Anderson, Langford fall short in quest for state finals bid

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Only two teams remain in each class following semi-state play on Saturday in the 108th annual IHSAA boys basketball tournament. IU signee Damezi Anderson and South Bend Riley were eliminated by Carmel at Lafayette Jeff. New Albany and Romeo Langford were also eliminated by Warren Central at Seymour.

Here’s a recap of Saturday’s action across the state:

· Class 4A at Lafayette Jeff: South Bend Riley’s unbeaten season came to a disappointing end as the Wildcats fell to Carmel, 63-44. IU signee Damezi Anderson scored just six points in the loss, but finished with 2,210 points over his four-year career. The Wildcats finished the season 26-1.

· Class 4A at Seymour: After leading throughout the game, New Albany couldn’t hold off Warren Central late as the Bulldogs fell 64-62 on a buzzer-beater by David Bell. IU recruiting target and five-star guard Romeo Langford finished with 35 points in the loss and finished his career with 3,002 points. That number is fourth on the state’s all-time scoring list behind Damon Bailey, Marion Pierce and Deshaun Thomas.

· Class 3A at Lafayette Jeff: IU recruiting target Trey Galloway and Culver Academy advanced to the 3A state championship game with a 65-60 win over Mason Gillis and New Castle. Gallway, a class of 2020 guard, finished with 16 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in the win. Gillis had 23 points, nine rebounds and two blocks for New Castle in the loss.

Saturday’s state finals games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse are as follows:

Class A: Southwood (25-3) vs. Morristown (27-2)
Class 2A: Oak Hill (25-5) vs. Forest Park (25-4)
Class 3A: Culver Academy (22-6) vs. Evansville Bosse (25-4)
Class 4A: Warren Central (31-0) vs. Carmel (21-7)

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  • Koko

    I and done??? Do you mean ONE and done?
    I wouldn’t be so sure he is a 1 and done.
    Let’s see him play a few college games and how he
    does in the B1G before we crown him the best of the best.

  • alwaysiufan

    How about we get boith. And btw love the name lol

  • Hoosiernation1887

    I don’t know too much about their roster, but if you follow Indiana high school sports even a little you shouldn’t be surprised they’re playing for another championship. Also the higher number of losses may be due to playing in the greater Indy area where the hoops competition is usually relatively higher.

  • TomEke

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that any school would be bad at any sport based on their “ethnic makeup” (whatever you even mean by that).

    Your specific case for Carmel not being good at basketball based on demographic qualities of their school is an awful idea to share publicly, and, factually speaking, an incorrect one: Carmel High School has won the Boys Basketball State Championship 3 times — 1977, 2012, & 2013.

    I’d encourage a moderator to take down your comment — there’s no place for that kind of talk here.

  • N71

    He had a plan, communicated his plan, and is now sticking to his plan?

  • N71

    From his stats Taylor can obviously score, do you know anything about his defensive prowess? From what I’ve seen of Romeo he’s pretty good defensively but not elite like OG for example. We need someone who can go deal with a 3 point shooter thats heating up.

  • HoosierDom

    Maybe it’s just that I don’t know what his original, announced plan was and what was people here speculating, but I thought he pushed back his time table and his dad said it was because he hadn’t decided. Is that not correct?

  • Oldguyy

    Panties all bunched up, huh? Who made you the king of the thought police?

  • inCMitrust

    i just happen to believe most 3 year starting college players who are pretty accomplished are better than most freshman. That is why I made my comment. Can’t really comment on Taylor’s game. I hope we get Romeo not only for his game, but also for what it would mean to the program as far recruiting going forward. Let’s get both.

  • Steve wallsmaddee77

    Have you even played basketball? Probably not!!!!!

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    I would be pleasantly surprised if Romeo picked IU.
    No real reason to stay around college if you’re in top 10 of NBA draft unless you have a legitimate shot at being in top 2-3 picks .
    A 20 win season will be looked at as successful on this website.
    How long must we wait to compete for championships? Isn’t that why we had to get rid of CTC? Back on a 5 year plan to even make elite 8 is so thrilling my face hurts from smiling.

  • Koko

    How long did it take for you to throw a tantrum when you couldn’t get what you wanted right away….it’s tough being a kid isn’t it?
    Are you sure that thing on your face is a smile? Or maybe a permanent frown?

  • Steve wallsmaddee77


  • Koko

    I’m happy I made you laugh….enjoy the moment.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    When IU beats above average teams I smile….so it’s been a couple of years

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    If being super petty and remarking if I threw tantrums as a child would win a banner I would say do it all day… since it doesn’t hush.

  • Koko

    What kid from Indiana hasn’t played in some sort of organized basketball? And yes I am from Indiana and yes I have played quite a bit of organized basketball….but I’m not here to toot my horn… you.
    And it feels like your question was designed to once again make yourself right and another wrong….good for you.