got to learn the college game like every young guy does.” – Archie Miller last September on Moore.

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  • Kyl470

    I remember reading during his recruitment that both he and his father were saying that he didn’t want to red shirt. However, it would have been in his best interest to red shirt and take the year to build up his physical strength to better prepare himself for the college game.

  • sd chuck

    Didn’t see a lot of floor time, but when we did, he did block shots, and he did rebound. Hopefully another summer with Cliff Marshall he has more stamina! One thing about him, we need his size, you can’t teach 6’10”!

  • RonMlarkey

    This seasons two most commented questions:
    1. Can McBob take Curtis Jones scholarship for second semester?
    2. I wonder if this is the game we finally see Clifton Moore get some minutes?

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Good point. I forgot about that.

  • Sandra Wilson

    Jonathon Givony – Yet another so called expert, that is completely clueless. What amazes me is that people read and quote their propaganda without regard to how many times they’re wrong or just plain misleading. Of course, if we only quoted those that were right most of the time, there would be silence. How many sports writers picked MSU to win it all ? Really? You couldn’t pick upon all their weaknesses. At least Alex Bozich recognized their shortcomings and wrote about them right before the tourney. I’ll give credit where credit is due. I do, in fact, think CM will be a good player in his Jr. and Sr. years if he sticks it out that long. There are a lot of upperclassmen in the Final Four that weren’t great as freshmen.

  • Mark Bando

    I got two pre-season magazines this year, Street and Smith and Athlons. Neither had Florida State, Kansas State, Michigan, Texas Tech or Loyola in their top 25 teams. Thats 5 out of the 8 elite eight teams. Most of the so called experts are clueless or just guessing.

  • Mark Bando

    There are always plenty of comments on the need for size. Take a look at the line-ups for the final four teams. They play smaller line-ups in general with maybe one big guy starting. Coach K’s comment after losing to Kansas: “they were really fast”.

  • Rick Pearson

    Should have Red shirted like they really wanted him to do he’s got to get a whole lot stronger to be a factor

  • hardly

    With CM it will be an issue of how bad he wants it – clearly he has the raw tools, he just has to spend a lot of time in the gym and weight room. Will he be Victor Oladipo or Peter Jurkin….(note: I fully understand that time in the gym doesn’t guarantee an outcome, only that an outcome like Vic’s cannot happen without significant gym time.)

  • I could see Clifton becoming Kaminski-like by his senior year.

  • Arch Puddington

    “…Once the game slows down for Moore and he adds upper body strength, he has the chance to become a solid rotation piece…”

    This is my big takeaway from the limited view we got of him this year. He often looked like he was a full beat behind the play, but due more to recognition and instinct than strength or foot speed. He’ll get stronger over time (presumably), but it is the “slowing down” part of the game that I think matters most. If he can get to the point that he can stay in the flow of the action without thinking or hesitating, he could be very good. Until then, he will struggle to be productive.

  • Alexander Supertramp

    I cannot believe they had him in an NBA mock draft. He has a long way to go to even see the court for 10 minutes a game.

  • Mark Bando

    Frank Kaminsky was the national player of the year in 2015.

  • JimmyChittwood

    I always believed if you worked really hard and stayed committed you could learn to be 6’10”

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I did, darn it! I had Arizona vs MSU

    But I did also have Virginia losing early (2nd round) and I had Loyola to the elite 8.

    Reality is NOBODY knows because you have to have a special blend of Grit, Talent, & Luck to get to the FF

  • Arch Puddington

    The only consistent thing about Sandra is her contempt for “experts.” Remember the time she chided you for using the word “paradigm”? (“paradigm”? Really? On a basketball site? Is there any way you could work in “pretentious”?)

  • Arch Puddington

    Wow, amazing calls on Virginia and Loyola! What made you pick against UVA?

  • Greg M. Bailey

    I think a lot of his adjustment also has to do with him not playing in the good AAU circuits too. To jump from no name AAU competition straight to the B1G is a huge jump. A lot of kids can’t even go from playing against good AAU competition to the B1G their Freshman year. What made Clifton and his Dad think he was anywhere near ready to play this past year. He really should have redshirted.

  • Arch Puddington

    “How many sports writers picked MSU to win it all ? Really? You couldn’t pick upon all their weaknesses. At least Alex Bozich recognized their shortcomings and wrote about them right before the tourney. I’ll give credit where credit is due.”

    This is just too rich. I began questioning MSU (and Purdue) nearly 2 months ago, saying I didn’t see them as Final Four teams, to which your response in February was as follows:

    “Okay, both MSU and Purdue are both flawed. Name me a team that isn’t. Did you watch Duke, Kansas and Villanova recently? Who are your locks for the Final Four?…If you really want to prove you are a great judge of basketball teams, give us your Final Four picks right now. I’ll remember them and remind you what they were come April.”

    Seems kind of like you, too, missed MSU’s flaws. Seems like you were actually kind of hostile with those who pointed them out.

    As for me, I didn’t make a Final Four prediction, but I did say that I thought it was unlikely any B1G teams would get through to the Elite 8, and that if one did it would most likely be Michigan. Shall I await “credit where credit is due”?

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I just don’t trust teams deep into the tournament that are system based / 1 deminsonal – VU is only defense. Get a hot team that hits 3s; fall behind by 10, and Virginia is toast. I was actually relieved when we didn’t hire Bennett. Plus let’s admit it, kinda lucky predictions.

    Who did you have for the final 4?

    I had Arizona, MSU, Michigan & Texas Tech ….

  • kurk81

    Good point. I personally have worked hard for a long time to bring my high school weight of 165 up to my retirement level of 240. Just takes commitment.

  • MrNobody

    Your replies have to be the most overlooked posts on inside the hall and the other IU sights I disregard your opinion on.

  • MrNobody

    How does this reply even get left on by the mods. I’ve had jokes deleted. This is pointless waste of space.

  • Didn’t say he was going to be Frank Kaminksy. Just think that he has a similar skillset.

  • Vaspade

    I agree with your view on VU and Bennet. But i din’t expect them to lose in the first game.

    My FF : Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia and MSU with MSU defeating Michigan in the finals.

    Maybe I am BIG biased

  • John D Murphy

    And the right nutritional plan 😉

  • John D Murphy

    Good point

  • John D Murphy

    There is just no place for this

  • SCHoosier

    That speaks to the legitimacy of some of those mock draft operations. Want him to stay and develop..but he could probably start at a smaller program.

  • coachv

    how would you know. we haven’t seen him play

  • coachv

    and virginia was “toasted”, what, all of two times during the season?

  • dagovernor

    aw man. I thought we got rid of that with crean leaving …. “jesus” — give it a rest, cliff.

  • He comes over to my house every other Tuesday. We eat scones and watch Frank Kaminsky highlights.

  • MarkHoltzHoosier

    I also picked Michigan as the Big Ten’s “best hope” at a championship. We can pat each other on the back.

    Granted, my comment was on 3/19, after they were already in the Sweet 16 (as were Purdue and MSU).

    I would be very happy if in the next five years, IU had the same success Michigan has had since 2013:
    1 Regular Season Big Ten title
    2 Big Ten Tournament titles (what is THAT like???)
    4 Sweet Sixteens
    3 Elite Eights
    2 Final Fours
    2 30+ win seasons
    and 0 losses to Rutgers. Ever.

    Regarding CM, I hope he stays at IU and bulks up over the summer and develops his shooting touch to be as advertised. The last time IU had a guy over 6’10 who shot over >=38% from 3pt, they went to the Final Four (and that was 6th best out of the top 8 rotation players)…Mr. Jared Jeffries!

  • coachv

    was not aware that moore liked scones. my bad

  • Arch Puddington

    Nice post. My predictions were early, but I wasn’t actually claiming I deserve credit, just pointing out to Sandra that her reflexive hostility towards many of my comments is both in poor taste, and, at least in this case, hypocritical. Like everyone else, I’ve made plenty of incorrect predictions.

    As for Michigan’s run of success, obviously we are on the outside looking in when it comes to national competitiveness. Will be next year, too, and quite possibly the year after. Unless Archie gets an unexpected raft of talent and/or some unexpected stars like Oladipo or Anunoby, it could easily take three or more years to get the right players and the right level of experience to truly compete at the national level. If, as I and others suspect, we will follow the Villanova/Virginia/Gonzaga model much more closely than the Duke/Kentucky/ model, it won’t be until at least the time his first recruits are juniors or seniors that the team program will truly be established. Makes me sad to think so, but it could well be so.

  • MaxB

    Great point. I’m still working on getting from 155 up to 240. need more commitment, I suppose. And maybe need more time as I’m now 78 years toward “my end,” whatever that is.